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  1. Adrian Lacey, producer. PSM He then goes on to explain how it works via a series of cameras filming what is around the cloak. Real cloaking devices are still only in their infancy. Yes cloaking devices do exist, they however can only cloak objects on a 2Dimensional plane and the objects are very small. If a person were to change their perspective the object would be visible. Just recently however a German science team was able to successfully "cloak" an object in 3D for the first time. It does not use cameras filming what is around the cloak, it bends light or misdirects it th
  2. Pretty simple really. Removal of the lameness that has festered in this series since Ghost Recon 2. The cross over to the console destroyed this series. Drop the sci-fi rubbish and get back to reality. Oh and removal of your god awful DRM would also be a help. Screwing over the PC community is just another fine example of Ubisofts backwards mentality towards the PC platform. Why not just drop it completely.
  3. Hi all. So I got myself a new PC not long ago, everything else runs like a dream, Far Cry 2, Crysis/Warhead, R6 Vegas/Vegas 2 etc all run smoothly, but GRAW 2 runs like a pig. I'm talking 20FPS maximum, it won't go any higher. My system is: Core i7 920 2.66Ghz @ 3.4Ghz 6Gb Tri Channel GSkill RAM Geforce GTX280 1Gb Geforce 8800GT 512Mb (As dedicated Physics card) Audigy 2 ZS soundcard Vista 64bit All the latest drivers, including the PhysX ones. That's another thing, I can't select any higher physx setting in Options even with the new Nvidia drivers and the PhysX drivers...is t
  4. That's the brilliance of them isn't it. I don't really mind where it sits as I know how they work, I was just thinking that it might better off positioned centre in the display like the MRC if it was possible (clearly it's not ). Anyway, again, awesome work Snow, really looking forward to this.
  5. How about this one: AN/PSQ-18A AN/PSQ-18A Honestly though, there is no point. The attempt at a leaf sight for GRAW2 is good enough, and as SnowFella said, the trajectory of the grenades is so flat it's almost pointless in implementing something that is made redundant by the ability to simply 'guesstimate' and shoot.
  6. Looks really good mate. Just a question about the positioning of the reticle. Is this the same issue found on the early GRAW1 mod where you could place all sights/scopes on every weapon in game, but some (EOTech especially) had issues being placed on the Mk.46 ? Not that I have much of an issue with it, but can the reticle be raised, or is it's placement dependant on the animation of the rifle? Awesome work anyway mate. Really looking forward to this.
  7. I'm not sure how it works, but just email them and tell them to take it down. If they didn't ask your permission then surely you can request them to remove it. Seems awfully rude on their part.
  8. Previous post was quite redundant after thread merge. Edited so I don't look like a numpty.
  9. What's so great about having females in game ? If people want women so much go out...???? They do not fit into anything this game has to offer. M8 is unrealistic sure, but it is still floating around (but will never see service). SCAR is well into trials with SF is it not ? Why is it unrealistic ? M99 is stupid I'll give you that. Yep, the story is FUBAR, but eh. Insurgents in Iraq jumped up with junk can take a few rounds and keep going, why not the Ghosts ?
  10. Simple. Because it's a load of crap. No women will serve in frontline combat roles (especially SF) until the military and politicians (and the public) can stomach seeing dead female soldiers on the battlefield. So it will never happen. Sure, women serve in MP units and have done so with distinction in Iraq, but SF...never. I think Iraq and A-stan bring an interesting element to this though because of cultural differences, the type of terrain, no defined "front line" per se. Women serving in Iraq esp. will certainly be put into situations and need to be prepared and equipped accordi
  11. That would be nice if possible. The Merc models are certainly very nice and not as sci-fi as the Ghost models.
  12. Ummm, you put a breaching charge on it and destroy it permanently, or destroy it with a grenade? Doors, like in Ravenshield, would create more strategy, and make CQC in GRAW even better (not that there is currently much in the way of CQC in the GRAW series).
  13. Oh definitely, I think ideas and pointers should be given out (in the right places). I'm really only directing my comments to R.TAPIA who has only just signed up and is already dishing out his wishes... No 'please', seems very rude. Maybe I am looking into this too much though. Yes we all have our wants for the game, I think I've made fair share of requests to GRIN (but they get PAID for their work !!). Brett and Snow do this for fun, I think people continuously asking for things from them, while obviously showing them that people enjoy their work and that people have great respe
  14. Hell I suck too, I just tire of seeing all these requests thrown at SnowFella and Brettzies, expecting the world. It must get really old for them.
  15. Why don't you help out by making it yourself ? Besides, we already have a fantastic pistol from Brett'.
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