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  1. Just want to say that YOTM is a great mod and you can join my server on ubi.com

    'COOP YOTM'.

    I like a lot 'no more red dot on map' fantastic it make the games and the infiltration more difficult ...the last mission in the tunnels 10/10 great one!

    So we don't see them anymore on map and no more night vision...this is vietnam

    old school is back to stay I hope!

    I just wish to have the P90 lol...or SK guns in this one they should put more ennemies up in the trees thats awesome!

    I found 1 bug in the mission that you have to capter a NVA commander...the problem is that he is out of map reach so we have to kill him to end the mission we can't get close to him.And do we have to be all in front of Sampa to steal it?Never crash yet no lag to

    I would like to see more tanks in the mission I used to play :o= 'rastarocket ' :o= server side mission(a lot of ennemies/ choppers attack lol)

    desert siege

    Island Thunder

    HX5 Red Sun


    Year of the monkey

    I use the skins of the YOTM missions

  2. If there is something that you thought should have been in YotM, or something you'd like to see, now's the time to speak up. It will be considered, if I agree and I have the time I'll put it in.

    Leave it like it is,I mean with no ennemies indicator and no night vision.

    I prefer the game like this, it make it more difficult to see ennemies and they surprise you lol.

    I'm waiting for the extension and I also have a server on ubi called COOP YOTM,put more coop missions with tanks will be great.

    Just want to say ty for your good work I appreciate it a lot.

    (by the way theres 2 bugs in your mission the one with Stealing Sampa:can"t steal it all the time and the other bug is a Nva Commander off map the rest is ok no crash yet) :o= kill 'em all.

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