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  1. Two questions - First, will i be able to use this skin plus the new aimpoint in the GRAW2 campaign? Secondly, how do I unpack the files in GRAW2/Local/English? Because they are apprently hidden. Cheers
  2. They didn't evolve thats the point, they took whole gameplay concept and changed it completely. When you evolve something, you take the main things and try to make them even better, that was not the case whit GRAW and it doesnt seem to be the case whit Rainbow Six: Vegas. It's like making Splinter Cell and selling it as a Rainbow Six game, sure it's one heck of a game but it isnt Rainbow Six. Don't know how to explain it better really, so I hope you get the picture.
  3. I don't see how you can compare GR whit GRAW despite it share the same name. GR was very close to a combat simulator as the technology at that time could allow, GRAW is more a story driven ACTION shooter. The damage system in GRAW is very weak and the maps/missions are highly scripted and linear. Plus that GRAW has a very big part of Hollywood in its game-play especially when it comes to the story, characters and the futuristic touch. GRAW could have been looked at differently if they had just named it Advanced Warfighter only, then there would not have been the same high expectations and I actually think that many would have bought it (even the fans) and enjoyed it for what it really is. (I know I would).
  4. All these statements about kids not wanting tactical games is nonsense really, remember many of us actually started as kids, in fact I started playing tactical games when i was about 16 year old (I'm 22 today). We can't put people in boxes like that, because it is basically not true. I'm in a SWAT4 and Raven Shield co-op clan called SAS Elite Virtual Regiment, we also get a lot of applications from kids who are from the age 13 and up (unfortunately we only recruit people from the age 16, due the maturity). People are simply different, some like to use there brain and some don't when playing videogames, thats all. BTW I hope the PC community will not get a GRAW 2 but a Ghost Recon 2 ! ... but we all know it won't happen
  5. That isn't true. EA makes games both of us don't personally like, and Ubisoft makes games you don't like, but they both deliver quality products that sell very well. OK name one quality game that UBI have made in 2-3 years, hehe ok i can name one "Splinter Cell" so name two But the rest is crap, stunning graphics and a simple, linear gameplay is what they are delivering now, my opinion of cuase.
  6. I second that. Very nice website and very informative.
  7. Sweet.. Man I really like the picture from #bis-ingame.net, the grass just look so real and I can imagine doing some seriously armbushing.
  8. In the 1st E3 press release link, it says "2 players cooperative gaming mode" this just cant be true, its worse than GRAW!!
  9. Yes what we wanted was a similar game to the [Ghost Recon], not a complete diffrent game. But seriosly man you are more than a month late whit this stuff, in the first two weeks when GRAW was released there was nothing but complains. Now the good old GR community has either moved on or is now working closely whit GRIN on possible adjustments and improvements. And some has actually already been made, Co-op is still lacking though. Welcome to the forum BTW.
  10. A few bugs.. hahahaha.. thanks for the laugh man!! Cobrabase you can easely run it, just don't expect it to run on all high.
  11. But seriously man try the demo first.. if you where a BIG fan of the [GR] its very doubtful you will love this game.. And again you will also be completely sure if you can run the game.
  12. Well obviously they are not.. they have only delivered a couple of more linear maps/missions. OPTIONS is the keyword.
  13. Oh boy GRIN is alive!! But why don't you take a look in the CO-OP Wish list topic... What we want is OPTIONS basically. We want to be able to create our own "game" for starters. Missions, Firefights, Hold the base, Recon ect. More than 4 player Co-op. There is a lot more..
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