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  1. AGREED... I buy games mainly for SP as well. There are lots of 'SP mainly' players and it is quite apparent from the numerous 'high quality SP' games that have come out recently. It might seem otherwise because the SP players are not always active on the net. my sentiment excactly! im mainy a sp gamer too and hardly ever play multiplayer games except on lans in the office (yes, Semperfi bohica, you are more than welcome to say "not an online player?? no wonder the mp sucks! but let me say that I am not a game designer, Im an artist;) hehe sorry Semper, couldnt help myself, just kidding;)
  2. no but the coming tutorials will come with sample models! also, GRAW is made in real-world scale so one meter in 3dsmax is one meter in graw , simple, huh?
  3. we will download and try this out in the office tommrow for sho!
  4. ill look at this for you guys tommorow, I dont have the game infront of me right now, as im about to go to bed;)
  5. I might be wrong..but I think that all those advanced properties are scripted inside the xml and the editor simply reads it... Exactly. It's a level editor and not a object editor. Well most level editor's I have worked with allowed the user to set 'some' statistics/preferences for objects. But oh well I will just edit the xml file then most editors dont let you edit maps inside the actual game.. just go into the xml for the object and change the body template from whatever it is right now(probably static) to "debris" now you should be able to walk right thru!
  6. fraid we need more info than that:) like what were you doing when you encountered the crash, whats your hardware, etc! cheers wille
  7. we really need more information to help you! be more specific about how you made the spawnpoints etc!
  8. haha, I dont want to be rude and I really dont want to flame you, I really love this post, this is great, it made my day, I cant stop laughing, finally I see the truth!
  9. the "black hole" you get in the distance is a low res version of your entrance, called a "silouette" all buildings and static objects have silouettes, which are kind of lod steps that gets their textures by projecting the highdetailed houses onto their lowpoly forms at export-time.
  10. the tutorials are coming, they are being written and tested at the moment:)
  11. yeah ive come to those situations aswell, and it _can_ be a tad annoying in those really tight spots but sometimes you just have to play by the rules given to you;) we´ll see , making a "completecomplience" mod might not be impossible, who knows!
  12. HEY please post your bugs in the appropriate forums and threads! thnks.
  13. now I have checked and it was indeed what I thought it was:)
  14. I think the problem is that you actually have to delete the file lightmaps\atlas0.xml.bin try that.it should work.
  15. thanks for your excellent feedback you had some good points!, I would like to point out tho that "follow my orders exactly" is excactly what the ai is designed not to do! Its not a bug that makes them not follow your exact pixel orders. they are designed to be thinking individuals that find the best cover in the area you tell them to go to,on their own.You are supposed to play _with_ the graw ai not _for_ them. And yada yada they arent perfect and they DO stupid things, but they are among the most evolved ai friends you have seen in a game, some people have trouble seeing it tho because they are used to the standard "go here.stay there.good dog" ai thats been around since the middle ages by now.also they handle a fully dynamic environment with dynamic covers.covers that _move around_ and change.(this might sound like buzzwords but they really do) but again some people dont notice that either because they are not even used to such a dynamic environment where practily everything is breakable. its like being a busdriver.no one noticeyou when you are on time but if you are a minute late everybody yells. howoever its fully possible to change the AI I would presume to keep "tighter" to you, but I cant really say what will happen in an that area, since I dont really know... but you could always mod it! this was in no way meant as a negative reply, im pleased to see that you apperantly appreciate the hard work thats been put into the AI, I just wanted to point out what the AI actually does!
  16. yes.graw has a high learning curve.maybe a bit TOO steep even.but when you understand the game and understand the AI the SP experience can be incredible, especially on certain levels(the first half of quarterback is my favourite part in the game I think), I must have played that like 20 times before I managed to finish the whole level. and dont get me started on playing 4 people in coop. ım just saying ...mission 2 going around a corner, and the entire office heard me scream "TAAAAANK" at the top of my lungs, ,clenching my eyes shut in panic and hit the deck(in the game not in the office. that was a GREAT session:) but if you dont like it.If you dont want to spend the time with it, its really you that is missing out on a great gaming experience.Because its there, just its just hidden under a wee layer of what I like to call depth. but then again, maybe im biased. and yes, the game HAS flaws, it has bugs, but seriously, most of the things that some of you call bugs arent really bugs, just things that you expected to be in a diffrent way there are alot of REAL bugs too tho, like all games.but it will be mended in time. hopefully together we can mod it so that it pleases as many as possible in the end (when I say together, I mean YOU mod and we assist in the way we can of tutorials and feedback) also. I hate the narcoms.I _hate_ them.so atleast we have that in common! party on wayne!party on garth!
  17. soon the new tutorials for modding and importing objects and terrains and stuff will come and what will come in handy then is a frontend for atlasgen.exe ! its a commandline tool at the moment and may feel , I suspect, a bit too advanced for a new user, even to it really is simple! I can provide you with the documentation for it if you want to do the frontend! that would REALLY help the poor modders that wants to get their textures properly into the game.
  18. I tried to recreate the problem today by using some of the same units as you but I couldnt get it to boink out:/ its really hard to say what it could be! also "not sit there like a duck and wait for the problems to arrise" ahhahaha, that almost made me fall of my chair, maybe its my weird artist-imagination but that sentence gave me the weirdest pictures in my head...in a good way ofcourse!
  19. yeah there are alot of free options, I would recommend ANY of them over notepad:) and if you intend to mod graw when the new tutorials arrive(soon, be paaatient, we are working as fast as we can on them! you are gonna be writing a whole lot of xml in the near future!
  20. yeah, and if you have a map or whatever that you really like, whats so wrong about paying hommage to it and recreate it your own way, with the tools that you have? everyone doesnt know how to use a 3d package such like 3dsmax, I think its really great that basicly EVERYONE can make maps with this !
  21. well im not at work right now so I cant doublecheck but I think this is what it means: all objects and props have something called "cover points" these are dummy objects on the diffrent models that represent where there is a good place to take cover, be it a corner or straight behind, etc etc and when you turn "cover off" you disable these coverpoints off so the AI doesnt recognise the object as a cover and tries to hide behind it. thats what I THINK it does but ill have to doublecheck tomorrow.
  22. this is getting scary.I mean.fightclub scary. also, I thank you for calling our game contents crap.
  23. yeah, I know, I wasnt complaining and most people are quite well mannered!
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