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  1. Tks a lot I appreceate,I don't know what name he gave the map but it has the same loading screen.
  2. Just check his maps before put it on download R0CKY,a friend of mine told me that he took one of my map 'coop_base13' and tweak it to make one of his own ....I have never give permission to do so...I know I can't do nothing about it...but I consider this like it doesn't respect the author....another one who wants to make a name over my works.... .
  3. This game is full of bugs...unplayable even on new PC...the gameplay is far from good...mission are boring...I very regret buying this game...the only positive thing I have to say is the graphic looks awesome and the weather changes are cool....1/5
  4. This is a very good news for me cause I am hooked to 'Nazi-Zombies coop'...and don't forget to say that it will be out in June 09...tks for the update Metal Jacket.
  5. I run it on Vista 64 home premium...even with patch 1.41 never caused me problems.
  6. Well I gave it a little go tonight...first the new map is very tuff for the american cause it is very hard to reached the chinese ground alive but when you get a flag there its fun...I was able to change my resolution to 1680x1050,I can say that it looks awesome now. The only bug that I found is that I had to tried several time to enter a server like it won't connect...is there a place that I could report that issue?
  7. Tks for the update Pave Low...I was waiting for this one for a while...
  8. I don't use any mods in GRAW2 so those maps were tested modless...It doesn't crashed on my side ...but the crash application talking about an ai behavior probably more the weapons mod that cause this...not totaly sure of it. Then It will happens everytimes you trygg the event ...and does it happens when fog sky came in?...
  9. Ya that will be fun to make a few test if you have time...so i suggest you take this file "grin_logo.bik" and replaced it and don't forget to change the name in the "world_info.xml" <texture name="loading" texture="/data/levels/custom_levels/coop_base13/base13" uv_rect="0,0,960,480" width="960" height="480"/> If it doesn't work then tried change name like this "grin_logo.tga" in the bundle...probably not recognized it if it's ".bik".
  10. I prefer [OFP: DR]...first I've never heard of this game tks Viiiper for the info...what hook me most is environment lightning effects from skys changes and very dynamic light...the explosions effect wow so realistic...is there a demo of these?
  11. Save your money and just get one of them, HAWX is sounding a bit better than EndWar I'm 100% agree
  12. Tks R0CKY for the update ...this is exactly the game I'm waiting for.Can't wait until march to tried it...I hope it will be playable with the 'attack 3' joystick...wow great video!!!
  13. You see GRAW2 came to quick...people were having fun with GRAW in coop and GRAW was near to be fixed so instead of fixing GRAW they did GRAW2 and upgrade diesel engine so and I thought and hope at that time that they will come with something at least fixed...both games are unfisned product a huge lack of beta testing...at least I was part of the first beta test when we found bugs and lot of isuues were solved...we've never been invited to do the same beta coop before GRAW2 came out...result is frustration after another cause could have been the no1 game ...well if you are a modder you need a lot of patience cause the editor crash a lot you have to save every move cause you'll lost everything. The love I have for GRAW2 will make me play it alone against AI...more doors wre opened cause they will be more than 1 objectives...environement chages in real time...every props looks better in GRAW2...the original guns are better..Tanks and Chopper .no need of that much explosives to play it ...I don't care if all the planet hates it..a good coop can satisfy anyone who is alone ... AJ59 you will have to accept the fact that GRAW2 at least a miracle...It will NEVER be fixed...as for single shot ,simple you don't use it cause it will crash(randomly) and certainly not if you are the client host cause you'll crash everybody...so play auto doesn't mean you cannot control fire rate...To much RPG AI will caused random crash to...All the maps that I did some will randomly crash but you will be able to finished them all without crash if you don't use single 'Z' default key. The longuest part of coop map making is the beta testing that I always take part of it cause when I play a game I look at every details to be sure that I saw that everything is working fine and most of the time I solved all the major issues that came in beta. This game need more positives cause it has real potential if you play it with today's technologies... I don't fell alone anymore in modding GRAW2 there some new talent here that they will carry they cross to...So I better kick my but and do a custum SP campaign...I am close to find a solution to a bug that have the friendly that they don't fallow orders the only orders that they obey is 'fallow' and the whites circles one the map are'nt showing up^...It also seem nt to work in SP but does online ...like you will able to play it on a lan as well (hamachi)... I will run my server 'F.O.A.D' right away anyone is welcome I have a new PC the AI are blazzing more deadly you may die more on my server lol...
  14. A good break was needed for making coops,I cannot promise anything for the futur but it's a good things that others make the effort to do more coops...I still fallow the evolution of GRAW1 & 2 by reading forums everyday... Ya lol...they should delete COD WAW as well....which offer coop online to Keep on the great works guys...who knows you may saw me jump into your servers one day ...
  15. Never use a 'MK19' MountedGrenadeWeapon on a map cause it will always crashed the game...there's nothing you can do about it..I found this issue when building 'coop_borders'.
  16. Ya you can fix it in the DOS ...by adding more memory to the AGP slot or PCIe slot.I add the same problems with 'coop_hell'.For me it was AGP so it was '64 mb' and I put on '256 mb' and I was able to play the mission all at hight setting.
  17. Yeh, I joined a server you were on a few weeks back and my head almost exploded after only 3 minutes! LOL ...I must be completly nuts to play 15 consecutives hours every day for for 3 weeks while not working
  18. I like to much run n' gun and trow out everything I've got; war=no rules
  19. Anyway I was not going to buy an Ubisoft PC game anymore due to the lack of support...
  20. I play a lot of COD4 these days and the big deception is that is that they are more and more hackers with punkbuster undetectable hacks like these video shows... COD4 Aimbot Hack - ArtificialAiming.net - Killstreak CoD4 AimBot/MultiHack I hope that punkbuster will find a way to cure this cause it really ruins the game,you can also detect them by watching your deathcam and tell there name to the admin server expecting they ban them...
  21. I tried it a bit last night and you give me the taste to play old Gr again ty very much for this great mod...
  22. More peep are playing BF2 than BF2142,BF2 is more realistic than BF2142 which is a science fiction game. BF2 runs smoother more fps all at max set up resolution 1024x768 with my old rig(penth 4,dual core 3ghz intel,HD3850 ati radeon AGP,3g of ram,physicsX card)) I get around 56-95 fps.I can easily find server where I have a dream ping between 8-20 BF2142 15-55 fps around still very laggy inside titan on big 48- 64 players server,for those who has the spec to play it without lag it is a kick ass game but the sad is that more n more servers are closing I can see that in my xfire servers favorite. For now the max players reached on the net is 64, I read somewhere that they want to reached 80 ...,BF3 maybe? Congrats to Dice to making such great games with a very good support I was satisfy with the game like it is well another patch will be welcome specialy for the new maps
  23. Tks for the info Pave,I'm looking forward to it...BF2 is a kick ass game "sage décision" of waiting to fixed things before released...that will also be a great christmas gift
  24. Lol how stoopid hehe, well Rocky has the right answer then...
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