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  1. OT: puck as in hockeypuck, and tvåa as in a two. so, no /OT Oh, and really liked everything that's seen and heard in the vid, can't wait 'till I'll get to play it myself. Just hope they fixed the reticle on the holosight so you don't see it with the weapon down
  2. Translation: =) It's been us, Red Storm, and Ubisofts internal studio, in Paris. What we've really done is shared the story and the narration. That is, what the cnn reporter reads, or your general who gives you missions and so forth. What we've been given free hand to do is set up how eveery mission works, and how the gameplay really works for the pc version. The diffrence between the 360 and the pc is that the pc version is much larger, three times as large, so you have very much terrain to move through so to say. We're running a whole diffrent engine for example, it's grin's engine since seven years we're running. An even, like, animations differ, and the whole graphical bit we've done from the ground up really. So all the architecture, all the props, all these things are specially made for the pc version. Those who have an ageia card only gets more visual, or more physical effects. Those who do not get less visual and physical effects, but it wont affect how they play against eachother or anything like that. What we've done is write a geneal ai who manages to solve situations no matter where you put it in. So there's almost nothing that's pre-scripted in ghost recon, the ai is like very adaptive and reactive to what you do. Which gives you very interesting situations every time you replay the game, it's diffrent each time. Plus on the ai front, with your team that you don't need to babysit them, you use them as a tool. There's a realism demand in ghost recon that you really have to consider. What's been the real challenge has been to show Mexico in detail on such large areas. There we've gotten to work with ubisoft to get photos of Mexico City and make sure the details match. Now this plays out in 2013, so we can take certain freedoms in how certain streets runs or if something's happened to a certain building and so forth. Everything for the gameplay. The coop-mode now is such that you can play 4 players through the whole campaign. So you can create a special forces group and sit att home and go through the whole adventure with your pals. In this group you have one team leader who can assign orders, so you can tell the others I want you on this position, and you lay down covering fire over there. So you have one controlling everything and the others acting around you. Now we're just polishing so to say, and now we've had time to really play. When you're developing you're just sitting and testing the small elements so to say, but the last two, three month there's a lot of multiplayer and just playtesting each mission, so that's been rather fun. Above all it's been very fun to play multiplayer against ubisofts test-department, who by the way never win against us. =) That's it, enjoy Edit: Damn, pucktvåa
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