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  1. god ... ill refund your money myself if it will shut you up you little attention whore.
  2. I bet being jumped on by the people who most want your help is pretty inspiring and just fills you with satisfaction at the appreciation you are shown. You are a better man than me. I'd get all sarcastic and start writing the wrong thing in the tutorials just so I could sit back and laugh while they tried to figure out wt.f was going on.
  3. reed they dont answer to anyone here. do you get it yet?
  4. I just need to cool down over in the mod corner for a few hours. and I think I have learned my lesson not to take bait, but after spending your whole day fighting with writing tutorials so that people can mod the game just to their liking, its easy to loose temper when you see another thread like this pop up. seriously man, you have a right. these guys are the most dumbfounding losers ive ever come across. "waaah its not exactly like the original, wwaaaah this, waaah that." get over it. play something else. take a walk. pet a puppy. s.tf.u
  5. good - i hope i get banned and then i wont come in here and read posts from disrespectful little ######s like reed, cajun, and the other tosser.
  6. Hey look - it's another influx of wan.kers. GRIN don't pay them any attention. They need to get laid. Seriously.
  7. god ... im drunk right now and even im thinking ... WHAT A MEATHEAD!
  9. I'll probably be playing that and ArmA with you. Don't take it personal - I'm just being emphatic without swearing. Very hard for me.
  10. This is retarded. If you are that dissapointed, you should have done what I did, and stood at the docks waving as the ship set sail. It's impossible to feel any sympathy for people who just allow themselves to be serially screwed. There was a demo ######. There are forums, previews, interviews, whiners, UBI press releases, and they all say "time to pay $50 to get bent over again" and you all do it. (I'm talking to the people who bought it and are complaining.) This won't stop happening. And no amount of whinging about it is going to change one facet of the game. It is what it is. As a matte
  11. Yeah, but you are also a sure bet to buy any expansion packs, and the next games in the series that they release, for the next ten years.
  12. If UBI were a half decent publisher we wouldn't keep getting these half finished buggy games that are missing fundamental features such as stand alone servers and basic multiplayer modes. And it keeps happening no matter what developer is making the games. There's a common thread throughout these problems and it is UBI. It's not the developers who choose to have you log into UBI's servers to play online. It's not the developers who withhold SDKs. jsonedecker, its sounds like you are just in here to lay the boots into GRIN while they are down. What's worse is that you do it when you know th
  13. It feels like you are shooting a gun. People die when you shoot them properly. THe graphics are excellent. The games are well balanced. The servers run well. It is anti cheat supported. It's simply the most realistic, fun, PvP first person shooter out there. The only thing is, that it is hard to pick up. Once you do, its awesome. But mostly GR and GRAW don't feel like you are shooting a gun. It feels like you are firing a little air rifle or something. RvS, AA, and Op Flash just feel like you are firing a gun.
  14. What's Blackfoot Studios working on at the moment?
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