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  1. I personnaly do not see why Grin could not make the GL arming distance further, it was asked about during the beta and still was not fixed. Americas Army has the GL arming distance perrfect imo. What also bothers me is when you come face to face with a guy that decides to GL you at almost point blank range is that he does not die also. Considering this game is supposed to be realistic i cannot understand the devs idea to leave this in. I have not bought this game yet i am going on MP demo. Just out of curiosity how many people are normally playing at night?, not going to get this unless the players are substantial, although this game is new.
  2. Thanks for the update, i will hold onto my money just a bit longer they may change their minds again.
  3. Lol i cannot believe UBI. If they were a small local business they would not have a business. They stay in business because people still buy the games from them its a weakness pc gaming lol. I for one did not buy GRAW after i played the demo, however after being in the BETA team i must say i was excited about the release of GRAW2 it was so much fun. However because the way UBI act and gag Grin etc i will not buy this game. Sorry Grin it is a great game but i feel if i moan about UBI but still buy their products then i am just letting them get their own way. I hate big companies like this that take the p*ss out of their customers the ones who pay their wages. So for me i will have to cut my nose off to spite my face. At least that way i know UBI do not get my money.
  4. If that was a silly attempt at being clever then it would depend on what colours contrast etc your monitor was set at as to whether it was pink or purple, certainly does not look like pink on my screen. Either way it certainly does not look red. If it was just correcting me to what you could see and no sarcasm involved in your post then sorry.
  5. Is there any chance that you can change the tagging colours? I am fed up of being killed by my own team mates because they cannot tell the difference between red and purple. Or i get fed up having to explain it all the time. Maybe you can change the colour to green or something i dont know any colour that is no where near the same as the enemy colour of red. Arghhhhhhh
  6. it can be remapped goto you key setting and into misc and look for a setting cross com use set a key for that and you will be able to get the blue circle up on death cam and spin 360 thanks to mr viiper for that one Nice one thanks.
  7. I like this new gamemode we have, it can be very fun when using the m99 shooting through things when you see the red diamond. However what annoys me most is when i am tagged, i have no clue about it. Sometimes you know your tagged cos someone is taking pot shots at the brick wall where your sat etc, but the worst thing is how do i know when i am not tagged? it would be good to have some sort of icon on our screen so i do not sit in the same place for 4 minutes wondering if i am still tagged. Relying on your team to tell you is a pain, and sometimes not possible for them to detag you so would be good for a visible icon then we know.
  8. I had a bug where i had the M99 and i just got the new rank so pressed H to get it, then i could not run, shoot, reload, or go into scope view. So i had to ask someone to kill me as i could not do anything lol. Another thing the sound as other people have stated is also shot, can hardly hear anything, without it stopping altogether for a while etc. When i set my sound options for the game everytime i start the demo it puts them back to default and i have to keep changing them back again.
  9. i am getting random crashes i cannot play for more than 30 minutes without it crashing, sometiems the game just freezes, on this occasion i got the error code as follows. Crash in application version: 29520.2404 Could not load indices because IDirect3D9::CreateIndexBuffer failed. This device does not support the queried technique. Renderer: normal Physics : threaded
  10. has anyone from Grin actually stated if we are getting binoculars in the full game? I guess this has been brought up so many times but to be honest i searched and there are sooooooooo many threads of all different topics with binoculars included it would take forever to go through them all. I think binoculars would make a great asset to this game, finding those pesky snipers would be one thing, instead of having to run around like a headless chicken trying to make him shoot at me so team mates can get a fix. Plus for the reason of planning an attack on an ADAT would be good to scout the area beforehand. Anyway this has probably been answered at some point in the last few months i am sorry if i missed it, but a tactical game would be cool to have a tactical set of binocs. I still like this game, but would be better with binocs. Ahhh well Oh PS is there actually a team balancing feature in this game? Just that every server i go in the teams are always unbalanced by about 3- 5 players and it does not seem to change at the new rounds. So annoying when people do not count before joining a team.
  11. It has been said before in this thread but thought i would echo my annoyance too. The orange splodge when you hit someone is very annoying. At first it did not really bother me, until you start getting long range hits, that orange circle when it flashes covers the person your aiming at. As your target is far away he is very tiny the orange flash when he is hit can cover him completely and sometimes i lose the target completely as he was running in towards buildings so because of the orange flash i lose which way he went or cannot even see him to shoot cos it covers your vision. Please make it way way smaller or something. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. I tried every key on my mouse and keyboard and the deathcam still did not work once my middle mouse was mapped to go prone. Thanks for taking a look
  13. A question can the tagging key be remapped? i am guessing it cannot, i have my middle mouse button keyed to go prone so wondered why i could not tag enemys in the deathcam. I thought the key was the same as the detag apparently not. I then set my keys to default and voila the middle mouse button allowed me to view the 360 tagging in deathcam.
  14. Well you would think they would not be, however yesterday i came face to face with a enemy and he shot his GL at my feet i died he did not. He was running around doing this. We were inches apart. So what happened there then i do not know.
  15. Yep i agree. It has probably already been said but i wish you could pick and choose attachments. I really do not like using the scope at all seems way to bulky and takes up alot of my screen. However when i reach a certain rank it would be nice to have the grenades and extra clips but because i do not want the scope i have to settle for the lower rank and do without the extra ammo and nades
  16. I believe it did and until I hear otherwise from Ubisoft, the link is removed from the original post. [venting]Why do people insist on ruining the opportunities given to the community? [/venting] I aggree i was really thrilled to be given the oppurtunity to beta test this, normally i probably wouldn't of had a chance too, but people giving out links against the NDA could stop future beta testing for people like me. Nice going.
  17. Already a post on this few down from this one.
  18. Just now received my Free beta test key from ubisoft from the 500 free keys application. Hopefully you lot will get yours soon now. [Edit: Merged into existing thread]
  19. Arghhhhhhhhhh thought it was something new, no these shots are old.
  20. i was really looking forward to a shiny new pc game to play, but since there has been no enticement ie gameplay many screenshots or info, i have lost interest, i was even thinking GRAW 2 could be an excuse to upgrade my pc. Now i really don't care if it gets released, i may not have posted much here but i have been on this forum nearly every day hoping for some information. I suppose once you see no information over months you kind of lose interest in the game completely, i do not even know if i will buy this now, well let's say people will have to be blown away (excuse the pun) with this new game before i would even consider buying it. Shame because i know it must be so frustrating for Grin not to be able to tell the fans any news. Still cannot believe that a company like Ubisoft still exist with it's lack of respect for PC gamers. Nevermind hopefully some other company will realise it is about time the Pc market got a decent Tactical shooter. We can all dream.
  21. I am not one to really say much regarding games being late etc. However i must admit i think Ubisoft are complete fools, they cannot even do the fans a favour who pay their wages the decency to just tell them whether or not it is delayed. I find it rediculous that a company that is releasing a game in under a few weeks supposedly has no real media hype. Most people do not even know it is coming out. I played GRAW demo and to be honest i am not a fan of single player games i like for MP only however because i heard the lack of people playing etc decided not to buy and i am glad i didnt buy GRAW 1. However i am stuck for a game to play and i am really hoping GRAW 2 will be the answer to my prayers and have a thriving MP. Makes me worry when a company will not show media right up until release. I know i know it is all about getting the console customers first but still makes me uneasy. Gamers like to be teased to what is coming up, slag Battlefield 2 and EA games off however i think their marketing is good. We all know it will never change but we can hope i suppose. One thing i know is clear though, i hate myself for continuing to buy their products as i am a man of principle in business. If there was a wider choice of decent Tactical FPS games i surely would not buy this. That is after a demo of course.
  22. Thanks for your replys saved me some money might aswell see how GR:AW 2 plays out.
  23. I have searched the internet for info on GRAW2 but have not found much, i have been playing the GRAW demo and i really like it so far, i know i know all about the bugs and things in the full game however i really like tactical playing games and to be honest there are not really many about so im going to give this a shot. My question, is GRAW2 a seperate game or will you need GRAW to play it? a couple of people have suggested its an expansion using the orginal GRAW but i want to know for certain so i do not end up buying GRAW when i could possibly wait for GRAW2 to see how that is instead. Thanks for your help. Maybe see some of you around playing GRAW if many actually play it
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