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  1. One more thing you should do. There are two slots for the units, slot 2 is for US-forces, 5 is for Max forces. So in order for the hostile marines to recognize you as a enemy you need to change them into slot 5 and set the tag that designates which slot is the enemy to 2.
  2. I'd say try it, earlier versions of max boasted of having full backwards compability with older plugins. Of course this is far from 100% true, but in many cases old plugins for max do work on newer versions. It all depends on if they have seriously rearranged the workings of those mechanics that the diesel exporter uses, if not then it should run fine.
  3. well then you've been to all the places I thought it could be at. Sorry, I'm just an artist altough a quite technical one so I only know the xml-part. I guess it's hardcoded somewhere in the gameplay programming then, I remeber that the grenades were a hassle to get in and get to work properly for some reasons.
  4. I do They run from 1-16, not sure if they are actually used though. They were part of a feature that didn't make it to the finnish line
  5. Try changing the values in weapon_data.xml in lib/managers/xml/ I think it's there that the maximum value is set, however I do remember that I was able to override it during production so I'm not sure it's the place that it's set but it's worth a try. Also you could check the individual weapon unit in units/weapons where some data for the weapon is set. But it could be hardcoded somewhere in the gameplay scripting files as well. On a side note. Having lots of grenades was tested a lot during development and found not very fun to play. We chose a better gameplay in front of having a more realistic amount of grenades available.
  6. Best idea would be to write or use a program that will run through all xml files in graw 1 like this: rename every unit_xml name in graw1 from xxx to graw_1_xxx rename every unit name tag in graw1 from xxx to graw_1_xxx rewrite every file link from /objects/world/... to /graw_1/objects/world/... That should do most of the work...
  7. I'm here now and then, mostly in modding and trying to help out where I can, but perople are usually faster than me to it
  8. Just add it to the kits, it's in the tutorials and not that hard to do, just chagne a "scar_light" to "m32". Or you can make a custom map where you spawn it on the ground.
  9. That's not how it works. It's a setting towards all colors used, so you can change all the blue colors to red or grey. You can't change different parts with the settings file, that has to be modded.
  10. Dxt 1 does not support alpha. But the shader does not use the alpha anyway, that's why it's dxt1. The alpha should therefore not be the issue, but try with dxt 5 and see if it gets better.
  11. It _should_ change both materials in the same tag. The material="camo" tag in the group manager looks for any material with that has the prefix camo, goes to the texture="self_illumination" and changes file="xxx" to something else. It can be used to change any value at all the materails named camo_xxx for the character in one go.
  12. There are several shaders used and different parts have different shaders. Some are full RGB, not tintable/camo and works as any other texture. As you said some parts are full RGB and some are using the camoshader. The base color is alawys applied with a mask separating what shall recieve a color (the base_color value) and what shall recieve the camo pattern. At the mexicans it's made with vertex color, the mask i applied in the mesh itself. On the ghost it's done with the red channel in the texture. Use channels in photoshop to easily work with the masks for camo-work. Green is the value (greyscale) for the texture, Blue channel is unused. I hope this clarifies a bit, or maybe it gets more confusing. Sorry, it's not simple, but it gives a lot of freedom when it's working. I got a bit busy during the weekend, a pretty girl was in town for a visit , but I'll have another go at this as soon as I can.
  13. I meant that, I made those files and now don't know the name of them by heart... I'm a shadow of the man I used to be. The files mp_templates, coop_templates, extra_groups and recon_vs_assault_templates are all xincluded into the group_manager so they are read by the script as one file (if they were in the same it would have been 4500 lines or something) so a addition of a template (<soldier>) anywhere in those files are added to the available kit's to be read by the ranks files.
  14. Yes you can do it of course, but it's more tricky since it's set up the way it is. What you then do is that you create a clone of ghost_team.xml, call it ghost_team_sawtooth.xml where you change the pointer to materails.xml to a new materials_sawtooth.xml, in that file you exchange all the references of camo_newghost_df to your new camo_newghost_sawtooth_df and then finally you point brown's unit towards the ghost_team_sawtooth instead of ghost_team.
  15. [GR] kits are the same as mpkits. You can define new kits in the mp_kits.xml in lib/managers/xml and then add them to a new ranks file in levels/common/ranks and then point out that new ranks file (like mp_ranks) in the mission script.
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