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  1. The most important thing about GR is of cause the gameplay, and since we haven't played the game yet, we cannot know for sure how it will be. We can give GRIN tons of good credit for the way they have bin treated the fan community, but we cannot give them good credit for the WHOLE game yet. I’m sure that even GRIN can understand that. So please let people have there doubts.
  2. Bo, we dont all share this guys opinion. Thanks for spending your time here with us. Most of us do appreciate what you have done. ← Well of course you don't! Where were all you recruits when this site debuted?....uh huh thought so. And with all due respect to their team's staff I don't care how good GRIN is. I'm not gonna slobber all over em like you guys are doing. They have to earn the respect first. UBI DESTROYED any respect and trust they once had with the fanbase with the gr2 episode. So I am extremely cautious to whom I give that trust to now. Its the GAME that matters. So I will express my opinions to the point which I think is necessary to make sure that this game earns the right to be called.......Ghost Recon! After the debut (assuming all goes well) then you all can slobber and worship. Not before. ← I second that. Remember LockDown looked awesome on screens and videos.. but it turned out to be a LetDown.
  3. OMG this is cruel! 59 % done and speed 7.6 kb.. and nothing have happent the last 10 mins.. ARGH!
  4. I saw by surprice on the original GR:AW hompage that it is possible to create your own multiplayer character, does this also count for the PC version or is this an only console feature? http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/characters.php (Roll down the page).
  5. This is a awesome feature, thank you GRIN. Man.. I'm getting more and more sure that this game wont be a LetDown 2.. oops LockDown.
  6. Westside Connection: Ice Cube, WC, Mac-10,: Bow Down
  7. REC0N


    One more robot.. Eyes will roll with the cursor and say anything you type. http://vhost.oddcast.com/vhost_minisite/de...ts_example.html
  8. REC0N


    Roll down the page and talk to Anna.. http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_GB/local_home/glasgow.html ----- THE LOVE ROMANCE Flirting.. You said: you are nice Anna said: All of IKEA's products are made to the highest standards, including myself. She is diiirty.. You said: do you wanna sleep whit me Anna said: I'm here whenever any IKEA customer needs me. That can be the middle of the day, or the middle of the night! After the ruff jungle night.. You said: admit you love me Anna said: It's not always possible for me to fully understand what it is you mean. This is one of those times. MAN she is COLD !
  9. kids Great job guys, u got two flies whit one punch.. a scammer and a spammer.
  10. Its the same thing as spectater mode. Anyways I hope we atleast will have that option, only to be able to make these kind of movies though.
  11. Will we have a free view spectating mode? This would be great because then we would be able to make small tactic and training movies. My clan did alot of that in RvS.
  12. Very nice found ZeroAlpha, can we get your source? Anyways does any one know some good tactical websites, on mainly "fire and movement" I have bin searching on google but can't find anything good.
  13. I have heard some rumors about that you are able to carrie two primary's like a sniper rifle and a mp5. Is this true?
  14. Some of them is new. Enjoy.. http://www.theplatoon.com/graw/index.php?c...p17_sectionid=2
  15. looks awesome. "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"
  16. Here is some RL pictures and some info about the SCAR-L CQC, XM8, and a gun I hope will be in the game too, the new HK416. Enjoy folks! HK416: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as75-e.htm FN SCAR-L: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as70-e.htm XM8: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as61-e.htm
  17. -Well you never knew if death was waiting for you on the other side of the door, now that feeling is gone. -People can now easlier sneak up and surprise you whit a knife in the throat inside a house. Not a BIG deal, but still it is dumbing the game 1 %.
  18. I guess the 4 man co-op is to keep in line with the 4 man team from SP campaign as you're playing the same missions. If you had too many people in the co-op mode the missions may be less challenging.... ← If thats so, they have dumbed the game. It wasnt less challenging in the original GR, so I dont think thats the reason here either. More like a ubi problem..
  19. Thank you Deosl for the quick reply. But I didnt think the gore level in the original GR was grose. Now the only thing I'm angry about in this game is the max. 4 man co-op. Many clans rely on atleast a min. 8 man co-op including my clan, so this is a big shame. Thx ubi! So I really hope that this will get fixed in a expansion. Anyways nice work GRIN, so far.
  20. two questions.. are u able to lean and walk at the same time, like in RvS? how was the gore level?
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