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  1. Iv noticed that the HH Zone does not appear on the gridded map. Nothing Dramatic.
  2. Impressive, Thanks a lot! Will Embacy be Next ?!
  3. What servers are currently running this mappack/mod??? Thanks
  4. I need to agree with all of this, the premade kits are one of the only negative parts of the game so far, it slightly gets on my nerve...
  5. Its all about getting used to. Aim for the upper chest, and let the recoil do the rest
  6. Downloading Its going really fast ... 444Kb/s , 15 mins left!
  7. I was simply wondering if there was an external program(ie: allseeingeye) that would permit me to browse all the GRAW online servers. Thanks in advance. -A
  8. I was simply wondering... What would, in your opinion, be the best graphic card quality/price that would be able to play GRAW2 at medium settings? Thanks. -A
  9. Yeh..Went up to 1Gig of Ram . And A GeForce5200 Wont do i Guess .... Arg.
  10. Yeh its obvious, we get the best and fastest info on this site. Well done. Keep it up
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