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  1. There are some very old SP games that I played religiously. Red Storm Rising, M1 Tank Platoon, Gunship 2000 and Wings on Amiga. X-COM series, Harpoon, Fleet Command, M1 Tank Platoon 2 and Aces Over Europe/Pacific.

    That is a great list. Amazing how some older games captured our imagination and long term appeal more then some recent ones. Red Storm Rising was such a great game, same with M1.

    Its really not that strange that games of old perhaps captured us more than they generally do today. We were younger and had a much smaller frame of reference. After playing a couple of hundred games you obviously become more blase' about the whole thing and expect more from the experience. the X-com series was freaking excellent, but If I played through it again today the chances are that it would only ruin a childhood memory ive spent a decade hyping and romanticising over in my head!

  2. I don't like this beta crap. i tried but, why the hell should I have to sign up and pay $$$ just to play a beta? what the hell!?!

    and yes to answer some fplks bad vibes, they MUST be using gamespy. <_<

    OMFG you need to pay for beta testing????? :blink:

    That is so bad! You are doing testing for a company with all kinds of NDA' and you still need to pay for it???

    Jeez Cmon :tsk:

    and people wonder how weird rumours start, well folks, this is how! :) its not the first time papa6 has jumped the gun and screamed out in agony over something that only minutes later turns out to be not true. but I guess thats part of your charm papa6! :)

    as someone else said, its not the beta you are paying for, its the subscription to that particular download service.

  3. He's probably the one on the left wearing those red hand/arm warmers! :shifty:

    Lol. That's a girl. She was on another picture in the article as well.

    easy with calling people girls, I remember when someone thought I was a girl in the original grin picture! aah the humiliation!:)

    Didn't you get a haircut afterward? ^_^

    yeah... 0:):(

  4. PESTO most sexiest member of GR.net 2006 !!!!!!

    Got MY vote! How is dear little Pesto?

    she is very well , thank you :D she still tends to walk on her hind legs sometimes, I think the accident breaking her front paws actually somehow speeded up her evolution!

    and she will be most thankfull for the nomination :D

  5. Dice? Ouch. If that's the case Willie must really like working on games with under appreciative fanbases.

    oh yes, I live for flame wars :D

    when you guys started to quiet down, I needed a new crowd to tickle my flame nerves! :) hehe

    thanks for the kind words guys, its been a lot of fun!

  6. IF they don't GR2 it...

    I would suspect it'll be a requirement for BOTH versions, though. The content differences between X360 an PC GRAW were small. Just maps, weapons, skins....

    On the other hand, yeah. We'll get skr00d...

    yes, maps, textures, models , code and game play, thats all we changed really ;) he he :zorro:

  7. Well, much as I love the game I am about ready to throw the towel in!

    I get whipped again, for the third time now. This time he seemed to have tanks on the go very quickly, so I saved the replay and watched his strategy. Then I tried the same thing against the computer to see how I would fare, and got beat hard again!


    Maybe I am just not up to the task of a RTS!

    dont give up rocky!:) its a tough art to master, but the feeling of satisfaction after conquering your opponent after a 2 hour battle is second to none! well..there are a FEW that can beat it I guess, but I think this is the wrong forum for talking about them ;)

  8. ofcourse buggyness is a sore issue, but it really hasnt got much to do with sloppyness in most cases but more from lack of time, and also I think alot of it comes from the forgetfullness of players, in our heads the games of years past was perfect and bugfree, but in reality they were really just as buggy as games are now. I wouldnt say games have become sloppier(especially considering how much more advanced they are nowadays) but peoples expectations has gotten higher. but ofcourse, me as much as anyone would wish games were bugfree, but there really isnt a "fix bugs" button to press(if there is, please tell me where its located on the keyboard!) :)

    that said, looking back, GRAW patched is ofcourse alot tighter than graw out of the box and ofcourse we would have wanted it to be as good as it is now from the start, but time time time doesnt always allow this.

  9. I have a buddy that works at GRIN.. hes is working on GRAW2 atm... ive seen some pictures and such.. looks damn NICE!

    if i remember.. ill come back with more info about rls date and such..

    liar! no one at grin would be stupid enough to show a game in progress to a friend who cant keep his mouth shut!


  10. nice post. I'm just a bit dismayed as why UBISOFT yanked the plug on GR2 when it was just about finished? UBISOFT had to have lost money bcz they had to spend money on GR2 upto that point. The gaming industry is brutal. But I'm even MORE curious as to what the GR2 dev team thought about the project being yanked? I guess maybe not much. they got paid for their work so i guess no skin lost.

    with GRAW2, I saw the video and look slike the unifroms changed again. I think I saw something that looked like the SA80? or some really new weapons, kinda hard to say.

    I can tell you that they were probably quite ###### off when it was pulled. Making a game requires alot of involvement from the uuh..well..involved, and it affects both your personal and social life a great deal alot of the time, but you do it to have something to be proud of in the end, and to have that satisfaction yanked out from under your feet, after having put so much of yourself into something is so frustrating that no one in their right mind could walk away from it without being a tiny bit ###### off. Most people dont work in games to make make alot of money, If I wanted to make alot of money I wouldnt work in games, we/they do it because they love games(for the most part).

    and about the uniforms, you dont expect mitchell to wear the same sweaty uniform he wore in the first game do you?it must smell horrible after those intense days in the hot mexican sun! :)

  11. Only 10 more shopping days left until christmas (not including today), so hopefully everyone is wrapping up their shopping.

    Hopefully Bo will get you guys something nice for christmas instead of more work to do.

    Send along some pictures of you guys getting wasted at the office christmas party (if you have one).

    oh no, those pictures(and videos) are for internal use only!(and blackmailing ofcourse)

  12. Just a bit hacked off at the longevity of games mate, before its even patched and working properly the next in the series will be released which makes you wonder about support for it, BF2 is in the same situation, 2142 is now out which is nothing more than a mod really and theyre trying to get all the BF2 fanbase over to that and there are still a heap of problems with BF2 last time I heard. Gone are the days I think when you'd play a game for a good length of time ala GR and Flashpoint and its more and more like Fast Food gaming, get as much into you as fast as possible and most of it will end up as crap.

    actually, I dont think dice intended BF2142 to take over after bf2, but rather have people play both and perhaps get players thats not into "realistic"(im using the term rather loosely ofcourse) games. We were drinking beer the other day with some friends at Dice and was told that appearntly(as im not one to read sales list, so I didnt know this, but perhaps everyone else in the world does ;) ) even tho bf2142 sells ok, its release hasnt really affected bf2, its still one of the top sellers, as it has been since release.

  13. nothing wrong with GRIN developing the game - just get rid of the Diesel Engine..that's the only problem.

    I hardly think GRIN will get rid of their own proprietary engine. But there's just too much HDR for my taste.

    Let's hope GRIN learns lessons from GRAW.

    for the last and final time :grin2: , HDR stands for "high dynamic range" and you really cant have "too much" hdr, im guessing what you are referring to is bloom and posteffects perhaps ? :yes:

  14. the urban dictionary has this to say about Woot

    1. woot 1548 up, 247 down

    Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer. However, with the term as coincides with the gamer term, "w00t".

    "w00t" was originally an trunicated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for "Wow, loot!" Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement.

    "I defeated the dark sorcerer! Woot!"

    "woot! i r teh flagmastar!" (Think Tribes)

    "Woot, I pwnzed this dude's boxen!'

  15. if we had more girls around here we could hold a beauty pagent to crown

    "Ms Information 2006" :zorro:

    I dont know...are you guys purposefully unhappy? Do you try to hate GRAW to feel better? I really dont know, I'm not trying some misinformation campaign...I'm posting what I've seen...

    hehe, that was kinda meant as a joke, we swedes sure like our play on words :)

    and if you havent noticed, it would be kinda weird for me to be a graw hater, since my name is "grin_wille" which kinda indicates that I was a part of making GRAW ;)

  16. for me(since ofcourse, I would be biased if I said graw, and ofcourse I didnt buy it ;)

    I would say Company of heroes and medieval 2:total war would be my top picks of 2006, absolutley fantastic games! ...but that only counts the second half of the year..what was I doing the first half? oh yeah, thats right, crunching to finish graw, hehe ;)

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