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  1. Better be careful or I will steal her from ya. ← you might have a chance WK now that you got your hair cut. my baby has got a serious disdain for hippies ← You guys are making me jealous, just broke up with my girlfriend today, heres a tip ladies, don't ever try to make your man quit a job he loves, ain't gonna work.
  2. Good, no VOIP, teamspeak + vent is way better anyway.
  3. I'm on my break 'till 6, tonight I will write up a tactic plan, some various general tactics, scout/sniper tactics and zone movement as a GROUP. The image that Alpha Zero posted is very good at demonstrating it.
  4. Hey SillyHalfMexican, did you use to be in SyN in BF2?
  5. One of the things that will interest me in this game is in fact the sniping. As we all know (hopefully) by now, is that the AI enemies do not stay in the same spot. In fact, they travel around (not just on foot, they have vehicles) and search the streets of Mexico city for you. It will be interesting to see if squads will be organized enough to do things right. For instance, if someone in your squad is up on a roof sniping, it would be good to have a spotter with you covering your six while you're smoke-checking the baddies. Some people might say "Oh that's stupid, you don't need someone covering you". Normally, seeing the games that are out right now I would agree with that, but from what I've seen in GR:AW, this wouldn't be an option. I know not many people here have any military experience but I myself am going to use the tactics and smarts I got from the Marines and the US Army to better help my squad. I've done my fair share of street firefights (Including Fallujah) so I know what's expected of me when it gets down to the nitty gritty. I have, like everyone else on these forums, a huge interest in GR3. If anyone would want to share some tactics then please do so, it would help everyone when they get down in the game. I've rarely seen anyone with a SAW use supressing fire in any of the games I play (A lot), I never see a spotter with a sniper, but I however always see the lone wolf trying to be a hero shooting like rambo while an organized squad cuts him down with ease. This was supposed to be a thread where I was going to talk about sniper tactics, but as it is I have work all this weekend and I leave for a brief in 20 minutes. Like I said before, if you have tactics, share 'em! -Briggs
  6. I'm going to be tinkering with the mod tools, I'm experienced in mapping so I'll take a gander at what it's capable of. Buildings shouldn't be a problem (Ones that you can get into).
  7. I heard there was no jumping in the game at all, and there are rooftops, 5% of the buildings on the map are enter-able. If you look at the screenshots you can see the ghosts entering a building.
  8. I'm still recovering from the SF thread on the UBI forums.
  9. I just think its stupid that people are whining and complaining about StarForce when noone can prove it does any harm, I'm not "oh I love StarForce" but when millions of people complain about it just because they "heard" about someone that it happened to it's annoying. If your computer is failing loading StarForce, maybe that's a hint you need an upgrade.
  10. I think we all know who's gonna be "poppin' a cap" in who here...
  11. I think it's funny how everyones like "ZOMG Now that StarForce is gone I"M GOING TO BUY IT!" like StarForce is the devil, we've had a big thread about this over on the UBI forums and noones been able to prove that Star Force actually messes your system up, http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc...13/m/9731094224 Enjoy. Edit: Everyone knows you were going to buy the game even if there was StarForce, don't even try to lie.
  12. Lovely review guys, makes me antsy in my pantsy.
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