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  1. That's fine that you don't think you have anything to defend, that is your perception. But, I think some need to open thier eyes to the world around them to get the big picture. Your right, I have never been to the office or your fine country for that matter, but I have been in this industry a long time and done many different things.... The least of which is to help make it posible for you to even be working on a franchise such as GR. I do know a lot about how Ubi works and I most certainly have a strong grasp on the Publisher/Developer relationship, from both perspectives. I don't need to know the specifics of the contract to know that no matter what it says, the developer of a project is still responsible for the product they deliver to the publisher and ultimately to the public. Maybe my points are not clear for some reason, but this entire thread is about the fact that both the developer and publisher are responsible for a products success or failure and those that think GRIN has no responsibility to deliver are childishly niave. Good luck in the future. POOOOFF!
  2. just beacuse you dont understand it or you dont have the proper knowledge of an external 3d application, doesnt make the editor bad or limited. It does excatly what it is designed to do.Its supposed to work together with 3dsmax.not replace it. And importing and checking things in the editor is extremely easy, even tho I must admit it could be a bit more streamlined. but tutorials on this WILL come.
  3. im sorry you feel this way, but I dont agree with you.the fact that you can import anything and everything from 3dsmax gives you an infinite amount of freedom. and no, the editor isnt useless in anyway, it does excactly what it is designed to do.place premade objects on a grid to create levels fast fast fast.(when you have 14 months to make a game you need the extra speed)
  4. Ok, if anyone is wondering if that is me, IT IS NOT ME. I don't go on the UBI forums. They suck badly, and are filled with whiners. haha, I was actually wondering about that...I thought "why the hell is he whining about never bying an ubi game again AND mod graw at the same time" good to know its not you
  5. hey, you say that the "grin guys" should defend themselves and not let Colin do it for us. the reason I havent replied here earlier than this is because I dont see that I have anything to defend. its however quite interesting that you seem to know so much about Grins contract deals, management ,budgeting and planning without ever setting your foot or talking to anyone here. amazing.
  6. I would be suprized, 90% have too much fun with the 203. cutting the gun rides was a design decision taken very early in development. it doesnt go to well with the overall tactical gameplay and seems to fit better in the console version. but I guess you could mod it...
  7. yes, the new unrealed editor seems to have a pretty sweet terrain editor, tho as I said before, they have worked on their editor tools for about 10 years, cant really compete with that. yes, could theoreticly make the entire map in max and import tho it would not be very good performance wise as it would be more cumbersome to set up lods etc for the diffrent things in the map. as Graw has a such a huge draw distance compared to any other game lods are quote crucial.
  8. you can do whatever you want with the editor, you can make a map based on the starship enterprise if you please. What you got with the editor is what we used to make the game.you are more than welcome to create your own custom contents.and I hope you do! it will just take a little while to get documentation finished so it will be easier for you to import and use your own custom stuff!
  9. oh oh crud I deleted my original message when I edited. ah well, the angel monument should be used with the city set.(atleast the last time I checked, hehe) you should be able to alter what sets go with what, but im not at the office now so I cant remember the excact process or if it can be done with the release-tools. the props that dont have a prefix, such as his_ cen_ etc should work with any set, but be warned, if you use to many diffrent of these "free for all" props, they might eat up your video card as their textures will all be loaded into the video ram. ---- And Lightspeed, im sorry that you dont like the way terrains are handled, myself I would prefer to make the terrains by hand in 3dsmax as it allows for a more precise control of both polygons and gameplay obstacles.but each to his own. and the editors you are thinking of that have said capacity are? unreal? 10 or so years of tools development does that to an editor. farcry? yes, thats because they have a speficic terrain engine as their game is based outdoors on an island, its not a tactical shooter in a mostly urban environment [GR]? personally I havent tried their editor, but im guessing you are referring to it, again , an outdoors/landscape specific game. im not saying any of these are bad or that our editor is perfect in every way, im just saying that they are designed to do diffrent things.and in diffrent time and manpower spans.
  10. tutorials on making props and statics will be written as soon as I get the green light from the big men upstairs. until then you can start off by looking at the model xmls in the unbundled prop or plants folder! (uuh..well I havent really unbundled the game myself actually so I hope they are there, but I dont see why they shouldnt be...)
  11. you cant expect to fully understand everything about the game editor and its innter workings after one day of tinkering. If we managed to make a game with it in a much less polished state,im sure you will be able to use it too if you give it a chance. Also, the post effects are on in the editor aswell so the brown and yellow colours are due to that. AND you should be able to alter the lighting and post effects in your maps to your wishes . and if you dont like the stuff thats already in it, you are more than welcome to produce your own props, terrains, etc.
  12. Serious question, though; Are the GRAW pens you guys got really that breakable? and you shall recieve are a serious answer. yes they are horrible! If you touch them they basicly just vaporize.they are the worst pens I have ever laid my hands on. I had like 30 in the beginning and now I dont have any left... wait, wait, wait, ok, I have one, I wanna join in. How many swedish game developers does it take to make a sequel to a computer game? 34! one to actually make the game and 33 to hype it on the net.
  13. well the fact that we dont have any lives, outside of work helps too! hehe
  14. the lods are ofcourse made by hand! autogenerated lods looks awful most of the time, however, there are tools in 3dsmax to make autolods and even standalone programs such as Melody, but in the end makin them by hand is almost always a better choice... The lods and their distance are set in the model xml that every model/prop/house/weapn/character has, its very simple and basicly (just like most other model settings) just a matter of copy/paste and changing their names. hopefully more on this in coming tutorials. also you always have the choice not to lod at all..or make 9 lod steps, the game doesnt care, only your computer as it will strain to render all that unloded geometry!
  15. even though there was only 6 players on one of the official servers yesterday, it ran remarkably well... for a while, and then they closed it down. ideally, those servers should be hosted on monster machines with insane bandwidth connections. we'll see... We me and a few others went in one of there servers and it ran like it was using 2 cups and a string for internet connection.. Nice. Empty. Just like Grin/Ubi. Empty.
  16. The checkers means missing textures. Either the tile textures or the Lightmaps that you generated. I would think you messed up the lightmaps somehow tho, its really hard to tell without knowing more. I actually dont know wich version of the exporter plugin that came with the patch but its either for max 7 or 8, we have two diffrent versions.
  17. oh , im sorry, I followed the thread earlier but must have missed this progress! we wont add a 3rd person mode but ill be happy to try it out once its finished! looks neat, keep it up!
  18. you will have to download and install them but each map will be in its own bundle file so its will be a very easy install.
  19. Im saying that we care about the game and we want to make it great for you and that we will be here and listen to you. is that not customer care? sorry, I should have been clearer perhaps. when I wrote that we dont hang here for your sake that is ofcourse not entirerly true, ofcourse we are here for you! I just wanted to stress that I get just as much out of helping you guys as you do and that we are not here because of some money-making scheme. sorry if I wasnt being clear. Because of that statement we assumed he would be back. Many of us would like to know his thoughts on how his project turned out and where it is going. To be frank, it kind of feels like he abandoned those who support him here and totally appreciated what he was about and what he did for the community. We just miss him! ofcourse he isnt gone forever, he is just a very busy dude now that graw is "finished". Lots of politics that I cant , wont and are not allowed to share as you might understand
  20. You are right, we dont hang here because we want to do you guys any favours. We hang here because we love what we do and we want you to love it to so that we can be proud of what we do. I dont give a flying eff about sales at this point. Im proud of the game I helped develop and I want to support the people that likes it. So you are right, I dont do it for you, I do it for ME, so that I can fell good about my job, but dont bring money and politics into the picture, even if there is a chance that Grin or Ubi benefits from our precense here in the forum, that is not the intention of us being here and I must say I feel kinda insulted that you may suggest such a thing. Im just a gamer like the rest of you. I just happen to sit in on more information than you and I want to share that information as much as I can. this is not directed at anyone special, its just a general reply to this whole thread And the reason Bo isnt here, is simply because, now after release, when the rest of us are allowed to post and can answer your questions, he can instead do what he does best, boss us around! We wont go away, we are just getting started!
  21. he is right, to make proper terrains that are not just repeateed flat tiles, youll need to use a 3d package:) more info on that soon hopefully
  22. it will come! I just need official green light from the suits upstairs, then ill write a tutorial for you guys on how to make props!
  23. Yes Here No Buy an Xbox 360 I personally dont think making a third person view is a good idea.The gameplay and or graphics are not designed for it and will probably play horribly if you want over the shoulder, I think the 360 version is a better choice!
  24. finally! it will be great to see what you guys can do with the scripts!
  25. I used the static tile objects which give you different tile sizes. My guess is that is the template to go by, but I still need a few more days to figure it out. the static tile objects are whats used to make the backdrop city that you DONT play in;) if you hadnt figured that out! hehe, dont try and play in them. they have no collision and look horrible up close as they are made to be seen from a distance. and the maps can be basicly as large as you want, as long as you have the computer power to render the lightmaps and/or actually run it after you have;) So how big are the maps that are already in the game, the single player maps specifically? How ever you guys measure it, polygons/triangles, playable area,etc. What is a playable size for the recommended system specs? I've always made it a point to try to stay within the bounds of the games recommended systems specs when making a map. This is why I ask, as many people have trouble with the specs as high as they are already. its kinda hard to say really how big you should make it as it depends on how much props and stuff you use, however the single player maps are roughly 800x800 meters +backdrop city units. when you place props etc, im afraid to say that you will have to use your common sense not to make it to heavy on the computer!
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