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  1. My Gamespot Review I enjoyed it. I haven't played a lot of PSP games, so it's hard for me to compare it to anything else out there (SOCOM FTB comes to mind).
  2. Here are the official pics of JTF-2: http://www.dcds.forces.gc.ca/units/jtf2/pages/gallery_e.asp As far as uniforms go, when they are doing "Green" ops, the SOP is to wear the same uniform as a conventional soldier so that they blend in. They do wear different clothing for different ops - i.e. civilian-style dress for security, black/blue police-style dress for that kind of work. They have a "patch" but you won't find it on anyone's arm.... except maybe a poser. The CF has only recently procured sufficient quantities of CADPAT-AR (desert digital camo) uniforms, so you may see pics lab
  3. Outstanding. Let the fun begin! Thanks Nemon!
  4. That's good to hear! Surprising though. My family has been in the dog breeding business for years. Porcupine wounds are extremely serious. The problem is in the way they are barbed appearantly (my sister is the vet tech, not me...). If the miss removing even the smallest fragment of quill it will keep boring deeper and deeper. I've seen quill fragments which embedded in the mouth sprout from the top of the muzzle over a year later.
  5. Not funny. They probably had to put the dog down.
  6. Canadian Operatives 2 has a ton of Canadian skins, plus a French Foreign Legion skin and a simple US Ranger skin. It also features a few Middle Eastern terrorists. Canadian Operatives 2 Manual G8 Special Forces (which is no longer supported) includes skins from the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Denmark. Also featured is a Japanese JGSDF. All these skins are based on original character models. Also available for download as non-playable character packs. G8 Special Forces Manual The original Canadian Operative
  7. I think you got them all, but just in case, the full list of skins in Sabre Teams 1.3 is: Australian SASR (3 variations) Austrian GEK, Belgium Para-Commando, Brazil 1st Batalhao de Forcas Especiais, Canadian Airborne Pathfinder, Canadian Airborne, Canadian Armoured Recce, Canadian JTF-2, Canadian RCMP ERT, Canadian Sniper, Danish Jaegerkorpset, Finland Paratroop, French 1erRPIMa, French Foreign Legion, French GIGN, German Fallschirmjager, German GSG-9, German KSK (2 variations), Israel IDF Sayeret Mat'kal, Italian Col Moschin, Italian Comsubin, Ital
  8. Gorgeous model. Really looking forward to this game!
  9. You may want to use my ATR generator to create large numbers of ATR files quickly and accurately.
  10. I did an RCMP model a while back that could be reskinned:
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