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  1. Mitchell, this is your mission, do you choose to accept it, roam free in the jungle for 5 days and shoot anyone you can see.Including small animals and hostile plants. If you can, please try to collect as much gold as possible while you are out there. An evac rescue-pegasus will be sent out for you and meet you at the rendevouz point when you have collected enough mana and experience.Good luck. Ps.The trolls are marching towards pentagon again so if you see any, shoot to kill.
  2. may I suggest that you download UltraEdit? thats what most of us here at the office use to work with the XMLfiles
  3. You mean, the bump maps are used for the bump effect AND the specular mapping? Hmm....but wouldn't the result look a bit different then? I've been using specular mapping combined with bump mapping in 3DSMax4/6 as well as Poser 4/5/6 and I think it looked different - even without changed values then again I'm not familiar with the diesel engine. It's not bump, it's Normal Bump. One of the ways Normal detail is shown is in specular highlights, but there should (reasonably) also be a seperate spec map.+ The Specular mask is in the Alphachannel of the Diffuse texture. oh and the normal maps looks funny due to them being compressed.
  4. if the folder says redstorm I think he bought the wrong game;)
  5. yeah thats what im doing here in the office, what did you think?
  6. people, come ON! The people here at grin are only HUMAN and we work as fast as is humanly possible, if we could we would have released the patch alot earlier but there is only so much you can do in a limited amount of time. We come here and we read and listen and answer to your suggestions to the best of our ability, not because we have to(ubi probably isnt even very happy about it) but because we care about the game and what you people think, but saying things like that releasing the patch one way or another is an insult is just making this whole process harder. we WANT to please you, however alot of the decisions are out of our hands, but we do our best to try fix it in the best way possible. Its sunday afternoon.the sun is shining and yet im the in office? why?
  7. haha, noted and fixed in the next patch!
  8. considering the games that are over us on the list I think its pretty damn good.. outselling sims2 is not even a remote possibility!
  9. yesterday when some guys here at the office played online during lunch some guy started screaming DAMNIT STUPID CHEATER STOP THE ###### CHEATING MOTHEREFFING CHEATER at one of us...for shooting him thru a wall..so we Grinpeople are CHEATERS!
  10. the green cone is the move order and the blue cone is cover. the red cone is strawberry and the white is vanilla.
  11. Good to hear that you are trying to quit, let me tell you that it is easy, I've done it plenty of times. 3 times in 2 years!
  12. uhmm..dont know about the exact size ratio between xbox360 and the pc maps but..yeah, something like that
  13. I cant tell you excactly how much of the city is covered in the SP campaign (I really dont know, I have really measured..hehe) In theory you could create the whole city in the editor ofcourse , the problem is memory.Every vertex and every house and every texture has to be loaded into memory and there isnt a computer on earth that could handle that for one of the largest cities(if not THE largest?) on the planet! not to mention the time it would take to calculate the lightmaps... GRAW is already kinda stretching that limit as it is with the size and detail levels of the maps!
  14. yes if you dont count countless nights and weekends, working our butts off to satisfy you guys, as an effort, I guess you are right... ..sorry im laying trying to lay off the nicotine and its making me grumpy
  15. there is a million reasons as to why a game is shipped on a certain date, its quite impossible to name just a few. Patching will however continue and we hope that you will enjoy the game for a long time even after the bumpy start:)
  16. uhmm..if you clarify what you mean we might be able to answer better but it kinda seems like you _bought_ the demo?
  17. I cant really comment on what and or if or how much mod support there will be in the end but when that day comes Ill give you my word that atleast I will do my best provide some tutorials on the parts that I have worked with aslong as I get the greenlight from the big men upstairs to do so. we are just as eager as you people to see what the mod community can come up with! I know that quite alot of the people here at the office has actually installed some of the mods that has been produced so far..like the blood mod for example
  18. I just want to clarify that the pizza comment was NOT written by a Grin devteam member!
  19. its never too late to change ones mind! its just good to hear that you are man enough to step up and admit it ! hopefully the coming patches will satisfy your MP needs aswell. happy playing!
  20. wow..you guys really spend alot of time thinking about this...
  21. hey guys just a quick note, you do _not_ need to edit the 3dsmax files or anything else like that in order to make the head show. Im not a scripter but I do know that the headmodel is simply tagged as hidden in the script for the the player. it should be somewhere in "human.dsf" something along the lines of "head visibility" or the like.
  22. Hey Olegrus, feel free to post any bugs you have and if we dont have time to fix them in this patch, im sure we can get to them in the next. A lot of them are probably already reported earlier and thus already fixed tho! but you never know. thanks a lot for the support!
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