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  1. My brother in-law bought this game for me on 24 Nov 2001 for my birthday, he also bought a copy for himself as we were looking for a game we could play together at the time. My world changed the moment I inserted the discs into the drive. I hadn't really played any MP games before that one but had a little experience with FPS' with Quake and UT, and Wolfenstein. But THIS game, oh man, brought a whole new light to my world. After just a month, we had formed a team and named it Nation of Domination, and it was over from there. I think the major contributing factor to what has attracted me to
  2. I agree with John... I have many many memories from GR (not so many with the R6 series because my start was with GR) and I find that memories are lacking from these so called "next-gen" games now. I bought GRAW, disappointed, I bought Vegas, disappointed... There is nothing holding us to it. I am back to matching in GR now after blowing a lot of money for these newer games that hold little reminiscent value. Not so with [GR].. many late nights, laughing to tears, and fun long lasting matches bring back the memories. I like what I hear thus far, I will be interested in the scuba missions and
  3. Click and ye shall find yer answer. Thanks NYR, totally missed that one obviously Thought I was on to something hehe
  4. John, That second pic you released, it looks like the character is holding what appears to be similar to a CLU (command launch unit) used to launch a Javelin. If this is true it would appear that some aspects we cared about in [GR] are being taken into consideration (I for 1 liked taking out two or three with the rocket launcher in [GR]! (especially in the alley's of Ebassy)) for this current project. I could be wrong but this is my guess to the hint that has been placed before us! Any confirmation? I am very intrigued by the ideas presented thus far! Thanks for keeping us inf
  5. I agree with both sides on this topic. Well said Roco. However, unfortunately, the developers did not think of some very important things before the release of the game. I am frustrated after having bought a brand new computer with somewhat higher end specs, and I might, might get 20 fps with everything on low. CSS, I can run everything on high and still get 90-100 fps and no mouse lag. The mouse lag is killing me with graw. It seems unless I am picking people off from longer distances, I shoot everything but my target in those cqb firefights. But hey, it is cool to watch the pots sha
  6. These are great points... A few things I have noticed: No control by host in the server..ie. you cannot change the map from in-game, cannot change time settings or kick somoene from server and if anyone has figured out how to do this please let me know... as stated, inability to kit up is unrealistic. I am in the military and if I am not told what to bring, then I get to choose before the mission wether it is a maintenance mission or a freakin lets go kill mission. I thought this was supposed to be a realistic game? If so then let us have some more realism. I love this game...but I
  7. I am assuming you have not laid that vehicle out with a gl? I have hit it every time with a grenade launcher and every time there isn't much left of it, the telephone poles, the light poles, the stop lights, and the two cars close by...the windows are least of my concern, but it seems they are obliterated too lol
  8. I find that when using a combat aimpoint, it won't matter much what the stamina is like, except maybe a little more recoil action. However, if you are going without iron sights and without aimpoint, then the rets take alot longer to settle, that is just for no-scoping my 2 cents
  9. Probably because they are in the process of mass producing the DVD's and CD's, and packaging them all...at least that is my best educated guess.
  10. One thing to think about. I am a big advocate of LMS TvT with no respawns. However, it is fun to run and gun soemtimes just for fun or to practice when the other clan members are all offline. So one suggestion: Since respawns are just a part of the game, why not have a "no fly zone" metaphorically speaking. Why not have spawns be in a part of the map that the other team cannot enter, and if they do, automatic death to them. Sounds logical. That might give them a way to sit back and camp the "entrance" but if the maps are done right, it would give the upper hand to the spawner with an opport
  11. All I can say to this thread is, while you all are still complaining about the respawns and the LMS settings I will be having fun play GR:AW Let's let the dev team do their thing and we can do ours without flaming them. They work awful hard to impress us, and I believe they will have accomplished this mission come May 3rd. The patch will be following adding some of the TvT stuff we all want. Until then, I will be hardcore at finding a way for us to compete with the available options. I bet ladder sites such as GWA will find a way to incorporate the dom mode into a comptetitive venture.
  12. You want Asus' Game Face ← Kinda of a cool idea...another spin-off could be the addition of avatars that load onto the server, or are linked to display when a person is chatting...but I doubt this kinda thing will happen with this style of game.. Warmaster
  13. Wow, congrats and hats off to GRIN..truly impressive. Great job and please keep it up. You have been the most outstanding dev team I have ever seen, hands down. Warmaster
  14. I'd have to agree with you bohica....I have tossed live grenades and dummies, there is no difference between the two weight wise, but I will guarantee you this, that live one I threw, when I pulled that pin I couldn't wait to get that thing away from me as fast as possible and that sucker went a mile.. I wasn't scared just very respectful that the thing could possibly malfunction and doing so would not look pretty....I probably heaved that thing about 35 yards and I am a big guy and I threw it hard....so I think this game may actually be realistic.. [GR] 1.4 patch is totally unrealistic in the
  15. Another idea is to buy a barebones system...some barebones offer decent psu's and mobo's w/ a few other options at fairly good prices. Just configure some of the options for the barebones system and see what is the best deal. You could probably find a mid to high end barebones system for less than $300.00 usd...then buy the vid card and dvd-rom (must have for graw) or swap some of the stuff you already have to the new system... Warmaster
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