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  1. My Birthdays 29th too but im greedy i want it b4 then ← What are you doing on your b-day? ← I know what I am.. drunk..
  2. Recon.. like always.. SAS_Trp_Recon if my clan decides to addopt this game..
  3. About 10 days to release and there is still no demo out, that tells me that they either wont give us a demo or it will be released on the same day as the whole game. We will get it tomorrow
  4. Damn, now i need to invest my money in a new computer then. ATI Radeon 9200. I'm not gonna bother changing hundreds of diffrent parts, I'm no computer geek.
  5. I have.. Pentium 4, 1.2. ATI Radeon 9200, 256mb 512 DDR Ram I was able to run FarCry on high if I turned light and shadows down to medium, but I have my doubts about GRAW. So my question is, more ram in my case should be enough to run GRAW on medium?
  6. God this was a awesome trailer. Like the fact that you can missile lock your targets. right. it certainly looked like it. Once again Grin.. big thumps up
  7. Then we don't need any demo, the game will already be released by that time. That aint cool. So come on GRIN lets have that demo now.
  8. Yup Grin are great, they give a damn about us. Pretty cool site 1234321. http://aninote.com/
  9. Yes it is, but remember the G36K will properly be out of service and on the blackmarket in 2013, where the game takes place. Its a terrorist weapon I'm sure, so no you can't pick it up, sorry. Great screenshots BigSM, I bet we have a demo just around the corner. atleast that is what I'm hoping for.
  10. Hello Bo, here are some questions about the co-op mode. -How will the missions in co-op mode be like? The same as in the single player or will you have some completely new ones? -Will smoke be available in co-op mode? -Can you call in air strikes in co-op mode to destroy armour or will you only have the “Zeus MPAR†rocket launcher available to do this job? -Are drones available? Please add some more questions if you guys think I have left some important things out, and please keep on topic (only co-op questions).
  11. Great video, I liked the view over mexico city. But I really hope the AI will be better than what I have seen so far.
  12. I remember reading that Bo said that b/c of potential cheats, smoke would not be MP...which is too bad b/c concealment is such an important part of tactial moving... ← Hmm.. it better be in Co-op.
  13. You're forgetting the most important thing GAMEPLAY, but ofcause that must wait to release.
  14. How much will the smoke grenade be able to cover. About 4 diameter?
  15. Where is this thread going? No [GR] player give a beep beep beep about the console versions. Am I right!
  16. Stop this right now! ← I'm sorry, I just hate to see some of the good aspects of the [GR] go away. I'm not saying the game is crap though, I think GRIN as before stated have done a great job so far, I just don't understand these 3 things.
  17. Its dumbing the game a inch.. together whit the 4 player co-op and health bar.
  18. Its a freaking war game, but no blood. The gore level in GR was really good, I hoped that you atleast had kept that.
  19. No gore - we had to stick to teen rating. The good thing with that is that you build a bigger MP crowd that can grow up with the game. Just as some of you did ← WHAT.. are UBI now aiming to sell games to kids in kindergarden? But the gore level in GR or RvS wasn't bad at all.
  20. Roger that Bo, thanks for quick reply. I havent seen blood in any of the screenshots or videos, but wont you be able to turn gore on?
  21. Yea good idea. I'm sure you guys had alot of fun testing weapons!
  22. Yup that seem'd very odd. Whats up whit that GRIN ?
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