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  1. Have you tried a virtual lan proggie like Himachi?. When the demo came out i played some lan games with it and it worked ok.
  2. I have sit out many many [GR] games I hosted. If you have a great team it's just fun to see if they're gonna make it. But [GR] of course had a dead cam that didnt make you vomit and you could chat with other deadies, no overly long missions, firefight etc. etc...
  3. I'm minister999 on xfire, looking for some coop.
  4. It's supposed to be F5 , but up to 1.06 they commented it out in ctrl_set_def.xml because it conflicted with 'Execute', which they also appointed to F5. In 1.10 , Execute and Execute All where moved to F6 and F7 and Follow was appointed F5. Well, that;s how it supposed to work, but my F-keys have never worked from day 1.
  5. So i reinstalled patch 2 again to try the tip above and guess what...things worked ok right after the install, without changing anything The hud_select/up/down/ actions now are grouped in the misc tab in the controls screen, where they weren't when i first installed the patch. I have no idea how and why things are working now, but finally i can go on playing
  6. I don't have 1.10 installed anymore, but if i remember correctly, that file was dated may 18. And those lines were in the file and i changed them to try to get it to work, but it didn't. I tried changing to another key, a new profile, new mouse driver, different mouse settings for the wheel, a different mouse from labtec and trying all of his wheel settings, but nothing worked. The only time it worked was when i was pointing at a team mate and then press mouse 2, then the menu came up, but if i tried to cofirm an order, it didn't work. Also, the F1, F2 etc key haven't worked from day 1.
  7. I've tried everything, nothing works. So I uninstalled, reinstalled and applied patch 1.06. Now the confirm button works again. It's the only solution, i'm afraid, GRIN XXXXXX up big time on the 1.10 patch.
  8. I installed MouseWare and tried this, but it still doens't work. I can't play the game untill this is fixed
  9. Same problem, with a SBF96 Logitech.
  10. Some problem here, no matter what button i assign it to, the confim doens't work.
  11. Crosscom button, mouse 2, doesnt work anymore, even if i map it to another key. Tried it in de demo again, and it works fine, so it's not an hardware problem. Guess i'll go back to 1.06.
  12. No matter what key I re-map it to, it doens't work That basically means I can't play the game anymore
  13. I have the same issue with the confirm button, in my case middle button click, it just doesnt work anymore.
  14. Seems like my middel mouse button click doesnt work anymore, guess i need to figure that out first...
  15. How do you launch an airstrike? I'm right now looking at the thing i suppose is the target with the rotating radar on top, but what now? Is it supposed to be mouse scroll button,because this isnt working for me anymore to give the move, cover etc orders either, although i returned to default settings after the patch. [Duplicate threads Merged together]
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