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  1. Hello RPGhard,

    I was also on the server with Viper and his crew last night. There was some significant issues with the graphics when it pertained to the RPGs and ADATs. Looking at your code, there may be an alternative to how they are called:

    In the world.xml change the ADATs from

    Then use the following to activate all three of the ADATs before using the "setslot=40"
    <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="arti01"/>

    I've done this several times, including the GRAW1 "May Day" map and noone seemed to have any problems.

    Hope this helps,


    -Ok I've done that and I have also replaced 'Start_game' by 'Start_Mission' mean that now you'll see only obj appear when you start playing and not in the lobby.

    -And the last issue that I've found yesterday was that at the last obj 'Hold the house at all cost' the AI did'nt need to enter the house to make the mission failed...the reason of that was because the location was a little bigger than the house.Now they have to enter the house a certain point middle of it to make the mission failed now it's fair.

    P.S.The most important obj to win are when you have to defend the 2 houses if an AI get in it will stop the match cause you'll failed mission.


  2. As for the C4 on ADATs they do all work good on FOAD got no Idea why is occurs prob on dedi with mod you still got the zeus/rpg option this is fun to.

    Looks like it might be a timing issues. With the dedicated servers, sometimes they take just a little longer to receive command codes. I noticed that you setslot all 3 of the ADATs at 1 second and add the C4 data to all three at 2 seconds. Perhaps add the C4 data starting at 5 seconds and see if that makes a difference.

    <element type="SetSlot" vehicle_id="arti01" slot="25" start_time="1"/>
    <element type="StartTrigger" name="boom_1"/> 		
    <element type="MakeAttachable" attach="true"vehicle_id="arti01" start_time="5"/>
    Hope this helps, Bogie
    Tks Bogie I'll try this one out
    <element type="SetSlot" vehicle_id="arti01" slot="25"/>
    <element type="StartTrigger" name="boom_1"/> 		
    <element type="MakeAttachable" attach="true"vehicle_id="arti01" start_time="4"/>

    I have also fixed the obj when you were destroying heli to soon the obj was staying there.

    You will be teleport near adats 4 sec after c4 activation

    At the begining I add some messages to advise you to stay in the house cause wave of AI are comming...when you saw thos messages I suggest you listen to them you you want to win.

    I'm gonna test it tonight if ok i'll release public


    -change path of the tank at the back to make it more effective

    -teleport after 3 sec trigger adats area

    -now if any AI gets in any of the 2 houses when you have to hold them -game over mission failed

    -if you try to get out you'll receive only an alert message to get back

    -teleport in the second house 4 sec after 'infiltration ' obj is completed

    -add 6 more mg inside castle +5 rpg in infiltration obj you'll have to kill all mgs

    -at the last hold the house obj you have 2 entrance to watch cause be aware cause AI have order to move at your location and if you let only one in -game over mission failed

    -and if you win best player name should be displayed

    -dust sky will start coming again a few moment before you try to in filtrate castle

    As for the C4 on ADATs they do all work good on FOAD got no Idea why is occurs prob on dedi with mod you still got the zeus/rpg option this is fun to.

    Note that it is suggest that you play this mission with 2-4 players...lonewolf has no or a little chance to win specialy at the end.

    Thank you very much all this is the final update for the weekend...have a good week


  4. RPG,

    Still cannot destroy ADATs with C4. RPG's did destroy and objective marker disappeared. Tank did not fall off cliff and it tracker perfectly. Some of the AI's spawn right in front of you and then you die. If possible might be best to have them spawn behind an object of some sort.

    Other than that everything else seemed fine!!! The begin of the map is totally WICKED!!!! Very challenging were were all screaming!!! 'What the hell!!" and other four letter words that i can't repeat here!! :D

    BTW saw you trying to join, we were playing Brettzies mod!! Just look at the info on the server browser and it will tell you what version we are playing!!

    I will change the rules of the mission...

    -Now if an AI get 5 or7 sec in the 1st house -game over

    So this way you will be forced to stay in the house and if is that is not enough to keep you in then I will create a location at the door of the house that if you go out -game over

    You will only be able to get out from 1st house when 'Hold the house' obj is completed

    -I will do the same with the other house.I will let you out a few before last spawn so you can go hunt them to finish the mission

    -I will have to teleport you each time you will destroy an adat to a specefic location when AI spawn cause I saw you running on this small map while not giving a chance to the AI to spawn and trowing your gl at will :nono:

    -OR maybe what if I teleport you back in the house everytime you want to get out :wall::rofl:

    It is sure better to play it with no nades at will in a small group 1-4 taking there time and wait for them to come at you.

    KILLZONE will fit better on your server as it is a much bigger map and I will had more than 500 AI on it for sure...now that I know how you play ;) ...I will found a way to make it more challenging for you

    Tks a lot Viper for testing my map on your server I really appreceate the experience as I learned from it a lot :whistle:

  5. RPG,

    We tested the map yesterday and had same issues with the ADAT's. We could not C4 them so we decided to RPG them. Well was was destructible via an RPG but the objective marker would not go away. The other ADAT's would not destroy via an RPG no matter how many time we hit them and thus the game could not go forward in the scenario. :( BTW we we playing the Vanilla version on GRAW 2. Also had the issue seeing the tank fall off the cliff.

    We had Bender in the game so he may have told you about these issue. Did't get a chance to report until tonight. sorry about that. will test 1.6 tonight.

    Tks a lot Viper now all is fixed and I found it more fun destroying them with RPG...try this new update and let me know :)...tank will also not fall anymore as he making a smaller patrol...to actvate them to be destructible only go near by same as you do if you place C4...and tell me if C4 works if not blow it with RPG and that will work for sure...

  6. All should be ok now :yes: ...

    -I have change the path of the tank that was fallin down the hill 1/2....

    -We found another issue as noone seems to be able to plant c4 on ADats an have consequences that no enemies -was spawning after that even if we blow out the adat with rpg.

    So I have change the script so you will be able to destroy all the adats with rpg and I hope C4 to...to activate it you will have no choice to get near as well and at this moment waves of AI will spawn as it should.

    P.S Note that C4 behavior only occurs in DEDI servers which was working well in client server which only the host was able to plant C4.

    Tks a lot guys I need you to test it on a DEDI again asap :)....I'm gonna test it on FOAD and try to destroy with RPG only...

  7. We tested yesterday with three players on a local LAN. FPS was fine and mostly in the 40s. We did have a severe issue where we tried to go to the back of the map and the Abrams looked like it was just hanging on the edge of the cliff. When we finally were able to get over there, the Abrams Tank had fallen off of the map and was laying upside down.

    Not an immediate issue, but once we would hit about 1/2 way down to the other side, the fallen Abrams Tank could shoot us through the ground, making passing to the last ADAT impossible. We did confirm as two guys would try different angles of approach, the Abrams would fire with the 50 cal, and the player would die 1/2 way across the map.

    As I mentioned in the PM, there was some spawning of enemy AI within the view of the players, but was not too bad.

    Other than having to end the mission due to the fallen tank, we did not have any critical errors.



    Tks Bogie for this update specialy for the tank behavior...I will change his path a bit an I'm sure that will definitly fix the prob.As for the 'AI within the view of the players' I saw a few but I guess I can live with that ...like I said I was very worried about this tank...

    Tks a lot again,


  8. Rpghard

    Just tried beta release 5 and as the game started I spawned in the house and then crashed with the following message;

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: clear_all_weapon_slots_except in type <void>






    Renderer: threaded

    Physics : threaded

    This happened immediately after I spawned


    Like I said earlier this is not a crash tipical to one particulary map...it could happen on any maps as well randomly ...It is an unsolve game bug like the famous 'Z' crash log please do not post one of them anymore cause it's worthless mean that there's no solution to it.... we're are working with a buggy game and we have to make the difference between a random crash log that came from the game and a crash log that really belongs to the map.

    I do have that crash on all the maps randomly...GRAW2 is an unfinished game that will be NEVER get fixed we have do deal with that...try it more than once before posting a crash log and you'll probably get it or not but I'm almost sure that it will be at defferent moment...btw I have no idea on how it will run on older pc but on new pc you should have an average fps between 30- 175 fps and stabilize between 60-110 fps between rush spawn.

    BTW I don't use mod so I did not have test it with it...I want to know how the map react on a DEDI server and WATCH the tank that is back from the castle if is falling down the hill...For me I have try it twice and the tank was ok...the AI reaction is WOW :o= exactly what doctor order :devil: ...

    I think that I have done enough work on the map like I expect that very a few players will play it online cause it is tuff...then no matter I'm gonna restart working on the remake of Mayday!Mayday! ''coop_killzone'' just to advise you that it will be tuffer than this one made for hardcore players just like me :rofl: ...

    If no major issues till end of this day then public released tomorrow :yes:

    Tks to all who participate on this beta specialy 'Bender316' who I think should be granted with the 'BetaTester' Icon.

  9. Rpghard

    Played SP on single PC LAN v1.4 using Brettzies v2.05b and all went well until I accidentally hit the Z key and we all know what happens next!!

    Managed to repel the AI who were trying to burst into the house and took out Havoc but then the Z bug struck as I was moving along the parapet but up to that point gameplay was good. Little time to rest as the AI are very active. Did not experience any lag or any obvious glitches. Will try again tonight.


    Tks a lot Anthony,

    Like you said ''Little time to rest as the AI are very active'' :o= ....I know that the map is not perfect as a couple of ai will get stock into a door and I saw one running to a wall but that will not caused any major problems.

    Now I have made the loading screen and add to the bundle if still the same with no major error than that will be the final release the only thing that matter is the tank that patrol at the back of castle just let me know if you saw it fall again down the hill.

  10. Ok ..

    Aktive WAN Server with one Player on beta 4

    At the time we infiltrate the castle again,

    the server got follwing error ...

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: clear_all_weapon_slots_except in type <void>






    Renderer: threaded

    Physics : threaded

    .. Greets .. Twix ..

    This is a random crash cause by the game,mean that you can have it with any map specilaly when reloading....

    I just did all the mission and I was sastify with what I saw...I will do a loading screen and post it as a last update here on beta and then released it public this weekend.....next beta will be 'coop_killzone' which will be simalar script as this one but just bigger :)...



  11. I have made an update so I think if it's not cause crashes and all obj works fine will be the final update.

    -Tank that was falling-fixed

    -heli that cause crashes reliated to biro_windows-fixed,all windows has been removed

    -3 mgs at same position

    -fixed lag at the end by reducing the patrol size and adding 5 snipers

    -there's 2 patrol tanks +1 that is guard

    -3 adat to destroy -at the moment that you press 'X' the first on each that will spawn a wave that will come at you and each time you will spawn near that adat...I suggest you'll wait till clear a bit before destroying the last adat.

    -killing chopper doesn't trigg anymore event clearing AI does.

    -removed the door inside house at first spawn +removed table at other house to make place for a team spawn.

    -add one last 0bjective at the end you will have to defend the bigger house with 3 window on a side..same as first but in another house with no chopper this time.

    -total AI-525

  12. Hey RPG!!

    Awesome, will download tonight but unable to test till tomorrow!!!

    BTW, you may want to put a password so only the Beta testers can test out this map.

    Hi Viper714,

    Tks for joining in this beta :),I have sent you the password maybe we'll see in the battlefield :yes: ...

  13. Now windows are removed and it solve the issue I'm happy with that cause I will be able to add some sniper there or mg if I can...

    Other known issue is one tank patrol is randomly falling down the hill-It will be fixed next version

    The 2 mgs near the house are not effectives I will change them as well.

    In the last objective I had a little lag maybe because of some AI having trouble finding AI nodes...I will rearange this part..

    IF you kill the chopper to fast that will say that 'Hold the House' is ok while is not then I will add an enemy 'soldierkilled' to it only to make sure all spawn in the correct time other than that you can have all tanks and troop spawning at same time which can cause lag....

    I will probably add more AI near adat snipers and guard cause patrol are not staying there...

    Adding also more patrol to protect tanks...

    As right now you can try this version with no crash that will give you a major Idea of the mission,I guees that if anything goes well this weekend you'll probably have a finished product to test :yes: ...



  14. It just happens with the windows utizing explosives. We've had this issue before during the Wiki collaboration. The problem is not the scripting, so either remove the biro windows or look at John's Castle Day map in which I believe that he is using a fixed version of the BiRo window. -> http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...iew&id=1108

    Hello RPGhard, I did enjoy joining on your FOAD server. Did have an issue where I received the "Altered Files Not Permitted" message right after taking out the Havoc with the M99. Just to assure you, I do not have any altered files and even removed Brettzies prior to joining the server.

    Tomorrow, I do have a buddy coming over and we'll try this on my local LAN.

    Take Care,


    Tks for the info Bogie and welcome to FOAD :)....I prefer removed them for now and I'll see with my friend Bender316 if he does have the same issue....as for the modified files message you got ...well I have no idea why GRAW2 still very buggy you must know it now more than ever...

    P.S.For those of you who need the password for dl beta link will have to send me a pm...only betatesters will have a response thank you.

  15. So far the only issue i have is

    if i dont kill the choper once i get the zeus i crash. aslo if i try to rejoin the game in mp after ... same crash error

    crash log ....

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    data\lib\managers\damagemanager.dsf(-1): Couldn't find effect_surface efx_biro_castle_snow_window01 in unit biro_window01





    Renderer: threaded

    Physics : threaded

    It is very strange that it never hapen to me but if it still continue to other players to then firts I will removed those window and if it still not fixed the prob I'll removed the chopper and add more AI instead...



  16. Hi I'm glad to start my first beta with you all :)

    First I wanna know if you have major issues with the map so far you will spawn in the small house in the castle your first objective is to defend the spawn as wave of Ai and the chopper will come to stop you get out from it...1 zeus will spawn a some point in the house at spawn...after you clear places and destroy havoc you must destroy 3 adats...and then come clear in castle again...you you stay near spawn you must not see them spawn and the map is mall if run on it it is normal as you saw them spawn...1-4 players suggest map ty...


  17. As I start working on another map...this one will probably delayed a bit...I did exactly what I said there's around 260 enemies near castle with a patrol tank and a havoc ...and the map is very well balance no lag the AI is just great :)...what took long is the amount of testing that I am doing I want the map to be perfect and I also want to please myself which is not an easy thing to do :D ...don't expect from me to do mapping fast like before now I take my time ....when you gonna have them you'll be very happy I garanteed :o= ... :whistle:

  18. I am currently working on a new version of this map and I will called it 'coop_crew_day'...it will have no conflict path with other versions as well...and I will had vehicles in this one with a good fight to :yes: ...right now I am doing several test with the AI to test the limit of the map without lag...I will probably use similar kind of script that I use on 'coop_kill_zone'...

  19. You can delete this directly out of the world.xml file so the message will stop nagging you.



    Well its not when I launch mine that I have this message it is when I launch yours...I do have delete them all limo and lambo in the 'world.xml' but what I found weird is that I do saw the 2 lambo in your mission but not the Limo...this will happen only when I have both missions in my custom_levels folder..and in mine there's none of them that appears.



  20. I do enjoy lots of enemy AI on a map cause it make trigger happy :o= ...I didn't finished the game because of a stupid random crash that you can have when reloading a' GRAW2 exeption violation' nothing to do with this mission...I was near 700 kills and 46 deaths I did die a lot at trigger 8 because you make us spawn in the middle of a lot of AI which were killing us on spawn at will...

    Welcome in the multispawn crew :D

    Keep em comin now you talking my language :o=

    good job


  21. Tks a lot Bogie for the update now it work with your map the only thing is that there's no limo cause I removed mine before launching the mission a window will appear with the limo message that is missing but you can still play all the mission....

    Very good mission all objectives works fine ...the AI react better but the guard are still easy pic...rpgs,sniper and mgs are effectives...the havoc is way much better...I died a lot cause of Dave_mines to before I was able to detect one(first time I was experience them...good)...the map look awesome I only found a blue spot surrounding a building but I forgot to check where must be me that forgot to transfer something in the texture folder...cause I have to change path also for everything to not have a conflict path...

    I think you should release it like this cause it works,looks great and have no lag...



  22. I've just try it twice just to see the AI reaction and they are very quick and deadly...but now it has another major problem I don't see any textures at all on the ground,no grass,no roads ...only trees,vehicles,AI,and houses looks normal all the rest looks like desert.

    It looks like you forgot to add something in the bundle file...first time the ground appears brown like desert sand and the second time it appears purple very weird

    I know the reason why this is happening and that only me will see it ...it's of my mission 'coop_killzone' when I put it at the same time as yours in the 'custom_levels' folder yours looks weird and mine ok and when I removed mind yours looks normal then...it is strange cause I don't have a conflict path but now it's texture that are messing up :wacko: ...I use the first version of your mission that I've removed a lot from...I won't begin the process again I'll finish it as it is and people that want to play it will have to removed mine and put it back in custom_levels to play it if they want to play yours to ...

  23. HI RPGhard

    Like i diden like 1 yers ago when you say you need a break from Graw 1 and 2 i did now we gone lose a wery god mapmakers like this time bot now happi to se you back again in the field to make gode maps as i now you are, so i will say welcome back RPGhard loke fore to get in the field whit you again as old time =[GE]=GhostSoldiers Elite

    =[GE]=ebk52 allways welcome on the serv( Sorry my english is not the best )

    Ya exactly 1 year break Ebk52 you right and it was needed :)...this map really give me the hook again on modding again tks to Bogie.

    As right now here's a little update on the map so far...first I have solve all the issues :yes: ...you will spawn in the castle a couple of waves will come in the castle...when you reach door entrance dust sky will came and waves of AI will come over and over to try stopping you get out...only in this small part there will be around 200 AI :o= ...then you'll go down the hill and you'll spawn a patrol tank that will come with a bunch of AI and if you destroy the tank that will spawn an havoc + another bunch of AI...now it should put the ai count to 240 and you're still near the castle...I will set this part today...to be continued...

    Don't worry ebk I did't forgot you...you're my friend and as soon as the map ready for a first test you'll ear from me :D ...

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