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  1. Those look pretty solid. Pretty content now hahah
  2. Ah gotcha~ Thanks for the reply really enjoying the mod. Have you ever considered doing like a Marine Raider/MARSOC model? lol have to ask as a former Marine haha
  3. I have a question. How do I change skins for my team in single player like the ones you have in the pictures?
  4. i still cant seem to find the beta...could somoene send me a link to where i can download it?
  5. I know this thread is SUPER DUPER old but can someone reupload this mod?
  6. im just looking for a mod where you and your teammates look like theyre kinda slouching except in reality theyre not...im not sure if that makes sense...its cuz i like to play the game commanding instead of doing the actual commanding in 3rd person and no i am not talking about the hack...I just wanna know where my character is shooting at ...no point in zooming in from behind him if im only gonna zoom into his back...btw this is ALL for Single Player...my multiplayer stopped working about a year ago so im messing around in SP
  7. Monday Morning Rollcall mod? I cant seem to find it on google...can you help me out a bit?
  8. If not is there a mod where your team is kind of slouching foreword but not completely crouching?
  9. Hi everyone...im looking for a mod that will only make you semi-transparent and I cant seem to find any other than the "the real ghosts" mod which makes everyone transparent...can someone help me?
  10. how do I open certain ports? im using sbc dsl router and using windows firewall
  11. hey while theres a grin convention here can you guys help me figure out why i still get disconnected? love coop but i would love it more if i could actually play...i spent literally almost 5hrs trying to join one game...yes i was that bored...lightspeed if you remember me from your server i got disconnected...><...help grin please! ps: i dont think its the graphics problem cuz no matter what setting i have on or what resolution im at it still takes the same loading and same black screen time and still get disconnected...sometimes i have to wait 10minutes for the game to go from the black screen to the disconnection page to the main menu...the only map i seem to be able to play most of the time is "strong point"...here are my specs(on the bottom of the page)...i can play sp just fine with pretty good frame rates...i just always seem to get disconnected...help me grin! im melting!!!! ! 1.6ghz geforce 6600gt agp 128mb 512 ram 80 gig harddrive etc
  13. Great game trailer...loving everything about it!!!! i wish i could control time so i could get the game right now...btw dont be fooled by my join date...played ghostrecon the 1st week it came out and talk on the ghost recon forums but lately ive been kinda sick of the senseless topics thats been running about so i came here...keep up the good work Grin & Ubi...you have restored my faith...
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