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  1. Check the mod section. I do believe i read there are ways to make doors that you can open. This would be cool for smaller maps... making internal building wars, but to keep games like TVT going, to many doors and rooms can be an issue. one or 2 though wouldn't be bad on each side of the map as long as they didn't go door crazy. as said before , doors isnt an "engine" issue or anything like that, its simply a design decision and is easy enough to mod in!
  2. sorry about that I thought it was obvious that you could both mod and make maps for GRAW since this site is littered with custom made maps! so yes, you can both make maps and mods.
  3. I am talking about single player.Good post #34 buddhiraja73... Am I as I thought we can set up our own PC as LAN/server & thus play GRAW FF & Recon without others; sure it's not 'real' SP as online capability is necessary, but isn't it possible to do? @1/2 year now & still no news about GRAW editor or SDK tools, I guess? say what?
  4. volumetric lights are very doable, and we use them on the search lights for the helicopters etc, if you look in your sample 3dsmax files you will find it in the big truck model, its the "Billboard" objects!
  5. You know that HDR is NOT the reason why there is no AA, right? No, deffered lighting is, which is a part of HDR. No HDR, no deffered lighting either... Deferred lighting is not a "part" of hdr, deferred lighting is simply a way to render in screen space. and hdr isnt designed to give better performance with multiple lightsources; deferred rendering is, together with the ability to push around ALOT of polygons and other neat "minor" features . HDR means "High dynamic range" and really has nothing at all to do with deferred lighting. As far as a simple minded artist as myself knows
  6. sometimes , some of you people act REALLY weird. Is ASUS in on the whole graw-conspiracy or are we duping them aswell?
  7. they innovate with windows? you havent noticed certain likenesses between windows vista and mac OS ?
  8. That 2.4m is the total GRAW franchise. Remember, GRAW was released on PC, PS2, Xbox, as well as 360. The downloads on the 360 DLC, in my opinion, is quite impressive. I totally agree, you have to remember that most gamers buy a game, play it and then put it away,nomatter how much you liked it, and then play the next game that comes along. I for example bought HL2(which is of course as most people would agree an excellent game), played the single player campaign, loved it and then put it away. Just because the single player players are silent, it doesnt mean that they dont excist and spend money on games
  9. Same here in the southern Ohio Wal Mart. Lockdown (Letdown) also got the heave ho! Maybe when it gets closer to Thanksgiving they'll bring them back out since turkeys sell good around that time. oooh that was a CHEAP shot!
  10. hey, if you actually do it.... ... you'll take a bit of a run up next time? I dont even know what that means!
  11. Wille

    Suspect Search

    haha thats great!
  12. as great as zbrush(2) is, its mainly intended for organic moddeling and lends itself quite poorly to proper sub-div modelling, except ofcourse for making little dents and scrape-offs and such on weapons, which can ofcourse enhance the overall quality of the model!
  13. Wait a dang minute here.....they have 3 engines? Is this a game or a off shore racing boat? yes, we also have three Grin_wille, three Grin_stickan and three water coolers in the office! actually that was a lie, we only have 2 water coolers. If I have counted them correctly.
  14. by "choose" I reckon the guy that said that meant that we "choose to use our engine(diesel) instead of licensing another" and no, I cant comment, sorry
  15. it may have been developed by TBS Do a little research on some swedish companys and Grin and you might find the answer. What i found doesn't say for sure but lights the posibility our engine is our engine and our engine alone
  16. no, correct I didnt list expansions, I listed full fledges games for the pc, and only games that actually were released, as in no ghost recon 2, and Sum of all fears wasnt a gr game at all, just used the same engine. Hence(I always feel like Joey from Friends when using this word) my name-convention comparison is valid. which is "more like a year" than "years" as 14 months is only 2 months away from a year but atleast 10 months away from "years". Semantics seems to be my thing today
  17. dark forces dark forces 2: Jedi knight Jedi Knight 2 Ghost recon ghost recon:advanced warfighter ghost recon:advanced warfighter 2 see a pattern here? or maybe it didnt take "years", it actually took more like "a year".if it had taken "years" then I can guarantee you , you would have gotten Hambuger hill out of the box
  18. man, someone is making graw2?SWEET! cant wait to play that! (no this is not grins official comment, I cant comment on anything ofcourse, but maybe this counts as commenting anyway, anyways, im not telling you lot anything!not a word! did I just say too much? man...) seriously.no comment.really. im really not very helpfull today, am I?
  19. ah yes, did you know that Grin was actually founded by a mysterious millionaire from America named "Montgomery Burns" ? he makes us do all kinds of shifty things just for the sake of money
  20. as I said in the pm I just replid to, yes I do, and so does everyone else that has [Grin] in their forum name! look around and see that there are quite many of us hanging around here from time to time
  21. if it took 2 days to make a map, man would we have _alot_ of maps!
  22. Well the pic of the box is PC/ but the screenshots I see on the main page are not from the PC. That isn't the only thing wrong... look at the developer... Red Storm Entertainment? If i were Grin i would be getting on them about it. we have sortof come to terms with that by now.. its not the first time hehe
  23. you may joke about it, but IfI remember correctly, early version of 3dsmax (or was it character studio) actually came WITH A MONKEY. or an ape to be excact. life imitates art
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