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  1. dman motherboard's warped and i can't install 1 gb ram...only 512 max
  2. being able to shoot while the gun is pointed sideways and being swung around would not be tolerated in real life and you'd be taken off the battlefield anyways. you know if it's implemented, it'll be used all the time, and when i see this on screen the suspension of belief completely goes out the window. any form of realism is out as well. if it's not something the character(special forces) would do, it shouldn't be an option. he could, but he wouldn't.
  3. i hope someone makes a civilian mod...throw in a few hundred running around on the streets and see the negative points add up hehe
  4. i think he's joking guys, but don't bite the hand that feeds you i guess
  5. you also will have domination...don't knock it till you've tryed it
  6. bigger guns, faster run speed, more health, larger guns
  7. judging by their description of coop, looks like you'd still be on the first 3 missions when their 2nd patch comes out hehe
  8. haven't you guys forgotten coop? by the time you're finished with singleplayer by yourself or with other players, their patch would probably be out.
  9. i'm guessing it's part of the supply line...and when it's cut off you can't 'buy" weapons.
  10. kind of offtopic, but did anyone notice joe ramirez at the official site is only 18? wow, this guy's ranger school and only 18...i think they meant 1978, not 1987 lol
  11. couldn't you personalize the multiplayher character?
  12. ahh people recorded...thank you guys so much!!!
  13. i don't care for head bob. since it's from a first person perspective rather than a camera, it should simulate exactyl what the person would see. ours brains compensate for movement like a gyro, so i don't think shaking while in-character makes sense. as long as it's not exaggerated i don't mind. but best keep it as an option just in case.
  14. not enough buttons for hotkeys realism requires a fast movement mouse...the ai in pc version reacts faster the demographic majority of console gamers just don't want it...realism has never been important in console games
  15. atleast in low physics mode there'll still be smoke trail and shrapnel
  16. so in the full version, would there be a whole chunk of brick flying off and a huge dust cloud? cause it's 50 cal after all hehe
  17. yes, looks like they've tweaked it just right i like the option to turn off diamonds hehe. great stuff
  18. he went out of his way to make sure 28 is seen from the black backround. if it wasn't important, he wouldn't have bothered. i won huh?
  19. wow, my favorite screen. large area, good lighting, shaders at full effect good job
  20. the more buildings and windows the better. it's silly not to have people occupy those spaces and use it. so what if a sniper gets you? it teaches you to pick a rocket class next time. the more challenged the better. campers exist in reality. i don't support any limitations to their camping just because people can't find a way to defeat them.
  21. thrush213


    vbs1 is used by militaries it has zero publicity for it it's not really even a game, i don't know why people buy it.
  22. the only tracers should be from machine guns
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