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  1. When you post bugs in the forums it's important that you say if you - first of all- got the retail version (not some downloaded buggy version...) - and secondly - if you've installed the release patch. (also, dropping in computer specs at the bottom of the post will add to the fun) Be honest people - that helps us fix specific system bugs. Some of the bugs I hear here has been on our table but was in the leaked version - so it's good to know if they still exist in release and in what cases. Cheers! I'm on vacation now and am gonna spend it beating or get beaten by you people online. : ) Over and out! /Brimstone "Duck... And cover!"
  2. Late arrivals will have a good chance at teh last ADAT though, sicne they'll spawn where the ghosts just detonated a C4 charge. Often this will collect the ghost team for a good final assault on the last ADAT. And while we're talking about ADATs at the office we managed to palce C4 on all ADATs (and this wasn't planned, we just split the team really nicely) and then we detonated them with 1 second delay... Total humiliation!
  3. What you failed to mention though was that we were being filmed for a web documentary at that time. I will not advice using an over the head lob with a grenade, indoors, with a team mate in front of me... lesson learned. Rolling them is probably much safer... (between his legs, giving him a good scare) A general note on all the grenade-talks here: We've taken the efficiency and the amount down, simple due to balance. Things turned out really bad before, and multiplayer turned into something really boring. (Believe it or not - but we don't want that... we want fun fun fun) However - for the modders out there who feel that they want to have a different game balance - a map can have custom made kit setting files attached to them - which means you can make your own "I can't move cause I have a huge pile of nades, and four rocketlaunchers - and an extra Zeus just because...." weapon set (that is.. if you wish) Some OGRcoop maps have for example, specific anti-tank kits... for that mission only. For now, we want a good base balance - and then we'll see if perhaps additional tuning can be opened up for the server. But as I read someone say up above somewhere... The current settings actually make people Co-operate - and that is a really good feature in a multiplayer game mode. Cheers people!
  4. Coop Campaign is the main singleplayer campaign for up to 4 ghosts (now with team leader switching as mitchell dies). Coop (or OGRcoop) is a multiplayer custom game mode, with a bunch of missions supplied from start to give you an idea of what you can do - and then you make the rest. The ones in from release (and planned for the first patch) is quite hard I should warn you - but the team can consist of up to 12 ghosts so... And you CAN take out objectives in any order so just spread out your forces and focus - because the enemies will turn "sleepy saturday morning mode" into "cover me! help help help!!! Got one in the tower!!! Behind you!!! Noooooooooooooo!!!!" We've made them quite hard - is all I'm saying
  5. It will change the density of brushed content (like grass - as you already discovered) Since the brushed content consist of hundreds or thousands of tiny units, it can be performance heavy. That why you have a slider.
  6. There is a COOP campaign (the single player campaign) with the benefit that in GRAW2, Mitchell is not the one who has to do all the good stuff for the mission to advance. (Any ghost can placce a bomb now!) On purpose (and perhaps due to time) we haven't supplied everything you'd ever wish for when it comes to missions, so: Think "modding" All multiplayer game modes are based on a system we call "Custom Game Mode" which means every single game mode created is based on the same shell - only with variables and mission script separating them... We've had a Starcraft crazy scripter putting in huge amounts of functions for the missions (thanks Jocke). Some we used - some are there for you to discover... Want to make missions where you escort a fuel trailer through a desert landscape? or just a game of "Tank Rally Mayhem".... it's up to you
  7. Content is built in the same way as GRAW 1, and also structured the same (so you should be able to move stuff there). Scripts are very very VERY different though. (We ditched a lot of the old script code and built it up from that... also, a lot has happened in the engine... ) But if you're used to the graw 1 file structure... you should feel right at home.
  8. An interesting idea. I always love options - so we'll see what we can get in there. Thanks for the feedback people.. keep it coming.
  9. Sorry about that. It's UBI putting up the main servers.. adn we can only assist with our computers at work. How are the ping against our office servers down in Aussie-land?
  10. All the GRiN servers are dedicated ( so are the UBI servers for that matter) We know they work. Full game feature my friend... sorry
  11. Check you Options - Controls under Misc (at the bottom)... what button is binded to your "use/action" control? Should be X by deafult. Do you play in enligh or a localized version?
  12. There's a deathcam tagging glitch as well as a distance check - something that we'll fix for release. The most interesting part of tagging, is that as a good assault you'll have to think about what you do, since sneaking around a corner is something a ghost could see very clearly if he tagged you (often resulting in a headshot). The best part of Scramblers is in my opinion that you can see scout ghosts moving by checking which of your own teammates are purple tagged (purple is when your teammates- normally blue- is seen by any ghost, often a scout, but they could've been manually tagged as well...) And, if you play scrambler.. don't forget to untagg your friends if they're tagged... You get points for that! (to compensate for the weak weaponry)
  13. We're putting up dedicated servers on most available computers here... The more - the merrier! Have a great weekend
  14. For those of you who play ghost sniper in AvR, I have a small tip: If the number to the right of your health/stance says "1" - You are the only one left (and everybody is watching you through the deathcam). If you die, the team lose, if you take out an ADAT - everybody will love you. So, snipers, check that box now and then - and sacrifice youself for the team (if it says "2" it could be worth it to check with your team mate if he/she is trying to take the ADAT) . Campers should of course consider this as well... AvR is a really interesting game mode, and remember that one "round" is playing recon once and rebels once - so you have the same chances.
  15. What? We had no instructions... why should you? Nah... *poke* We'll see what we can get out there. Stop idling in the forums now.. go play! I'll be on in oh about two and a half hours... so I'm hoping for a hungry crowd.
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