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  1. Some people need to realize that negative feedback is imperative. If everyone who's unhappy with GRAW NEVER posted negative feedback, then how would the game improve? Grin and ubisoft could think the status quo is the game is fine. It all boils down to who listens and who doesn't. If a dev or publisher don't listen, then you know where you stand and you can look else where for other games. I think we have proved on many occasions that we listen and take in what you guys have to say
  2. last time I spoke to digi he was working on designing a big piece of highway(in real life that is) so I think he is a tad snowed under at the moment
  3. I have put up 2 pictures:) I could snap some more tho, I just removed her plastic collar today so she has been running around the office, getting that well deserved scratching on the neck she has been pleading for for so long!
  4. You mean ported it.... how did you figure out??? To put the answer to your question bluntly: the guys at GRIN made that character model. Therefore, you didn't make it. easy with the misunderstandings there wytch:) Misunderstanding? Is that what you're calling it? Well, you just said what I said but in different words, so you must be misundertood too? now IM lost
  5. Ah yes, you played RTW Alexander, right?! Didn't try that one, tho I have Rome and Barbarian Invasion Is alexander any good Willie? alexander was a bit of a letdown for me since I just play the total war games in multiplayer, it had no new maps and only 4 playable factions, where of 2 where severely underpowered so the games got really limited to 2 factions.It was fun for quite a few games, some entertaining new units
  6. this is a must buy.the total war series is THE ######. now lets hope they havent changed too much like those monkeys did with GRAW pc! hehe. im REALLY looking forward to this.it will be like xmas eve
  7. You mean ported it.... how did you figure out??? To put the answer to your question bluntly: the guys at GRIN made that character model. Therefore, you didn't make it. easy with the misunderstandings there wytch:) once again let me translate! "how did you figure it out?" is obvious sarcasm and he meant that it was very obvious that it was a port and that he didnt actually model it. comooon
  8. I think he meant "made it" as in "I MADE IT!" as in a sense of accomplishment, he managede to port it!
  9. I always call you "that guy".not to your face tho.
  10. I think that if you look a bit further down in the forum you will see that this has already been noted here;) I also replied where you posted the model..hehe as said before, I believe its a break of Eula but thats what we get for releasing our models:) Im glad you didnt make a mess of it, the skin-weighting etc seems solid enough, so I appreciate the effort put it into it!
  11. if that was true, the numbers would need quite a HUGE boost to actually make it work in a country with 300 million people..I think you are crazy
  12. and that the alpha channel contains a proper specular map! black= no shine , white=alot of shine
  13. Are you on dope LOL? except that we render a city where they render desert and a few houses
  14. as ive said before im not really the one to answer questions about map scripting since I dont work with that, but what you can do is to go into the xmls of the SP missions and look how they are made and just copy paste that and modify it to your needs! (just use nemons bundle extractor to get to the files)
  15. I actually turned off the posteffects today the way I told you and it worked so there must be some diffrence between retail and our developer version glad it worked out!
  16. not sure what it is you are after the tactical map?
  17. no, thast not what im saying, using the terrain from sp missions is ofcourse doable, I believe that there is a tutorial somehwere on the forum
  18. please dont pat him on the back, we dont need Ulfs ego to grow any larger than it already is!
  19. you make custom terrain in 3dsmax as per the terrain tutorial in your game support folder
  20. that sounds like a very nice idea, gonna throw it around the office tomorrow and see if I can scare up some support!
  21. I dont know if anything will be done legally, probably not if you ask me.. I think that if anyone should be mad it should be Valve, since mitchell is now making PR for GRAW in THEIR game. we as a company, does not ofcourse support this kind of behaviour .
  22. you are indeed wrong, its our model it isnt ripped per say tho since we actually released the 3dsmax models in the lastest patch.however Its still illegal. On the other hand it could be considered free advertisment. I stand neutral in this question.
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