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  1. and even IF(in theory) it would have been quiter on the internet from the console users, it probably wouldnt mean that they werent interested in their games etc etc, I think its more likely that the online console community has just started to grow as console gaming up until quite recently(just a few years) has gone online at all! before that console gaming was(I think) a bit more isolated;you played with your friends and there was not much point in going online to talk about it with people you would never play with anyway. just a theory.However since its not based on reality(as the console gamers are VERY present as it seems) my theory is kinda moot just my two (pointless) cents!
  2. Wille

    TOP 100 PC GAMES

    Then he said, "I Love playing games!" in Serious Sam 2.... im still not over how stupid this list is.its just full of oddities and downright stupidity, anyone who has any idea about games and their respective success could say how flawed it is! this is the most upsetting thing ive seen on this forum so far!hehe anyone who know me(especially the guys at the office) could tell you tho that I get easily worked up over stupid , meaningless things that no one else cares about
  3. Even if HP has service warranty on their products I think it expires as soon as you bring the printer into a warzone:)
  4. but, i cant see the software that open this editor map, which is the software, can you tell me where can i find it, and where is the models, thx the maps in the game are opened in the GRAW game editor, in the windows menu the 3dsmax files are in the latest patch in this folder Support\Editor tutorials there you will find both the mod tutorials and a folder called like "sample models 3dsmax7" or something like that
  5. oh, wasnt aware I could attach images;) thanks for the heads up zjj! here she is in a cardboard box next to my desk at the grin HQ
  6. ET is needed, Enemy territory is a free multiplayer ww2 game based on the wolfenstein 3d engine, but, as said, completley free. Enemy territory is in itself a very good game and should be tried out if you havent already!! the download is quite small too, something like 250 megs or something.
  7. she is doing pretty ok, I just removed the bandages today actually as she pooped in the cage on the way to work and she got poop on them. she walks arounda bit like a wallaby on her hind legs and front legs in the air like little arms.its cute but a bit sad, but she she will get better! ill post a post-op pic of her in the office as soon as TOW-angel comes online to host it;)
  8. Wille

    TOP 100 PC GAMES

    this list makes me want to quit the game industry, obviously gamers are really stupid! and the list if borked, how the hell can WOW have 1.4 million sold copies if they have like 6 million subscribers? someone needs to check their facts. or someone is lying.
  9. not only that, he is also wasting tax-payer money on misuse of military property!AND not to mention the wasted ammo!
  10. you are more than welcome to add your own custom stuff to do this, a lightning torm could be easily faked with animated omnilights either triggered or constant. rain is a bit trickier but its actually doable with a bit of cleverness. the biggest problem with rain(except for the speed factor but that is easily fixed if you just create several rain planes above the level that you just lod away at distance and voila rain) is the fact that you dont it to rain inside.this could too be faked with smaller rain units that you tile above your level and where there are houses you just raise the rain planes further up so the rain doesnt reach further down than the roof!(with particles this is ofcourse)
  11. well you cant import back from the .diesel into 3dsmax but in your tutorial directory in the game directory there are several sample 3dsmax models from the game!
  12. sweet!im really pleased someone managed to help you out! have fun with the game and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!
  13. Tigre, are you seriously trying to tell me thats not marketing? You're too funny. ofcourse its marketing, what "free" tshirt isnt? however, it would be little to no point to get a ghost recon tshirt if there wasnt a ghost recon logo on it, now would there?
  14. Sounds just like what I did on that mission and I never could finish it because I ran out of ammo. Had it go back and start over with the SCAR to be able to finish it. I think thats the whole point of the mission, something unforeseen happens and mitchell(him being you) has to do with whats available!
  15. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...hl=post+effects perhaps this will help you?
  16. well if im not mistaken you also have to edit the context.xml so the starting line says language="papasmod"(where "papasmod" could be whatever you are calling the folder or am I wrong? my brain is feeling weird today...
  17. well I could be off base here since im not really a tech guy but im guessing that the reason for the server to handle the physics is to make sure that everybody gets the same result in the end, framerates etc can change how the physics works and it would be really odd if people started getting physics obejcts in all the wrong places in relation to the other clients:) could be off tho
  18. however, as the ladies will tell you, the size of the little guy doesnt matter sorry that was low. the terrain must be created and exported from 3dsmax 7 or you could use one of the excisting ones from the game as described in some thread around here somewhere there is a tutorial for terrain making in your game tutorial folder!
  19. well I guess to cheat a bit with your lighting, you could allways go into your map bundle and edit the lightmap textures in photoship, just run a little brightness/contrast on it! not sure if the dynamic lighting will recalculate itself tho actually...but its worth a shot
  20. note that there is a good reason as to why the sets are divided as they are.When loading in more than one set and together with your standard set of stuff you risk filling upp the video memory on your GPU which will lead to severe slow downs! just a friendly warning:)
  21. papa no discrespect intended, but a gig and a half? for some modded xml files? im sure there is a more convinient way to distribute this! thanks for the effort! however I think alot more people will try it out if you just locate the xml files and create them in the the appropriate file/folder structure!
  22. I wasnt saying that this shouldnt he here, ofcourse it should:) im just saying, that after tutorials have been put here, its best to put them in the modders section of the site www.ghostrecon.net/modder for safe keeping so it doesnt get lost!
  23. I'm Hockeystick!!! oh dang, sorry! I have her here at the office now, limping around with her little plastic collar and red bandages on her legs
  24. hows that confusing?using a console controller on a pc is a no-brainer!
  25. The vets told me made it through just fine, and should be coming home tomorrow! I might have to take her into work tho the first day so Bacon doesnt manhandle her and damage her front paws! so everything seems to turn out ok! now I just have to settle that payment..*shrugs* Yeah rocky, Bacon ive been wanting to get two mini pigs for a long time and name them Bacon and Piggham(piggham being a brand of meat in sweden), but when I decided to get a cat instead I forgot about the name and was gonna call it Laser or Stahlin, however when I laid my eyes on Bacon the first thing that popped into my head was..Bacon, as he is red with white stripes:) Pesto was a bit harder to name;the obvious choice would have been Egg(as so so many clever people have pointed out to me during the months I have had her so far) but they didnt get on very well in the beginning so I decided that Pesto would be a good name since Bacon and Pesto dont go very well together, food wise. thanks for the support guys, ill make sure Pesto sends her regards when she gets back home !
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