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  1. Hi all. Just looking to the future... I think the AN-PEQ idea from earlier in the thread is great, even if it does not do anything they still look awesome on the guys weapons, would really make things more realisitc as most soldiers you see these days seem to have them. The other thing I would really like is a working flashlight that you could turn on and off. I presume all the code is already there because you can pick up the enemy weapons with flashlights. Although it would be better if we could turn the brightness up a bit. With regard to turning it off could you use a similar system to the m203. i.e. press f5 or whatever it is and it comes on and then back to F1 and it turns off. Obviously this would mean that you could not use the GL with it but I would trade that for a flashlight. Your thoughts...
  2. Actually on the back of my box- uk version, there are no minimum RAM requirements it just says recommended 1 gb. Which implies it will work with less. As I say I am getting a new PC so Im not too bothered but I think this is misleading!
  3. Yeh, Thats exactly what ive got. It sucks, any way to fix it. Thx for help guys.
  4. Yeh I have 512mb of ram. My Specs are 2.26 Ghz P4, 512 mb ram , nvidia 6600GT. I know its a pile of crap, I really bought GRAW for the new PC I will be buying very soon but never the less I would still like to play it now. This is a joke. Why do the system specs not say you need 1gb. If I wasnt getting a new PC I would be VERY angry! Did anyone find a solution to this, Im on min graphics already! Thanks. Dave.
  5. Hi, I have just bought GRAW but appear to have a major problem with aiming. When I use any of the scopes (aimpoint/sniper/m8/eotech) I get a ridiculous amount of scope sway. The reticule sways about 1.5 inches on my 17 inch screen even when Im prone. What makes me think this is a bug is that when I fire the bullet does not hit what Im pointing at but higher and to the right of the red-dot / scope centre. I had this problem in the demo and thought it was just a bug which would be fixed. Im a bit confused. Is everyones reticule sway this bad or do I have some kind of problem? Dave.
  6. Agreed. We definately need to know when we get hit. A sound effect would be good. I would also like to see your view jolt about when you get hit so that it throws your aim off. Its unrealistic to get hit and just carry on returning accurate fire.
  7. Thats lower than the lockdown review on gamespot ????? Seems a bit harsh given the pile of rubbish lockdown was.
  8. Your not gonna get a card for 40 - 60 pound that can run GRAW well. I have a 6600gt. It was £90 about 3 months ago (only bought it as a stop gap cus my 9700pro died and im getting a new pc soon) and it wont run GRAW at all well. 10 - 30 fps. I have a p4 2.26 Ghz CPU. For GRAW to run properly ur gonna need to be looking at the £150 mark. Get an old 6800 GT/ Ultra off ebay maybe, or a 7600. They should be ok. I would make sure you had 256 mb of vram though.
  9. Ive read the blurb on fileplanet but it doesnt say what we get. One SP mission for sure but what about MP, is it just coop or adversarial as well?
  10. A couple of questions for you. 1.) Is the m4 in the game?? Multiplayer or singleplayer?? 2.) On average (i know the gun where ur hit etc matters) how many hits does it take to kill someone in MP and SP. Lets say u get shot with a 5.56 round in the chest - how many rounds does it take to kill?
  11. Yes, it looks ace. However my only concern is how many bullets you can take before you die. In the video where the guy is using that gun with the Eotech site on it right at the start he gets shot and his health monitor turns from green to a light orange. This suggests to me it takes you atlest 2/3/4 shots to die. To be honest I think thats a bit worrying - I prefer one hit for you and your enemies. I dont want to feel like a super soldier, just a normal one.
  12. Hey Bo, Trailer looks ace. 3 questions for you. 1.) Is the M4 in the game - Please! 2.) Do enemies spawn in when we cross certain trigger points or are they all there from the start of the level and then react to our actions? 3.) On average how many hits will take to kill/incapacitate a.)the player and b.) the AI? Thanks for hard work - really looking forward to it.
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