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  1. moderately tactical. but gone are the days of true ghost recon. this future warrior stuff with the space helmets and cross com gets boring fast
  2. it means you can take cover quicker, it doesn't mean you won't get hit.
  3. they look great. and i've always been annoyed with cod4's player models. the cod series has been known for "midget/dwarf" models for a while now and they broke the habit with cod4. but one thing they retained was the abnormally large helmets and maybe a large head too. i like your half head helmet much better.
  4. what i mean is after finishing a mission using the mod, it goes to the desktop. so i have to start it over again and my disc has to spin every time. also, no hero character usage
  5. thank you also, can it run without a cd? cause after finishing a mission, i have to go back to desktop and start the game up again.
  6. is there a mod that allows you to take more than 6 guys on a mission? i was thinking something like 12, 4 per team along with this maybe more enemies as well. i recently went back to gr1 cause all the successors were pretty bad. i played with the spetsnaz conversion mod from baconbomb that makes your characters russians. but the selection could be broader. like more varieties and more heroes would be nice.
  7. leaning while prone is just stupid. heck, rolling in place of lean would be much better
  8. i have both games...hl2's water is good. but over all ghost recon 3 definetly better all around. much better shader effects and hdr.
  9. the original post process effect was whitish...and then someone said tweak it. now it looks yellow see
  10. lmao, so you're playing on easy mode too huh?
  11. you could already see a lot of physics...just go to the first place you meet the apc car...kill everyone(it's not that hard) then throw a few grenades into the car doors and see it explode into pieces. i love how the trees get shattered and crash down onto cars
  12. how did this happen? you got killed by a grenade then fell through the map?
  13. thanks. that's definetly the problem. i have 512 mb ram, not by choice though, cause my second ram slot's damaged
  14. lol, i already stopped playing the first and don't plan to go back
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