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  1. That really doesn't sound right. I'm no pro, but shouldn't you be getting alot more?
  2. How far up have you patched your game? If I recall correctly, one of the very first patches improved the AI as far as taking effective cover was concerned, and even shortened the distance at which they follow you... Make sure your patches are up to date.
  3. I still haven't been able to resolve my crash issue either. Stuck on playing with the 1280x1024 resolution, which means it gets stretched out over my monitor. I really miss those empty edges I had in widescreen mode! I think my problem is because of my PSU not coping with everything that's plugged into my computer. Gonna get a Silverstone 850w pretty soon I hope. I can't even play with SLI at the moment!
  4. I thought they told us that you need the drivers, whether you have the PhysX or not?...
  5. Sweet. I can't remember when games were that simple to copy last! Usully there's some register file or something that is path-specific, making it impossible to just make a second copy.
  6. Looks like there's something wrong with the animation of the bunker caving in. Maybe it's missing? Have you tried a reinstall?
  7. Hey, this was cool. Didn't know there was an ATC for GRAW yet. On a side note, I wonder if we'll ever be able to play those Xbox maps on the PC?...
  8. Damn, you beat me to it! I'm also working on a sewer map. Although, I'll be having stuff above ground too...
  9. No, that I have not tried. I forgot to say that I'm using my other graphics card for a second monitor when I don't use SLI. I still don't see why this should be a problem though. But anyhow, I'll be going back to the store with my comp and demanding a Silverstone 850W PSU instead of the crappy 450W I've got now. I've already replaced the PSU once, and the comp is only a bit more than half a year old. It was the same problem with the SLI then too. So I think I deserve a proper PSU without any extra cost...
  10. Every time I try to Apply a widescreen resolution when in Fullscreen mode, my game crashes to desktop. I really am stumped here. I have a Syncmaster 20,1 " widescreen monitor with a resolution of 1680 x 1050. Now I'm being forced to play the game in 1280 x 1024, which really gives me no advantage at all with the widescreen, 'cos it just stretches it out. I liked having that little extra space on each side when in widescreen! Maybe it has something to do with me only being able to play on one of my two graphics cards because my PSU can't handle both at the same time? I'm pretty sure I've been playing in a proper widescreen mode before. (My PSU worked in SLI for about 2 weeks). Any help is good help here, guys. Please help?
  11. Up/down keys was right on the money. Get ready for some stinking fun in the sewers!
  12. Oh, no wonder it didn't work! I'll try the up/down keys then!
  13. Well, page up and page down didn't work for me either. Those sewers just won't go underground unless they already have an above ground texture attached to them, like the stairs up or the large sewer crossing. And yes, I am using the right objects. The ones above ground are called "ind_sewer_canal_*" and the ones under ground are called "ind_sewer_*"...
  14. Yeah, that thing with pg up/pg down I didn't have a clue about! I did know about the two different sewers. But now I guess my problems are solved - thanks for that!
  15. Can't find any xml files related to the sewer. Got files to the sewer canal, but nothing for the stuff that's underground. Typical.
  16. That's the native resolution on my monitor. But max in GRAW is 1360 x 768, as far as I can tell. And that just won't work for me in fullscreen mode for some reason. None of the widescreen resolutions will. Just CTD.
  17. I'm also having widescreen troubles. Although mine are of a different nature. My game crashes each time I try to Apply a widescreen resolution to the game in Fullscreen mode. Got a Syncmaster 205BW and using atm one 7900GT (my PSU can't get both running together).
  18. Not too good with xml yet, but I'll give it a look-see.
  19. So, has anyone been using the sewers that are available in the industrial tileset yet? I started on an industrial map today and found these cool sewers and thought, "Wow - this will be cool! Fighting on 2 levels!" Problem is, the only parts of the sewers that get placed underground, are the ones that have some kind of "above-ground" texture attached to them. The others that are made solely for being seen underground, get placed above ground when I try to put them in! Can't figure out what the problem is. Any pointers?
  20. That's what I've learnt anyway. Don't go and trust me blindly. Whatever is correct, medium and lots of passes is better than high and fewer passes - that I know.
  21. Or you could play the game with post-effects on, the way it is supposed to be played...?
  22. Not sure if anyone's brought this up, 'cos I'm off to bed and am too tired to check. Tabbed into stats page and when I tabbed out again I was in deathcam - although I still had lives left. Pressing zoom zoomed me in and moving my mouse and pressing keys moved my guy around - just couldn't see what was happening.
  23. The texture quality is how good the objects' textures look, whereas the number of passes is how many times the editor calculates the lightmapping (shadows and stuff). Considering that not many people have computers that can play this thing on High texture settings (and the rest that play MP usually keep it on Medium even when they can have better anyway), your best bet would be Medium textures and plenty of passes. The more objects you have in your map, the more passes you'll want too.
  24. As far as I can tell, you can't set any such stuff in the actual map editor or any map-related files. It's the server-related files that dictate which weapons are used. But I haven't delved all that far into the modding yet, so I might be wrong...
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