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  1. Third Sound Pack: http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/37550528/file.html Contains the 2075 friendly voices.
  2. Here's the second pack: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/81013800/file.html Contains 291 enemy voices.
  3. I was VERY curious about those AI commands - so I couldn't help myself. I opened up the GR executable and scanned for every referenced string and many of those AI commands and\or similar ones are in the code. In theory, you CAN change the AI behavior in GR using something like what I pasted on page 1. Just some of the things I see that you can change are: Fire LOS radius (I'm assuming this is the Radius of the default firing "spot-n-shoot" cone) Conditions based on 'how' suppressed the enemy can be or will be. (For example: How suppression affects a recruit, vet, or elite enemies aim; "If %_difficulty enemy is _% suppressed then aim is _%" Conditions would allow modification of those three. Scatter formation range - (In IGOR when you use the "Scatter") You seem to be able to define a min and max range of that scatter with this condition. Likely the same with Wedged, and Single-File - you can define the minimum and maximum distance. AI - Team & Enemy Members "Headshot Chance" was another one I saw. These types of things are similar to the conditions in the cmbtmdl file -in how they work. Even if we're unable to find a valid way to get the engine to read these options at startup, IKE RSE has the ability to exec new files like this on the go - if i remember right. Meaning you can put conditions in a cfg file and use the exec console command to get it to work. (Or exec in a mission script) I`ll definitely be coming back to this and investigating it further. There appears to be a lot of AI-based commands that have static (default) values attached to them -that can likely be overidden.
  4. Here's the first pack: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/83087591/file.html This is 141 of the Command field update, intel, objective, alert, etc sounds. I just mass-named them "Command_1" "Command_2" etc.. (Original filenames could not be recovered) They are all converted and should be ready to go for GR1. Personally, I think these will be really great for GR missions or gametypes. Again, if you give me a few days i`ll try to get them all done.
  5. I'll organize and zip up some of the sound effect files for you to play with. Give me a little time and i`ll do it. What I've have to do with GR2 sounds is convert them to a .WAV that GR will play. And, I have all of them in at least a workable WAV format now. After I get them extracted they are a 'unique' version of an ADPCM WAV (4b 44khz 2ch) You have to have a codec to hear them - even VLC won't play them. There's probably an easier way to do some of the things I do. But, what I had been doing was dropping them in Audacity, splitting the stereo track into a mono downsample, fix the sample rate to 22 -then GR plays it just fine and they sound great. There's literally thousands of sounds - so I don't have them all done. I've messed with it several times in the past and always get distracted or caught up with real-world issues. There's some really good sound effects for GR2 to play with for GR1 mods - things such as commands from headquarters: "Ghosts this is command: We've got satellite reports of enemies closing in from the east" -- "West" "South" "North" etc.. Lots of ambience and environmental sounds. Numerous degrees of rain and wind intensity. (IT:Xbox had this too) -This was useful for zone-elevation - like if you go up in height on a map - you change the wind sound played in that zone (LOTS of incremental zone sounds for this). Obviously, which, can be done in our IGOR to make our maps sound much better. As far as textures, a lot of the textures for GR 2 are still in XPR and they have to be converted to DDS to even begin to use them. Once in original DDS you can of course do whatever you want with them and then save as RSB. Most of the GR:IT textures are not really worth our time. The PC counterparts are the same and\or better. I`ll upload a few sound packs at a time in zips based on their style "ambience," "Voice," "effects" etc. Give me a couple days or so and i`ll put the first organized pack up.
  6. I'm getting really interested in this again now that i've looked at all this: Now, remember -the engine used on ALL XBOX original Ghost Recon titles (GR through Summit Strike) is the same engine with "obviously various changes" that is used on our PC version. Same ol' IKE RSE engine. Now look at this: <AIParams> <FragScatterTimeMin>2.000000</FragScatterTimeMin> <FragScatterTimeMax>4.000000</FragScatterTimeMax> <InvestigationTriggerRange>150.000000</InvestigationTriggerRange> <InvestigationTriggerTimeout>20.000000</InvestigationTriggerTimeout> <InvestigationRetargetDistance>5.000000</InvestigationRetargetDistance> <HalfAngleToCover>1.047198</HalfAngleToCover> <HalfAngleToCoverLeader>0.785398</HalfAngleToCoverLeader> <MinFragReuseTime>30.000000</MinFragReuseTime> <MinFragReuseTimeOften>10.000000</MinFragReuseTimeOften> <FragBlastSafeRange>10.000000</FragBlastSafeRange> <AllClearDelayMin>3.000000</AllClearDelayMin> <AllClearDelayMax>5.000000</AllClearDelayMax> <ScatterFormationMaxRange>9.000000</ScatterFormationMaxRange> <ScatterFormationMinRange>1.500000</ScatterFormationMinRange> <ScatterFormationDesiredRange>3.000000</ScatterFormationDesiredRange> <VehicleLookAheadTime>5.000000</VehicleLookAheadTime> <VehicleWarningRadius>4.000000</VehicleWarningRadius> <VerticalLookVariance>0.174533</VerticalLookVariance> <TrailDistanceOutdoors>1.500000</TrailDistanceOutdoors> <TrailDistanceIndoors>1.000000</TrailDistanceIndoors> <QuickTurnVelocity>6.283185</QuickTurnVelocity> <LazyTurnVelocity>4.712389</LazyTurnVelocity> <SlowTurnVelocity>1.570796</SlowTurnVelocity> <CoverPointTolerance>1.500000</CoverPointTolerance> <SuppressedSomewhat>0.010000</SuppressedSomewhat> <SuppressedPretty>0.250000</SuppressedPretty> <SuppressedDefinitely>0.600000</SuppressedDefinitely> <SuppressionBleedOffTime>20.000000</SuppressionBleedOffTime> <SuppressionUnderFire>0.050000</SuppressionUnderFire> <SuppressionIndirectFire>0.002778</SuppressionIndirectFire> <SuppressionHit>1.000000</SuppressionHit> <SuppressionFriendDeath>0.350000</SuppressionFriendDeath> <SuppressionAllClear>-0.250000</SuppressionAllClear> <SuppressionArmorNoRockets>1.000000</SuppressionArmorNoRockets> <SuppressionGunshotUnprepared>3.000000</SuppressionGunshotUnprepared> <SuppressionFriendDeathUnprepared>2.000000</SuppressionFriendDeathUnprepared> <InuredToGunfireCooldown>15.000000</InuredToGunfireCooldown> <SuppressLOSRangeFraction>0.800000</SuppressLOSRangeFraction> <ThreatTimeOut>30.000000</ThreatTimeOut> <TreeLookAheadBlockDistance>2.500000</TreeLookAheadBlockDistance> <TreeLookAheadAvoidDistance>2.000000</TreeLookAheadAvoidDistance> <GlanceDelayMin>3.000000</GlanceDelayMin> <PlayerGlanceFrequencyMin>10.000000</PlayerGlanceFrequencyMin> <PlayerGlanceFrequencyMax>20.000000</PlayerGlanceFrequencyMax> <CheckSixChance>0.200000</CheckSixChance> <FragErrorHorizontal>0.174533</FragErrorHorizontal> <FragErrorVertical>0.174533</FragErrorVertical> <BackblastAvoidLength>10.000000</BackblastAvoidLength> <BackblastAvoidWidth>2.000000</BackblastAvoidWidth> <AAGunTrafficControlRadius>3.000000</AAGunTrafficControlRadius> <GoodGuyEngageRange>20.000000</GoodGuyEngageRange> <SafeWeaponDistance>2.000000</SafeWeaponDistance> <SafeWeaponAngle>0.785398</SafeWeaponAngle> <FauxThreatIndicatorError>0.174533</FauxThreatIndicatorError> <HumanCollisionAvoidRange>1.500000</HumanCollisionAvoidRange> <BonkTime>10.000000</BonkTime> <DisableTreeAvoidanceTime>5.000000</DisableTreeAvoidanceTime> <DisableAnalogStrafeTime>10.000000</DisableAnalogStrafeTime> <CatchUpSpeedMultiplier>1.500000</CatchUpSpeedMultiplier> <SuppressCheckHalfAngle>0.349066</SuppressCheckHalfAngle> <EngagedThreatDetectionDecay>20.000000</EngagedThreatDetectionDecay> <ContactExpirationTime>30.000000</ContactExpirationTime> <SoundAsVisualRangeAsleep>3.000000</SoundAsVisualRangeAsleep> <SoundAsVisualRangeBored>4.000000</SoundAsVisualRangeBored> <SoundAsVisualRangeAlert>5.000000</SoundAsVisualRangeAlert> <SoundAsVisualRangeCombat>5.000000</SoundAsVisualRangeCombat> <SoundAsVisualRangeTerrified>1.000000</SoundAsVisualRangeTerrified> <AsleepReactionMin>1.000000</AsleepReactionMin> <AsleepReactionMax>2.500000</AsleepReactionMax> <BoredReactionMin>0.750000</BoredReactionMin> <BoredReactionMax>1.250000</BoredReactionMax> <AlertReactionMin>0.250000</AlertReactionMin> <AlertReactionMax>0.750000</AlertReactionMax> <CombatReactionMin>0.100000</CombatReactionMin> <CombatReactionMax>0.250000</CombatReactionMax> <TerrifiedReactionMin>1.000000</TerrifiedReactionMin> <TerrifiedReactionMax>2.500000</TerrifiedReactionMax> <FriendlyReactionTime>0.000000</FriendlyReactionTime> <DeadFriendCheckRange>5.000000</DeadFriendCheckRange> <GunshotTargetCheckRange>20.000000</GunshotTargetCheckRange> <ThreatImportanceIncapacitated>-50.000000</ThreatImportanceIncapacitated> <ThreatImportanceFixedArc>100.000000</ThreatImportanceFixedArc> <ThreatImportanceMaxRange>60.000000</ThreatImportanceMaxRange> <ThreatImportanceProximity>30.000000</ThreatImportanceProximity> <ThreatImportanceCurrent>10.000000</ThreatImportanceCurrent> <ThreatImportanceSight>40.000000</ThreatImportanceSight> <ThreatImportanceFlanked>20.000000</ThreatImportanceFlanked> <ThreatImportanceExposed>10.000000</ThreatImportanceExposed> <ThreatImportanceFiringAngle>0.349066</ThreatImportanceFiringAngle> <ThreatImportanceFiringAt>20.000000</ThreatImportanceFiringAt> <ThreatImportanceFiringAway>5.000000</ThreatImportanceFiringAway> <ThreatImportanceAttackingProtectee>20.000000</ThreatImportanceAttackingProtectee> <MovingFireLOSRadius>1.500000</MovingFireLOSRadius> <AiShootsHeadChance>0.000000</AiShootsHeadChance> <AiShootsArmsChance>0.450000</AiShootsArmsChance> <AiShootsLegsChance>0.500000</AiShootsLegsChance> <AiShootsChestChance>0.050000</AiShootsChestChance> <GhostShootsHeadChance>0.400000</GhostShootsHeadChance> <GhostShootsArmsChance>0.050000</GhostShootsArmsChance> <GhostShootsLegsChance>0.050000</GhostShootsLegsChance> <GhostShootsChestChance>0.500000</GhostShootsChestChance> <HeadShotBoostTime>50.000000</HeadShotBoostTime> <HeadShotBoostIncrement>0.001000</HeadShotBoostIncrement> <HeadShotBoostMax>0.200000</HeadShotBoostMax> <MovingFireSetupTime>0.500000</MovingFireSetupTime> <MovingFireDuration>0.400000</MovingFireDuration> <MovingFireCooldown>2.000000</MovingFireCooldown> <MovingFireArc>0.196350</MovingFireArc> <LOSFriendlyCheckExtent>10.000000</LOSFriendlyCheckExtent> <PreferSuppressionThreshold>15.000000</PreferSuppressionThreshold> <PreferSuppressionMin>0.050000</PreferSuppressionMin> <PreferSuppressionMax>0.750000</PreferSuppressionMax> <PointBlankAccuracy>1.000000</PointBlankAccuracy> <OutOfRangeAccuracy>0.010000</OutOfRangeAccuracy> <PointBlankRange>3.000000</PointBlankRange> <AccuracyFullAuto>0.300000</AccuracyFullAuto> <AccuracyBurst>0.600000</AccuracyBurst> <AccuracySuppressedSomewhat>1.000000</AccuracySuppressedSomewhat> <AccuracySuppressedPretty>0.800000</AccuracySuppressedPretty> <AccuracySuppressedDefinitely>0.600000</AccuracySuppressedDefinitely> <AccuracyStillUpright>1.000000</AccuracyStillUpright> <AccuracyStillCrouch>1.000000</AccuracyStillCrouch> <AccuracyStillProne>1.000000</AccuracyStillProne> <AccuracyShuffleUpright>1.000000</AccuracyShuffleUpright> <AccuracyShuffleCrouch>1.000000</AccuracyShuffleCrouch> <AccuracyShuffleProne>1.000000</AccuracyShuffleProne> <AccuracyWalkUpright>1.000000</AccuracyWalkUpright> <AccuracyWalkCrouch>1.000000</AccuracyWalkCrouch> <AccuracyWalkProne>1.000000</AccuracyWalkProne> <AccuracyRunUpright>0.400000</AccuracyRunUpright> <AccuracyRunCrouch>0.400000</AccuracyRunCrouch> <AccuracyRunProne>0.400000</AccuracyRunProne> <AccuracyTargetCrouch>0.900000</AccuracyTargetCrouch> <AccuracyTargetProne>0.800000</AccuracyTargetProne> <AccuracyTargetOrderedGhost>0.800000</AccuracyTargetOrderedGhost> <AccuracyNormalEnemy>0.500000</AccuracyNormalEnemy> <AccuracyNormalGhosts>3.000000</AccuracyNormalGhosts> <AccuracyHardEnemy>1.500000</AccuracyHardEnemy> <AccuracyHardGhosts>1.500000</AccuracyHardGhosts> <AccuracyTargetProtected>0.200000</AccuracyTargetProtected> <TimeOnTargetAimed>3.000000</TimeOnTargetAimed> <TimeOnTargetResetTime>15.000000</TimeOnTargetResetTime> <MissHighChance>0.700000</MissHighChance> <AccuracyTargetIncapacitated>0.200000</AccuracyTargetIncapacitated> <GunOverrideGhostShortRange>20.000000</GunOverrideGhostShortRange> <GunOverrideGhostMediumRange>40.000000</GunOverrideGhostMediumRange> <GunOverrideGhostLongRange>80.000000</GunOverrideGhostLongRange> <GunOverrideGhostShortAccuracy>0.500000</GunOverrideGhostShortAccuracy> <GunOverrideGhostMediumAccuracy>0.200000</GunOverrideGhostMediumAccuracy> <GunOverrideGhostLongAccuracy>0.010000</GunOverrideGhostLongAccuracy> <GunOverrideGhostTimeOnTargetBase>0.250000</GunOverrideGhostTimeOnTargetBase> <GunOverrideGhostTimeOnTargetIncrement>0.160000</GunOverrideGhostTimeOnTargetIncrement> <GunOverrideGhostTimeOnTargetMax>6.000000</GunOverrideGhostTimeOnTargetMax> <GunOverrideEnemyShortRange>15.000000</GunOverrideEnemyShortRange> <GunOverrideEnemyMediumRange>30.000000</GunOverrideEnemyMediumRange> <GunOverrideEnemyLongRange>60.000000</GunOverrideEnemyLongRange> <GunOverrideEnemyShortAccuracy>0.500000</GunOverrideEnemyShortAccuracy> <GunOverrideEnemyMediumAccuracy>0.200000</GunOverrideEnemyMediumAccuracy> <GunOverrideEnemyLongAccuracy>0.010000</GunOverrideEnemyLongAccuracy> <GunOverrideEnemyTimeOnTargetBase>0.000000</GunOverrideEnemyTimeOnTargetBase> <GunOverrideEnemyTimeOnTargetIncrement>0.160000</GunOverrideEnemyTimeOnTargetIncrement> <GunOverrideEnemyTimeOnTargetMax>6.000000</GunOverrideEnemyTimeOnTargetMax> <DesiredReloadCapacity>0.250000</DesiredReloadCapacity> <PathingCostCrouch>2.000000</PathingCostCrouch> <PathingCostProne>4.000000</PathingCostProne> <PathingCostClamber>5.000000</PathingCostClamber> <PathingDangerRadius>0.500000</PathingDangerRadius> <PathingDangerCost>1000.000000</PathingDangerCost> <PathingCostRedZone>6000.000000</PathingCostRedZone> <PathingCostYellowZone>3000.000000</PathingCostYellowZone> <OptimalAdvanceRange>25.000000</OptimalAdvanceRange> <OptimalFlankRange>25.000000</OptimalFlankRange> <OptimalFlankAngle>0.872665</OptimalFlankAngle> <OptimalSuppressRange>50.000000</OptimalSuppressRange> <RejoinTeamProximity>7.000000</RejoinTeamProximity> <RejoinTeamTime>20.000000</RejoinTeamTime> <PlayerPlatoonCombatCooldown>20.000000</PlayerPlatoonCombatCooldown> <PlatoonHelpDelay>10.000000</PlatoonHelpDelay> <DangerZoneRadius>5.000000</DangerZoneRadius> <DeadlyDangerZoneThreshold>2.500000</DeadlyDangerZoneThreshold> <PlayerPlatoonLeash>40.000000</PlayerPlatoonLeash> <FlankRangeMin>10.000000</FlankRangeMin> <FlankRangeMax>35.000000</FlankRangeMax> <AutoMedicMaxRange>10.000000</AutoMedicMaxRange> <AutoMedicMinReactionTimePercentage>0.250000</AutoMedicMinReactionTimePercentage> <AutoMedicCriticalReactionTimePercentage>0.750000</AutoMedicCriticalReactionTimePercentage> <DefendZoneResponseDistance>50.000000</DefendZoneResponseDistance> <PatrolZoneResponseDistance>50.000000</PatrolZoneResponseDistance> <StandardCoverHalfAngle>0.785398</StandardCoverHalfAngle> <LeaderWaypointTolerance>5.000000</LeaderWaypointTolerance> <TeamWaypointTolerance>10.000000</TeamWaypointTolerance> <HumanWaypointToleranceAutomatic>0.020000</HumanWaypointToleranceAutomatic> <HumanWaypointToleranceFacing>0.500000</HumanWaypointToleranceFacing> <StuckProgressDistance>0.500000</StuckProgressDistance> <StuckProgressTime>3.000000</StuckProgressTime> <StuckStrafeTime>1.000000</StuckStrafeTime> <MoveInFormationUpdateTime>2.000000</MoveInFormationUpdateTime> <MoveInFormationPathingDelay>1.000000</MoveInFormationPathingDelay> <MoveInFormationRepathTime>8.000000</MoveInFormationRepathTime> <FragDistanceThrowMin>15.000000</FragDistanceThrowMin> <FragDistanceThrowMax>40.000000</FragDistanceThrowMax> <FragDistanceLaunchMin>10.000000</FragDistanceLaunchMin> <FragDistanceLaunchMax>75.000000</FragDistanceLaunchMax> <SuppressFireDurationMin>0.400000</SuppressFireDurationMin> <SuppressFireDurationMax>0.700000</SuppressFireDurationMax> <SuppressFireDurationFixedGun>2.000000</SuppressFireDurationFixedGun> <CallBackupTime>10.000000</CallBackupTime> <EndEngagementCooldownNoEnemies>20.000000</EndEngagementCooldownNoEnemies> <EndEngagementCooldownNoContact>30.000000</EndEngagementCooldownNoContact> <TeamSuppressTimeMin>15.000000</TeamSuppressTimeMin> <TeamSuppressTimeMax>17.000000</TeamSuppressTimeMax> <TeamSuppressForceRange>30.000000</TeamSuppressForceRange> <TeamSuppressForceArc>0.523599</TeamSuppressForceArc> <TeamSuppressForceRate>0.200000</TeamSuppressForceRate> <LongCoverSearch>15.000000</LongCoverSearch> <ShortCoverSearch>5.000000</ShortCoverSearch> <PlatoonAssaultGatherRange>60.000000</PlatoonAssaultGatherRange> <PlatoonAssaultMaxGatherTime>80.000000</PlatoonAssaultMaxGatherTime> <PlatoonAssaultMaxApproachTime>60.000000</PlatoonAssaultMaxApproachTime> <PlatoonAssaultMinAdvanceTime>30.000000</PlatoonAssaultMinAdvanceTime> <PlatoonAssaultMaxAdvanceTime>180.000000</PlatoonAssaultMaxAdvanceTime> <PlatoonAssaultMaxRetreatTime>30.000000</PlatoonAssaultMaxRetreatTime> <PlatoonAssaultRetreatThreshold>0.500000</PlatoonAssaultRetreatThreshold> <PlatoonChargeEngageRange>8.000000</PlatoonChargeEngageRange> <PlatoonChargeUpdateInterval>5.000000</PlatoonChargeUpdateInterval> <PlatoonDefendZoneRadius>15.000000</PlatoonDefendZoneRadius> <PlatoonDefendReorderDelay>30.000000</PlatoonDefendReorderDelay> <PlatoonDefendFailureTime>60.000000</PlatoonDefendFailureTime> <PlatoonSeekUpdateInterval>20.000000</PlatoonSeekUpdateInterval> </AIParams> That offers the ability to REALLY tweak the AI.^^^^ I wonder.... if any of that is active, but currently static in GR1 PC - and can be changed via XML. The reason I have this suspicion is because S.O.A.F. (PC) - which also uses this engine - came with some additional tweaks and commands that when MANUALLY added to GR - actually worked.. this was proven by incorrect variables causing the game to crash with an IKE log referencing the new commands - and correct variables causing the game to function and a change in behavior. If even SOME of these were in the engine code when GR1 was made - i'd be VERY happy.
  7. Zeealex, The models for the Xbox versions of Ghost Recon are in .xqob format instead of qob format. I would bet the only difference is in header. I haven't looked into doing that though. I`ll tell you this - here is a snippet from a gun file from Summit Strike: <GunFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ModelFileName>pw_mg4_saw.qob</ModelFileName> <NameToken>WPN_SAW_MG4</NameToken> <InfoToken>IN_SAW_MG4</InfoToken> <MagazineCapacity>200</MagazineCapacity> <MaxRange>475.000000</MaxRange> ............................. ... Notice the model filetype? The gun is still referenced to a qob NOT xqob. So - i don't think it would be very difficult. We'd have to look into it more.
  8. I have and found all of my Xbox IT files - I have all of the textures (Already in RSB), models, sounds, mission files, etc. When I messed with this back then, I primarily just worked on the sounds. There are quite a bit more sounds available to the IT version of GR on Xbox than there were released on PC. I have all of them converted back to the original WAV format. The naming scheme used for these files makes it to where you need to manually identify each one. I have never really started on that. They are named like "Base_fx 1.wav" "Speech_1.wav" - etc.. All of the texture files are in the same format as the PC version. I also have many of the Summit Strike (Ghost Recon 2 Xbox) textures and sounds converted back to their original RSB and WAV formats. Like, IT, they are named exactly the same way. The textures for GR:2 are originally DDS files encoded in an Xbox format. I recovered the original DDS and then started putting them into RSB. (A lot of these textures are mapped in a way they can be used on GR stuff like smoke effects, characters, etc) A lot of the information in these two games is stored in a .GLOB filetype. Most of it is in a big-endian format, but a lot of it is instantly salvageable without any conversion. So, anyway, if you need some help with GR:IT - i can provide some things here and there.
  9. Wow, thank you so much for doing this. I've considered doing this project for many years now and never got around to it. You rock! If you need help with anything, let me know. I've had the entire thing ripped to a drive for years now and have time and time again started on it only to get distracted by something else. I wish we could get the shaders to work on the PC version. I remember spending many hours at one point with that. The sounds on the Xbox IT version are much better than those on PC.
  10. Anyone had the chance to try this mod yet? Some feedback, even negative, would be appreciated. I've probably played about 30 hours or so with this mod now with just a very limited number of other people. I've taken notes from their suggestions and most of them are just things they want me to add. However, it seems the general consensus is that everything is about right in terms of volume except for the grass. (I'm using the default volume on everything as it is though, I haven't changed anything in that regard. The footstep sound is the stock one that comes with GR - the only difference is the mix of the equip sounds within them) So, at this point, I'm going to do the grass sound again (Leaving the footstep sound at the same volume, but upping the equipment rattle sound by 10-20% or so) and then move on to the other parts of this mod that I want to focus on, like enhancing many of the environment sounds to remove that low-quality 'hiss' on some of the stock sounds and to decrease the repetitiveness of some of the environment entities such as some of the bird sounds and dog barks -all while making sure it still sounds like vanilla GR as close as possible. But, anyway, that's where I'm at on this. So, please, if you've tried this and have some criticisms or anything...drop a line. If there's no interest for this mod here, I'll just work on it privately.
  11. Here ya go Rocky: http://crosshair2.net/evo_downloads/GRAW/GRAWScripting.pdf
  12. You could make an external launcher that had this stuff in it if you wanted to. Take something like the Canadian Operatives 2 or WOI launcher as an example and build something off of those ideas - where you have bio profiles, weapon stats, etc all in one GUI. Be kinda cool, actually..
  13. It's probably been seven years since i've messed with this file -- but try these values and you should notice that they are a bit slower to react to you. <RecruitEnemyDelayFactor>5.000000</RecruitEnemyDelayFactor><VeteranEnemyDelayFactor>4.000000</VeteranEnemyDelayFactor> <EliteEnemyDelayFactor>3.000000</EliteEnemyDelayFactor> I've got a few of these configs built and stored in some folders somewhere - we used to use them a lot in conjunction with custom ATR's & Hantrox Mods to make the AI a bit tougher.
  14. Here are all of the extra ones that I know about: <ArcadeModeKillChanceFactor>0.500000</ArcadeModeKillChanceFactor><RecruitFriendlyKillChanceFactor>0.500000</RecruitFriendlyKillChanceFactor><RecruitFriendlySkillAdjustment>2</RecruitFriendlySkillAdjustment> <RecruitEnemySkillAdjustment>-3</RecruitEnemySkillAdjustment> <EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment>-2</EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment> <EliteEnemySkillAdjustment>2</EliteEnemySkillAdjustment> <RecruitEnemyDelayFactor>1.250000</RecruitEnemyDelayFactor><VeteranEnemyDelayFactor>1.050000</VeteranEnemyDelayFactor> <EliteEnemyDelayFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyDelayFactor> <RecruitEnemyAimFactor>1.350000</RecruitEnemyAimFactor> <EliteEnemyAimFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyAimFactor> The engine scales the intelligence based on the difference between the two. For example, if you have the EliteEnemyAimFactor at 0.75 & the RecruitEnemyAimFactor at 1.35 - the "Veteran" mode here is determined at as the average of the two. If you put bad values like "1.6" for elite and "0.5" for recruit the game will crash. So, as far as I know the values above are the defaults - the skill caps I believe scale from -3 to +3 -- I've tried stupid high numbers like 9999 in the Skill and I don't notice any difference after +3 The skill values are supposed to affect pathfinding, cover usage and how the ATR stats are used overall. AimFactors & Delay =Lower is better Skill Adjustment - Higher equals better (-3 to +3)
  15. Probably due to the version number in the file. IIRC if the version number is higher, it won't matter if it's in a folder belonging to a mod that's on a lower priority or not - the engine will still prefer it.
  16. I wouldn't spend a dollar on that game..In fact, I wouldn't even take it, if it was free. I rented the game for the 360 and played through the campaign. The SP was decent - but, it's a useless piece of media after that. There's nothing about it that's replayable. Do what everyone else has said and pick up OGR for PC. Even GRAW 2 on your PS3 would suit you better than FS. The console versions of GRAW are actually pretty good games.
  17. Ah, cool..I haven't got around to Blood Oil yet. I have installed, but haven't played it yet. Don't blame ya for wanting to use some Rockall stuff - it's a great mod. I have just only been playing this game again after over a year hiatus and I was getting my ###### handed to me on the Rockall missions.. ...You should definitely play Rainbow Six..if anything..play Rouge Spear...GR & Rogue Spear have got to be the two best titles for this genre made and you're missing out if you haven't played it. Look forward to seeing some pics of your skins soon.
  18. Bit of an old thread - but, something you can do is go in an manipulate the AI's intelligence through the cmbtmodl file. There not there by default but these three lines can be added in and you can do some tweaking from there. <EliteEnemySkillAdjustment>2</EliteEnemySkillAdjustment> <EliteEnemyAimFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyAimFactor> <EliteEnemyDelayFactor>0.750000</EliteEnemyDelayFactor> To simulate a longer firefight between friendly & enemy you can tweak your friendly ai's intelligence to more closely match that of the enemy AI. By, default your friendly Elite AI have a lower skill cap than the enemy Elite AI. The default is at -2 <EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment>-2</EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment> So you can slightly bump that up to match. Another thing you can do is lower their kill chance, while keeping all other attributes higher. So, to sum it up - if I was wanting to make the firefights last as long as possible - i'd so something like this: <EliteEnemySkillAdjustment>3</EliteEnemySkillAdjustment> Slightly higher skill than default Elite Enemy <EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment>1</EliteFriendlySkillAdjustment> A lot higher skill than default Elite Friendly <EliteEnemyAimFactor>1.250000</EliteEnemyAimFactor> - Worse Aim than default Elite <EliteEnemyDelayFactor>0.250000</EliteEnemyDelayFactor> -Faster Reaction than default Elite Then in your mission create multiple defend zones in all the places you'd like to have longer sustained firefights - increase their spotting distance on the environment until it's almost the same as the huamns - give them special kits that have lots of ammo per magazine - put their ROE on suppressiion and create triggers for when they die enemies from behind them run to the new zones and resume defense. You could also create some special ATR files that have higher endurance stats but lower weapon stats to mix in with your regular ones. You can sometimes quadruple the length of a typical firefight following something like that.
  19. That map & mission looks like it has a bit of the Rainbow Six (Original) feel to it. I like it. What map is that? I don't recognize it.
  20. Wow! I'm really liking the textures used on the campsite. The tent cloth & wood looks really nice.
  21. Riley, wasn't the USAS-12 & some of those others in model pack 2? For some reason, I don't see the download on here for it anymore. But, this is what the readme says in model pack 1... These can be freely used in any mod's without prior notification, providing you give credit for the models and textures. ‹ AND...if you look on this thread (Model pack 1 & 2 release thread)- he appears to be giving permission for anyone to use ALL models, including the USAS-12 from model pack 2 with proper credit, of course... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51500 Hope that helps.
  22. Ghost Recon: Sound Upgrade (05/01/13) 1.0b (BETA) Description: This mod attempts to increase the overall sound immersion from the player POV. The initial focus for this mod was to add some equipment rattle to the soldiers as they move throughout the environment. Though, I've had some snags getting this effect to work exactly as I wanted, i've came out with some pretty good results here. This addon also improves upon other sounds from within the game and will serve as a base for a complete sound overhaul. What this mod does right now: Adds gear rattle to the footsteps & other movements such as stance & prone. This is similar to the sound found in later Ghost Recon titles. It also makes some slight improvements or adjustments to various other sound effects throughout the game such as the weapon reload and equipment change. What this mod will not do: This mod will not drastically alter or change the entire sound scope of the game. It will try to keep within the original theme as best as possible. I look at this mod as a standard upgrade to the stock sounds focusing on things that RSE didn't have time to fix or add. Bugs: None known so far: I've played through 12 Recon missions through all the environments to test the sound improvements and I really enjoy this mod. Installation: 1. Place the "Player Sound Upgrade" folder into your Ghost Recon\Mods folder. 2. Active the mod and make sure it is set at the highest priority (Down at the bottom). If this mod is set below DS\IT\FB or any other total conversion in priority, many sound improvments will not be heard. ------ If you like this mod or the idea of it, provide me with some opinions so I know how to go forward with this. I'm willing to improve it even further with your help. Download Link: http://www.2shared.com/file/Rl3xelMW/Standard_Sound_Upgrade.html
  23. Hey thanks for checking it out. The volume of the footsteps is pretty much stock. I've tried increasing them but I found it just too much after awhile. That's kinda the thing I'm keeping in mind. In my opinion, they may sound better louder at first, but, overtime that same sound is going to get annoying\repetitive. So, at least, in my mind, I think it's better to keep things subtle and try to keep the volume of everything as close to the default as possible. The prone sound is the stock, but I added some rifle butt movement just as you land on the ground & and a little feet off the ground sound at the beginning. However, i do think it's still a tad too loud as well and i`ll see about lowering the gain on it. I reworked the breathing sound, again, and its volume is a tad bit louder now and the sound is much clearer too. I'm really impressed with how it turned out. At this point, I've got all of the base of the material sounds now completed, and i've made several adjustments throughout to make it as unified and close to the original as possible in volume. I'll probably make a release thread shortly with a proper-beta and i`ll go from there. I`ll use WinRAR instead of 7-Zip to pack it. Thanks again for checking it out.
  24. Well, I've made some headway with this. I've had to go in a different direction to get the results that I wanted. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about the bug. If you remove the "Wounded" file - the IKE log proves the bug as it doesn't say the wounded file is missing until AFTER you have soul-switched in and out of the character. So, even though that's a much more efficient and better-sounding option, I thought I'd try it by doing it in pieces through the footstep sounds. I've got some 'ok' results - but I'd like to see what a couple of you think. I've got four of the completed. Maps that have asphalt, grass, concrete, and carpet will use the new sounds. All other surfaces will sound normal. I've also made a few other minor equipment sounds to make it 'match' better. Try it on the Embassy map, for example to get a good idea of the sounds of the concrete & asphalt with the equipment movements. http://www.2shared.com/file/ome3f_9W/PLYR_Sound_Tweaks.html Try it out and tell me what you think while keeping in mind that it's just a proof of concept. Edit* Updated link to include a more updated copy. I made some minor adjustments to a couple of the footsteps.
  25. You know that's a very good point, and something I hadn't thought of. If I remember correctly, the IKE.RES file contains all the strings of entities and events for the engine. And as you said, in many cases, it just calls for a part of a file-name or a keyword or the event label instead of an entire filepath and name. This is how this game was able to be modular. It's worth a shot to try renaming a few things here and there to see if I can grab a keyword or something. I might try naming the file things like "breath_m" - "Wound_m" etc to see if it grabs it. It could have simply been a typo by the guy who coded that line and I might be able to trick it into playing the right file. I`ll have a look at that and the strings & IKE resource files and maybe? Thanks.
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