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  1. Killcam works great in COD2. It definitely weeds out alot of BS whining about being killed by hackers when a killcam will embarass you as to how blind you were to your opponent. And yes, I have uncovered some hackage because of it. This is a great addition, and alone may be recordable since it might enable client side recording.? Either way, its a step toward replays.

    Just to clarify, it is not a "kill cam" that's been implemented. It's a "death cam", being able to spectate through the eyes of your remaining team mates when you are dead and have no respawns left.

  2. Someone from GRIN, I think it was Bo himself while he was still around addressed this specifically. In every 'what do you want in GRAW' thread I posted realistic ballistics, but Bo or whoever said that they had played around with it (I think it was implied that they actually had it working, but I dont think they explicitly said so) but it just 'felt buggy' or something. Someone could try searching for it, but theres so much stuff around here it would be a nightmare trying to find it.

    Yes, there's something written in the FAQ about this. It's about wind drift but the same reasoning can be applied to bullets dropping with distance.


    Will the wind have any influence on the path of bullet (and therefore on the accuracy)?

    This was thought off for some time, but we decided to avoid it. From past experience, when you put this kind of feature in a game, people think the aiming is bugged?

    Is the distance taken in account during a shoot? (A target at 50m will be touched faster than another at 350m)

    This is usually hard to notice below 600m, and we would have to cheat (and have it look like a bug) to make it really happen, so we did not include that.



  3. great buy, but then you're not planning to add much to the system, are you. i'm flat out scared to get a small case, in case the next part i buy simply won't fit. having 4 hard drives doesn't help either, so my next box is a Tai Chi monster...

    Nah, not really. The reason I got the full tower in the first place was so I could cram everything i wanted in to it but I never managed to use half of the available slots anyway.

    But this case can atleast house 3-4 hard drives. The only thing I really miss atm is a good soundcard. Guess I will have to get an external one.

  4. don't know about smaller PC's... as of late you can't be too serious about gaming unless you're running on water, and those kits don't fit into small cases very well. not to mention SLI, CF, and Quad-SLI setups...

    I recently bought a new computer because I got tired of my old full tower making horrible noise (plus the fact that it was a bit on the old side).

    I wanted a smaller case this time and got this: http://global.shuttle.com/Product/Barebone/SN25P.asp

    I must say that I've never been more satisfied with a case. My new comp is small, cool (temperature wise) and damn powerfull.

    There are AM2 compatible cases out now incl. ones with SLI-motherboards, so it is possible to get smaller PC's without having to hold back on the power.


    In Domination (Shanty town) with limited spawns, the game did not end when all but 1 player was alive (me)...To end the game I had to either run around and capture all zones (which were many) or kill myself (=boring).

    Probably it needs to be verified one more time, but as far as I could see all others had maxed out on deaths...

    This has been noted, verified and fixed in upcoming patch.

  6. I tired to write to the wall! You can close this post, because i think this circle is never finished.

    I understood that nobody answers to my questions because they can't tell me anything to their justification.

    GRAW is not Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon died...

    Ubi will not get my money for it's products untill they finish do stupid arcade sequels to tactical games.

    That's off.

    Have your f...ing fun.

    There's one thing to remember when you run into a sequel/remake/whatever that you don't like: The original is still there to enjoy and there's nothing the "new" version can do to change that.

  7. Just noticed on my GRAW DVD packaging that...

    Ghost Recon is printed in HUUUUGGGGE lettering...

    ...while Advanced Warfighter is printed in relatively small lettering underneath....

    Now if that isn't an indication of trying to latch onto the Ghost Recon brand... then what is?

    We wanted to print it even larger but nooooooooooo, UBI told us they were not going to distribute the game in boxes 10x the size of a DVD just so we could have bigger prints.

    But don't worry, the next patch will include hires images you can print out yourself.

  8. [OT] DrHanke is from GRIN? Damn... and I was laughing with friends: "Take a look at that damn camper - DrHanke! Lets surround that building and rape him!" ;)

    I still havn't had time to play online yet so it must have been my evil twin.

    I new it....Dang.Instead of 22 theres 44 of you working on the game......So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,could you ditch the evil twins.........

    Sorry, but they make great coffee. And pets.

  9. [OT] DrHanke is from GRIN? Damn... and I was laughing with friends: "Take a look at that damn camper - DrHanke! Lets surround that building and rape him!" ;)

    I still havn't had time to play online yet so it must have been my evil twin.

  10. And, if hit when on the run there'd still be no punishment (even after the expected patch) because you don't worry about your aim anyway when running....so the possibility of a fall would be the 'only' punishment in that case (except the health bar drop).

    Which direction would you be running in if you get hit while running?

  11. ROFLMAO :rofl::P

    You guys are really sick :blink::lol:

    Is there an doctor on the forum??? :wacko:


    [Clever joke asserting that if you were really a doctor you would have helped the game to be exactly what I'm inanely demanding]

    I prefer making the patient worse first so I can squeeze a few more bucks out of 'em later on.

    GRAW for president!

  12. I think it goes more by the caiber of the weapon then where you hit someone. Sniper rifles almost always drop the enemy even if hit in the foot.

    I'm the only one enjoying heli headshots. Oups :shifty:

    Serious? has anyone else been able to do this?

    I've been known to put a few holes in pilots. :g_guns:

  13. We are looking into having someone with a hammer sent over to stand behind you at all times.

    That's the problem you [& your colleagues] face Dr_Hanke, technically not a bug.......

    The original GR1 had such a dramatic feel, when you got shot or killed, that alot of people miss that in this new GR3. They want that feeling of death [fear] to come back......and yes not with a hammer to the head !!! lol


    Then it might be a good thing noone here (at GRiN) listened to my suggestion.

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