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  1. dont thank me till its working it was our engine programmer that told me to change that file so im guessing that he is right, but programmers thinks in mysterious ways!
  2. "and ofcourse, thank you for your efforts on making more [GR] coop maps!" hehe I think it will take a little while before our dear mappers comes to terms with how much stuff they can use, its always hard for an individual to test stuff since he usually only has access to maybe one or two computers to try it out on! and im really happy they are putting so much effort into it!
  3. just do a quick image google and you will find ironman:) he is the red and gold chrome guy that flys around shooting stuff with his hand-repulsors.He is a part of the Avengers(in the Ultimate universe now known as "the ultimates") together with thor, captain america, scarlet witch, etc etc he is also about the richest man alive and, as said has a drinking problem "who would climb into that armour sober?" he is a fun character and I think the movie could be really great, I really liked Jon Favreus earlier movies, like "swingers" for example. Jon Favreu is also the guy that plays Monicas boyfriend in "Friends", the one rich guy who starts doing Ultimate Fighting.but now he is doing the directing. lol, the comic and movie nerd in me is taking over!
  4. haha jon Favreu(the director) seems to have a bit of sense for irony:) for anyone not a mega-comic-nerd I can tell you that one of iron mans main characteristiscs(or rather his alter ego Tony Stark) is that he is a huge alchoholic, which is something I believe is true for(or used to be) for Robert downey junior. I do think its a good choice tho, I think he will make an excellent iron man!
  5. well for the missions in the SP we didnt need rain so thats why we didnt spend time making it.no point in hasching out some halfassed rain, if its gonna rain, its gonna RAIN. all a matter of lack of time ofcourse rain would have been cool
  6. well if you did as you said, put everything to false you probably turned off the deffered lighting aswell if the whole SCENE is black that is..hmm..
  7. well im not sure cus I have no one here to ask right now BUT what you should do if you havent already is to rename the original bundle to something else or move it out of the folder. I think it works like this if you have unbundled you can add files that gets run but you cant change the current ones as they will get read from the bundle, so you will have to rename the bundle to something the engine cant understand and it will run completley unbundled. someone might tell im stupid and totally wrong but at the top of my head this is how it works..
  8. oh yeah, sorry the scenes xml, bah sorry about that ..hmmm...uhhmm, I have to re-check... are you sure you are actually running the edited file? so its not running from the bundle or something
  9. I posted the answer before I left the office yesterday! its in your thread about the sepia-effect! edit-oh damn, that didnt work..
  10. glad it worked out! remember: All Pokemons prefer cooperation to confrontation!
  11. I dont think theres been any flaming in this thread, however the question has already been answered, even tho that post was moved to a diffrent section the answer to the OP is "we cant really comment" sorry
  12. Is that pre- or post-chainsaw accident? post, which leaves me with 5, I was born with 6 fingers.webbed.allowed for faster typing but now I have to do with ordinary human speed I can still swim faster than a shark tho. ---- and no I cant unfortunatly, so many things get added and lost along the way in game development its hard to keep track of everything
  13. yes, digitaly-tc(ofcourse, hehe) search for it in the forum! openable doors isnt an engine thing, its just a matter of setting up a custom unit with an actual door with physics in it.
  14. why would I go to the grin website, its like calling your own phone number no, but seriously, I just missed it, and never intended for it be a complete thread on its own,it was one of the mods that cut it loose from another thread and started this one(my punishment for constant off-topic-ness,hehe), I was just curios
  15. well believe it or not thats how it is, not being "in-the-know" of how games are made(since you probably dont work with games) I can understand that things might seem obvious and simple when it comes to platforms and game design and how things work and why companies choose to do this and that, but I can assure you that there are reasons(some are very dumb, hehe) for everything The projects arent similar at all, the diffrence in viewpoint alone causes all kinds of diffrences that you cant just "port over", and then there are assets, I think a few models from the 360 was used in graw pc where we didnt have time to make our own(like the mexican helicopters for example), but no more than I could count on my left hand fingers, and I think I can say with quite the confidence that we dont have one line of 360-code in GRAW pc, so sure, they share the story, the setting and the characters(and some base sounds), but thats about it. Trying to port the 360 version to the pc might look simpler from the outside, but we and ubi didnt want the games to be the same, I think the pc crowd would be alot more upset if they had for example a third person camera in the game. We wanted to make a full pc game title, not a console port and thats excactly what we did.end of story.Think what you will of the game but it really has very little to do with the xbox360 version(as you will have noticed if you have actually played it And the non-quicksaves is NOT in any way a console feature, its a design choice, like it or hate it, I like it, it forces you to be more carefull and play tactical. However I can understand that some people would have wanted quicksaves. its a matter of taste(and available gaming time ofcourse). and oliver, please do continue your speculation, perhaps the future will you prove you right!
  16. it should be in data\settings\camera_settings.xml <world pre_clear_flags="depth|stencil"> <viewport name="default"> <post_processor name="shadow_processor" active="true"/> <post_processor name="exposure_processor" active="true"/> <post_processor name="post_processor" active="true"/> <post_processor name="deferred" active="true"/> <post_processor name="crosscom_processor" active="false"/> </viewport> if you set the post_processor to "false" instead of "true" the post effects should go away..hrm...with any luck
  17. so, its a "port wannabe"!!! comon Wille, everybody understand that GRAW isnt a port from Xbox version, but this game was designed like a console game instead a PC game - again: no dedicated server files in the begin, no TDM mode (lol), no anticheat (dont tell me this AC is workin cause its not, only serves to disconnects the players from the servers), no replays, only a few maps n guns... after a omnth we still waitin for a fix to the patch 1.30 n nothing. thats the way consoes do: if its bugged it will still bugged it is not in any way designed as a "console game" , none of the gameplay in GRAW pc resembles console gameplay even remotley, that it didnt have dedicated servers from the get go has nothing to do with its console sybling, only a matter of lack of time, as were the other things you think should have been included from the start. its a really unnessecary discussion(that I for some reason let myself get dragged into all the time) as its a fact looking at the structure of the game play, that its not designed in any way like a console game. if it was designed as a console game, why would we patch it? tradionally console games dont patch. that it has few maps has nothing to do with it being a console game, you really a weird concept of what a console game is, it has nothing to do with the amount of contents, or anti-cheat or dedicated servers, its game play(well actually, its a matter of platform, but seeing beoynd this quite obvisout little detail). and if you feel that GRAW _plays_ like a console shooter then I tip my hat and say good night cus we clearly have diffrent views on reality
  18. I cant remember which file it is you need to change to turn them off completley, but till look it up for you before I leave the office today
  19. oh it ended up here, sorry for being off topic:) hehe oh damn, you are right, why havent I noticed that.Im always left out from all the fun stuff I dont think there is a correct way lol I didnt mean to try to correct anyone and I certainly didnt mean to start a discussion on the topic, I usually just write Grin I think...ah well, silly me...
  20. ###### did my post get deleted(I just asked where the "GRiN" spelling came from out of curiosity) or didnt I press the submit button? ah well, the mysterious ways of the internet! anyway, nomatter what you think of graw pc, good or bad, like [GR] or not like [GR], similar to the XBOX360 version or not similar at all, its by NO definition(in the great book of definitions) a port. It runs on its own engine, has completley scratchmade code,script and graphics, it plays from a diffrent view, in a diffrent way. it is by no means a port! if a game is a port or not is not a matter of opinion , its a technical fact.
  21. its not like WE wouldnt want that aswell its just that someone has to code it and there wasnt/isnt any time or manpower to spare
  22. you are obviously not a dedicated gamer. t2 machine..bah..hehe
  23. jason perhaps a little snippet of your code to help him out?
  24. sorry for being completley off topic but ive been wondering this for a while and saw a shining example of this here, ive noticed that people have a tendency to write "GRiN" instead of "Grin" , im just curious as to where this started? lol im not complaining im just curious! and im terribly sorry but I cant comment on the OP
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