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  1. I can just second what ^ said, welcome and hope you will enjoy our game!
  2. YOU are confused? how do you think WE feel
  3. awesome, great that you got DOW for free, its not only a great game but it has like 3 really good expansion packs out aswell! however..playing it AFTER playing COH might be a bit of a let down, as COH is developed from the DOW design, and thus alot more sophisticated, but still DOW is grreeaat! shoot a msg when you have gotten used to COH and ill match you! im warning you tho, im mean mean mean with my calliopes!
  4. thats what I felt at first too, it takes a few skirmish/mp games until you fully grasp how to play and not have a heart attack in the process but beyond that its really one of the best mp games ive played in years I think...its very intense but never chaotic and random, its really a game of skill ! DeNicholo!Williams!ON THE POINT!"
  5. well, as similiar the two systems are, they are still quite diffrent which you will notice after a few hours , COH is alot more sophisticated and fine tuned than DOW ever was(even tho that too of course was an excellent game) and its real strength is ofcourse multiplayer, man that stuff can really get your heart pumping...CALLIOPE IN THE FIELD!
  6. you find the 4 player SP mission coop under multiplayer just like the rest of the coop modes, it should be quite easy to find:) and yes you can have AI squadmates to fill in the blanks in the ranks(wow im rhyming!) have fun!
  7. ah yes, terribly sorry about that mixup, very silly mistake, it wasnt remedied in the patch? oh crud, well I pasted it into a thread here in the forum some time ago...cant remember which one tho...but im guessing it was in the mod forums, ill have a search for it tommorow when I come into work. or I could just find it right away http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ustom+character there it is!
  8. Wille

    Who did it?!

    hey, wait a second, prozac isnt a bot?
  9. you can go too far with the issue of civil rights? id rather take a beating than show my id if I havent done anything wrong(in theory ofcourse, you know never know how youll react with a swat team staring down on you;) I even refuse to show my ticket to subway guards when asked. The reason I payed for the ticket is so that I WONT get hassled.if they are having problems with freeloaders, build more secure gates to actually go down into the subway. ofcourse, this situation is quite troublesome since they have to do SOMETHING, you can only come so far with conversation when someone refuse to cooperate if its clear that they have done something wrong(in this case trespassing as far as I understand) but there must be other ways than violence(electrical or otherwise). perhaps tickling is the way to go?
  10. 2 and half hours? serisously! when I was a kid a movie was 1hour and forty minutes...until that day when Dancing with wolves came out and ruined movie experiences for people with short attentionspans...for ever! now you are lucky to find any films at all under 2 hours, sucks. dont get me started on king kong. hehe. however Im probably gonna catch it tommorow, the reviews been good and even tho the last bond movies sucked ass there is some weird appeal to it that makes you go and watch the next one..
  11. A horse , a priest and a rabbi went into a bar. When they went to order their drinks the barman said "what is this?a joke?"
  12. crafty!glad you got animations working!
  13. thats not photoshop, everyone can see they have used floating cd technology to have the disks levitate like that!
  14. whats even worse is that they left us swedes out of the game completley!! however, since they have the danes I can get revenge against our danish animator for what the danes did to us during stockholms bloodbath! hehe
  15. so you are a king just because some tart in a lake threw a sword at you? and yes, you are a minority
  16. you will never ever get the opinions of the majority of the fans as the majority of the fans dont post on internet message boards.
  17. A Poem: Hides in Shame Just like the game thats LOW!
  18. hey, ill be going to the release party next week, so ill make sure to send your regards sorry I cant give you any more info on the patch, not my info to give out im afraid.
  19. if Igor is out of memory, then maybe he needs to fetch a new brain from the graveyard. ARGH im SO sorry about the horrible frankenstein joke.I just had to.its late and I need to sleep. terribly sorry. -hides in shame-
  20. I didn't see it. (Feel free to pm me a link either here or on pc, if you want.) As for console controls, they really work just as well as PC shooters. It takes some getting used to, but few people instantly learn WASD either. hehe, just joking, thought you might have picked it up on polycount as for the controls, yeah ofcourse, im just giving my opinion as a primarly pc gamer:)
  21. Fixed. I tried the Vegas demo for a bit, and, well, since Ive never been a big huge console player, my first reaction to the controls were, "why do they keep making fps games at all on consoles", now they might have some features or control thingies that are more "consol" than PC, but it rather play vegas on a pc than on the 360 any day, even with the more consoly things it has. control is numbah 1 for me in fps games. and SUP, dont bring your dirty Polycount behaviour over here, please I saw someone do the excact same thing in the polycount forum today, you big ol copy cat!
  22. damn Wille!, long time no see. please, check your coat in at the door. anyway i have had it happen when I'm too close to the corner where i can't raise my weapon but i can lean right on a right corner and zoom. no scope nothing and my eyes zoom. kinda cool. will you charge me for hanging in the coat? im renovating my bathroom and thus have NO money that sounds like a completley diffrent issue tho! or have I misunderstood something? I can only give my opinion on what the OP asked im afraid(even tho it clearly wasnt the answer he wanted, hehe), dont know whats going on with the issue you are describing, does it zoom alot? could try and fraps it?
  23. I'm 'Hockeystick' online! dude, you need a more powerfull nickname like "Rock Strongo" or "Max Power" or perhaps even "TeHDRAGON"
  24. umm I dont see anything weird, he is holding the gun in the right hand, ofcourse he is gonna see more on the right side, now if the gun would have been in the middle, it would have been a diffrent story, but it isnt.
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