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  1. dude i know what you're talking about ... i always think my way is the right way to beat the game :P ... i have nothin' else to do but ive beatin' the game seven times and it happens to me where they wont kill the tank ... so try this

    try going back to the beginning of the tunnel and there should be a ammo box it should restore some health and then advance and tell your guys to attack ... sometimes you'll go past the tank and they wont advance ... you gotta move around ... yeah i know it sucks but that should work ...

  2. it took me my first time on normal mode about 14 hours - i played it six times on hard and beat on the sixth time in 7 hours 17 minutes

    i had 24% aiming

    headshots = 223

    neutralized enemies =649

    total score = 26700

    and no i did not use a single cheat

    i went through the game beating some levels without a single wound on the sixth time if you did it under eight hours thats pretty fast

  3. all weapons sound good

    20 minute rounds sound good

    best out of three instead of four - why because if it was four there could be a tie

    and no respawns sound good

    and dont agree with you can only have a certain type of player such as only one gunner or one snipper - i believe that people do have a person gun they use and when you're a team its more about how you fit in and some people like having different types and some just match well like three snipers and someone is a gunner - i believe its all about team play and how each team forms there on strategy

    and the central base i dont have an opinion about that

    and to kinda say more about picking you're on type of warrior i.e. sniper or gunner - i am mostly a sniper but depending on the map ill choose a different type of gun - i never choose a rifle cause id rather choose a grenader cause its the same as a rifle but with grenades -

    and i agree with no names

    Cynikal Lizard

  4. i was lookin' around and i didnt see any topics for when you're stuck or having a hard time beating a level - ive beatin' the game five times on hard i have no life man really i keep trying to find the perfect way to go through the game without dying - ive done it only on a couple of missions ack its hard - but ill try to answers any questions - i dont think im better than anyone - i just know what its like to get so frustrated when you keep dying :wall: - i also think this would be good just for anyone who can answer for any type of level help when you're stuck or tips on beating a level

    after reading some other forums i found one that said official level help - i feel like a dope now :ph34r:

  5. dude the pistols i use all the time - im a sniper and yeah its just a lot easier to use a pistol - the best way to beat the mexicans around the train crates is to be in the building and snipe them from the cat walk - you know where you hit the scrambled area go up the stairs and snipe them - after you snipe them out there will be one other guy inside the building across the way - best way to beat him is to slowly walk and snipe him through the building - one major tip always if you can snipe through the walls -

  6. oh yeah man i had a hard time figuring that out - you have to get your tanks to kill all the other enemies they're at the top of the map - MOVE THE TANKS AS FAR AS THEY CAN ADVANCE - then try to kill all the enemies it may take the tank several times of shooting but they'll kill them - also if you're having trouble move the tank back and forth to get a different angle - ive beatin' the game five times on hard - i have no life

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