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  1. they look great. and i've always been annoyed with cod4's player models. the cod series has been known for "midget/dwarf" models for a while now and they broke the habit with cod4. but one thing they retained was the abnormally large helmets and maybe a large head too. i like your half head helmet much better.


  2. is there a mod that allows you to take more than 6 guys on a mission? i was thinking something like 12, 4 per team

    along with this maybe more enemies as well.

    i recently went back to gr1 cause all the successors were pretty bad. i played with the spetsnaz conversion mod from baconbomb that makes your characters russians. but the selection could be broader. like more varieties and more heroes would be nice.

  3. do you hit the target when the dot or cross(sniper rifle) is on the target or a bit off?

    i'm playing right now and when i have to hit someone, i have to aim at the guy's knee or something like that to get a head shot...and aim at his shoe to get a torso shot, etc.

    also, is the cross of the sniper rifle in the center of screen or in lower right?

    i think i have a bug where the guy's breathing way too hard or something, the aim is always off

  4. i have no idea about the graphics either...i think it's excellent. and i'm one of those guys who's always criticising about the graphics hehe. there's nice hdr...you see it in the windows, on the side of the buildings facing the sun. the shader effects work great on nearly every surface in the game. it is seriously on nearly everything in the game giving things depth and shade. the character models are just as great too, taking advantage of shaders. the proportions and polygons are nice as well. little details like the light reflecting on the tiles from grenade explosions just add so much more.

    on the graphics, there's nearly nothing to complain about. even as i'm playing on the lowest settings i still enjoy it(can't wait for new hardware)

    the graphics is comparable to the likes of splinter cell 3 and the source engine. maybe even better.

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