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  1. thank you for your constructive suggestion. Ill write it down on my invisible typewriter... hehe sorry, I couldnt resist!
  2. in theory it would work but since most moaners dont seem to read previous posts anyway it wouldnt ...
  3. haha cool! always fun to see that people care enough to mod! I would try and brighten up the clothes just a bit for him to fit in with the rest of the game a bit more!
  4. hello CrazySerb! Ofcourse you are entitled to your opinion and if you dislike GRAW, you dislike GRAW, not much we can do about it ,as we did our best(and still do, patch patch patch) to make the best possible game for as many players as possible, and it is impossible to please _everyone_. You say that you for example dislike that the ret moves around in GRAW, where it was completley still in [GR], but you must understand that even if [GR] was and is the perfect game for _you_ , it is not for everyone, and that in the year 2006 people expect certain things from games. Like realistic weaponhandling for example. That it is a natural evolution. (now 200 smartasses will say that "well, we also expect MP to be bugfree in a game 2006", but we ARE working on it:) I hope that you continue playing graw, after the next patch and that you will come to love it(patch after patch after patch);not like you love [GR](cant beat that first love, can you? but for what it is. And what it WILL be. We are doing this for you guys!( and the $$$ ofcourse, KA-TCHING!hehe) cheers!
  5. its not really my table im afraid, its more of a script/gui question
  6. stay away from my turf! the composition xml is mah little baby! the compositions are indeed triggerable events of sorts. the helpsection of the file is quite explanatory but if you need more specific help, feel free to ask. when you get the map editor, it will be more clear how to use them(and they are alot of fun)! well, you could just make changes in it now and see how that changes the SP campaign.. there are a few "mission specific" compositions in there that shouldnt be too hard to figure out what they do in the game.
  7. it was a weatherbaloon. [edit] well....actually... MP_pooltable ...but that never made the final cut..I guess people dont like taking cover behind giant eightballs..
  8. To you guys who keeps saying that SP isnt important and that you only want mp , I can just say that you are really missing out. We spent the better part of a year making a great SP gaming experience for you guys and since you already paid for it, why dont you give it a fair trial? who knows, even tho its not excactly like the game you bought 5 years ago,you might just like it.
  9. a mystery unveiled! I am the girly man you people thought was a woman with a man-face-condition a while back. Thanks alot for that. I have cut my hair since....girly..man...bah...uhhrr...
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