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  1. - Accuracy bonus when using scopes or iron sights has been altered.

    I don't get that one. Either the sights/crosshairs are on target or they aren't, right? :blink:

    There was a bug before where you almost instantly got your accuracy increased when scoping with the m99. The way this was applied has been changed and affects all other weapons as well.

  2. The fix list is not a complete list of all fixes. Here's a small list just to name a few.

    - Anti cheat has been polished.

    - Updates for the auto screenshot functionality.

    - Accuracy bonus when using scopes or iron sights has been altered. Incl M99 fixes.

    - Game event logging.

    - Mission script spawned weapons ( like RPG's in certain SP missions ) will no longer despawn before the player can use them.

    - Fire mode switch bug has been fixed.

    - Ammo count in pickup weapons. No more unlimited GL rounds when constantly dropping and picking up a GL equipped weapon.

    - Fixed the sound bug with other people using GL in MP

    These are just from the top of my head. Don't have a complete list nearby.

  3. EricJ got it almost right. The players inventory consists of a number of weapon slots, Primary, secondary, sidearm, backpack and grenades. Each of these slots can only contain one weapon, which is why if you pick up a primary weapon, you will drop your current primary weapon, instead of a secondary/sidearm.

    During the briefing you're only allowed to equip weapons and mods up to a certain limit. During a mission the only limitation is the one weapon per slot limit.

    So, if you start a mission with a fully equipped primary, a sidearm and some grenades you won't be able to take a secondary weapon, but you're still allowed to pick one up during the mission without having to drop anything.

  4. Just a small note on weapon pickup. Weapons you pickup replace the corresponding weapon in your inventory. So, if you pickup a primary, it replaces the current primary a.s.o. And yes, the RPG is considered a primary weapon.

    When selecting weapons during mission briefing there is a kit restriction that's not enforced during the mission. This is why you're able to carry more weapons during the mission.

  5. "The Rocket Launcher, for instance, was replaced by a guided missile, which is easily controlled after you fire it (HL 2 anyone?)."

    I guess he's talking about the Zeus/Predator, but that's nothing new, since it was in GRAW as well.

    Besides that, the preview seems to be a mishmash of x360 and PC information.

  6. So it works great for you huh? Good then I am definitly buying it. How is the light bleeding? I heard that only in real dark or blacked out areas of a game will you see light bleeding.

    Thanks for your opinion though, it is appreciated. :g_withgrin::D


    Unfortunately there is some slight light bleeding at the top and bottom which you will notice when/if the screen is black, but I can't say that it has bothered me.

    Two of us at GRiN ordered the 225BW as soon as it hit the market and none of us have any complaints. At least, I've never heard anyone of us complain, and I hear myself all the time.

  7. Thats actually great because I will be getting a new 22" Samsung 225bw Widescreen 5ms LCD monitor from Newegg and I was wondering about that very question.

    It's native reso is 1680x1050 so I am looking forward to playing GRAW and GRAW 2 on it.


    I got that screen at home myself, and it's working great with GRAW.

  8. Hello, gents. I've been a lurker here for the better part of five years or so.

    I buddy of mine I served with in the Corps who now works for Gearbox, related too me that GR:AW 2s' PC version will be a console port, and that there is no seperate PC specific development to speak of. Furthermore, I was told that Ubi came to the conclusion not to invest capital into a PC version that sold less than expected units. How accurate this is I don't know, but it looks as if it might just be true.

    Pretty damned sad if you ask me.

    GRAW2 PC will not be a console port.

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