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  1. -------------------------------------------------- O so true. GRAW is food for my microwave. They shipped a BETA. We gave them 5 years. They handed us a pile of crap. At one time my entire clan played and modded GR1. It was like crak. One game and I was addicted. I play coop and this sux. The "commander dies mission over" that has been forced on us is pure BS. Lack of options and respawns are BS. No real game editor is pure crap also and tells me there are many bugs they dont want us to see. As with my friend Prozac 360 I'm gonna feed this title to my microwave rather than trade it in and let some other poor soul be ripped off by this poor excuse of a Tom Clancy title. Rocky and the staff ought to feel the knife UBI has put in their backs for all their hard work. I feel bad for them. But I feel good, noone will suffer from my copy. I came to the dance all giddy and ready to have fun. But UBI rained on me till my hair was a mess , my dress was wet and torn and they left me to be raped by a stinkin bunch of drunk Mexicans. GR-1 this is not! This is a total failure. I figure 45 seconds in the microwave ought to do the job. My only regret is I dont have the ablity to video the cooking and post it.
  2. The whole lack of support for single player and coop is really depressing. Aint no love here man...
  3. I want a full game editor to do coop modding with. I could care less about MP run'n'gun. It's why I bought the game. I still bought a beta. And I'm not happy about it. Damn gay ass commander dying cheeze eating surrender monkey crap.
  4. I could only find 4 coop servers and 3 were locked. Coop play needs some love bad, cuz there aint any as far as I can see. 0 options and commander dies mission over gayness is getting too much for me. It's gotta stop. Damn server issues... Yall Beta test this tramp and let me know when it finally works as well as [GR] did on release.
  5. WHAT LOVE? There isnt any. I'm only in this for COOP and SP... I'm not into the DM/DOM gameplay.. And I have patience to wait it all out.... Besides, when I'm not shooting, I'm racing... QUOTE(PoW_LigHtsPeEd @ Jun 25 2006, 03:27 PM) So in reagrds to noone in Servers, enjoy the few games you'll get now, cos in 6 months, there wont be any. Truth hurts dont it! Coop play sucks so bad i'm tossin it back in the box for another two months. Where did we all go? Anywhere but playing this joke of a beta! All I hear is the wind cuz there's noone here.
  6. Well its been a while, 1 patch, another, another. It still sucks to the point of 'why play'. Coop player's aint happy, at all. How many coop server do you see? 5 maybe? Thats a total failure!! No respawns, leader dies game over, thats pure bull . We cant make coop maps without a full editor!! Even if we could we cant beta test em alone. This all just really sucks! The proof is in the amount of games on-line. It's pitiful. This the laughing stock of the industry. Theres more playing old GR than this poor excuse for a beta. The staff here has done a great job to promote this game. I for one feel bad for Rocky and the rest of the staff. It's a damn shame. Give us coop options and a real editor!!! Get your heads out of your arses. A lot of us are ready to send the game back for credit on this farse. It's disgusting at best. PC players have been left at the dance... and the DJ really sucks. Someone please fire his ass!!
  7. And to think when I met this lad in GR1 he was just noobin around. Jeez Joe, I may have a few nice guns but I'm jealous as about your rig. Not to mention he's a total CAD freak! Dood you have arrived! Show off..
  8. OOOOOOO yeah! I agree. The "butt" in the air death I see way too often got crazy when guys started knifeing them in the rear. It needs some serious improvement.
  9. Cant move when reloading, no duck, nuthin. Cant blow bunkers in stronghold map. Still no coop choices.
  10. HOT DAWG! Special thanks to GRAW and the GR.net staff for making this happen so quickly! Real coop play! WOOT! I'm so happy, I'm doin a dance! Thanks ROCKY! You da man!
  11. The good news is that even if GRIN does not add better support and game types for coop play the modders will. Its gonna get better cuz it cant get any worse.
  12. Works fine on the full ver also, cuz gamespy leaves a lot to be desired. Its just a pain in my butt for sure.
  13. Posted by ROCKY Oh, we are not, and we can and have said it. And believe me, nobody is hoping more for an absolutely BLINDING patch next month than me! ----------------------------------------------------------- I heard that!! I feel better now, Rocky is on the job, and he ain't happy either. Guess we will all have to GRIN and bear it for a while...
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