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  1. the Editor CAN be used with mind control.how the hell did he know that? you need a special USB watchamacallit to use it tho.
  2. its INCREDIBLE ofcourse! now run to the store and buy it! hehe...
  3. Colin is probably right Payback, putting that info up for grabs would probably not be a good idea and I dont think it will happen as it will help cheaters to work around it. However, you will have to wait for Grin_stickan to pop by until you can get a definate answer to your questions, sorry about the inconvience that the AC is causing you at the moment, it will be dealt with.
  4. You are free to to not use the pre-made buildings and pieces that are in the original game when you make your maps. you can just build your own buildings and terrains, and import. Potentially you could even make the whole thing(minus props) in 3dsmax and import that as one big chunk.that is not a very optimised way to do it tho and not recommended, performance wise!
  5. im glad it worked out for you! but please dont start bug-threads when there is no actual bug! it makes life for us just a tad harder than it has to be! we have enough trouble keeping track of the real bugs as it is!hehe...happy mapping!
  6. I used the static tile objects which give you different tile sizes. My guess is that is the template to go by, but I still need a few more days to figure it out. the static tile objects are whats used to make the backdrop city that you DONT play in;) if you hadnt figured that out! hehe, dont try and play in them. they have no collision and look horrible up close as they are made to be seen from a distance. and the maps can be basicly as large as you want, as long as you have the computer power to render the lightmaps and/or actually run it after you have;)
  7. Tedsmith, openable doors is just a matter of making a prop object with a hinge.. even tho that will have to wait until the 3dsmaxexporter arrives
  8. hmm..that doesnt sound good, must be some kind of lod-distance error with that model..hmm, we´ll look into it!
  9. everything you say can and will be used against you in a forum of gaming. haha! Also, measuring against FEAR is a very unreasonable thing to do as FEAR, as stated before, have a VERY limited line of sight, whereas GRAW has probably one of the longest draw distances in FPS history. I cant _swear_ on that tho!
  10. people, people! we are ofcourse very happy that you anticipate the patch this much and we are very eager to realease it! BUT , please, dont expect TOO much of it cus as in the past you have had expectations and wishes that are not ALL fullfilled and you get angry and disapapointed when we "let you down". Keep your expectations on a plausible level please! we can only work at human speed! thanks for the support and input so far guys!
  11. hmm I dont quite agree, isnt the point of a game to have rules? in this instance, the rule is that you dont have any quicksaves and have to be very careful! I do hope you manage to bend them tho so you can enjoy it to the fullest! I would help you but im just a stupit artist!
  12. Elmer Fudd is world renowned?? Sorry have never left the states, well I did go to Hawaii 2 years ago but that is still the states. Elmer fudd, who is Elmer fudd? thats how i talk.
  13. ssssshh...be wewy wewy quiet...wewe hunting mexicans...
  14. if you have less than 1024 meg, you will almost certainly get problems with your aim.It has to do with animation compression. if you only have 512 megs, its time to upgrade anyway!
  15. its a swedish expression, literally it says "and now Robert Anders ran straight out of tv-history" but what it means is that I dont agree with hatchetforce and that it ss staggeringly rude of him to be so impolite when Grin_bedhead obviously is making an effort to be polite and talk openly about the questions that were raised. "I don't give two craps if you back down." "You can call it a game play enhancement if it helps your ego." now that is not a good way to reply to someone who is making an effort. hehe, have you seen the words "recon" in the title of the game? you should have known they were there! sorry, im just messing with you
  16. och där sprang Robert Andersson ut ur tv-historien! Hatchetforce, you saying its a design error doesnt _make_ it a design error. Its a design choice you dont approve of but thats just your opinion, that you ofcourse are very much entitled to!
  17. then I guess we are doomed to failure !
  18. actually, max 8 isnt that much far ahead game-contents wise, its mainly the peltmapping stuff thats a big help. but of course its neater than 7. still nothing wrong with good ol 7 tho!
  19. happy birthday from grin and thanks for all the support!
  20. 3dsmax 7 is what we use in the office, so im guessing thats the one to go with..
  21. no sillyhalfmexican, I remember your nickname, it was me and Boegen you were playing against!
  22. the .diesel file is the actual 3dfile containing the mesh etc. I cant comment on wether or not a .diesel exporter will be released beacuse as a mere artist, I simply dont know right now:)
  23. here is another little easteregg pic that never made it into the final game.. and yet another one I made ..im guessing ubi doesnt like this one.. click it for fullsize..
  24. I would say the match will probably take place sometime after the june patch? and we play mostly domination online, When we coop we play it on LAN in the office! im grin_rovholet on the battlefield!
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