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  1. Go to futureshop, i got my dvd version there They don't have it here in AB, or at least where I am at and they don't even know an ETA,.. hmmm
  2. Does UBI have it out for Canada or what? Pc version was released last here compared to USA and UK.. And now I find out from UBI Canada that THEY just found out there is a DVD-rom release,.. and the USA already has it... and they don't know when it will be available,..what gives?
  3. How about a dedicated server option idle kick timer for people who are idle for too long during a round,.. or in between rounds.
  4. If you are using your onbaord sound,.. you need to got the nvidia.com site and download the audio drivers for the nforce2 chipset http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_udp_winxp_5.10.html
  5. I looked at that and they are both set to app-controlled
  6. I get almost the same thing, but I get the ghost recon green box, screen goes black, then I crash to desktop. All drivers are updated Win xp pro AMD barton 2500xp eVGA 6600gt 2gig pc3200 Any ideas?
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