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  1. I report the same problem as happens with the old defend_The_Park map. The map dies out after having taken out the 3 airdefenses. I stormed around the map, and cannot think that there is any AI that I didnt terminate. There is no active mission objective, and all the other mission objectives were finished. I wonder if I took out the 3 air defenses in the wrong order.

    Well, something does happen after the 3 airdefenses are taken out, since there spawns a lot of AI in groups. But once this AI has been dealt with, it is not clear, what should be the next step. I guess that I took out about 700 AI together with the other guy that was there.

    Hope you can fix this bug.

    Well I don't know exactly the count of AI it took but what I am sure off is that everytime you get near enough of an Adat that will make spawned waves of AI that will comes at you.There is no order for that just keep in mind that you have to make sure the area is cleared before going to the next Adat cause if you don't you'll have to come back and try to find the one that is missing to trygg the next event.

    I made this to prevent lag from next objectives to make sure that is a few AI on the map when you 'extract by foot' obj which is the next one.

    Trust me there's no bug there you only forgot maybe one AI that was hiding somewhere in this big map.I know it cause I have test it over and over again and also the betatesters did tested it also.

    And we found bugs and there a fixed...this map is perfect for dedi servers as I garanteed that it will not crashed the server.

    That's why here on Gr.net we(modders) do make a session of beta testing before releasing a mission to give the public the best product as possible.

    It was my mistake to not giving enough info when releasing it public,cause it is true that after 'clear airspace area'obj that some of you are confused that no obj appeared on there hud so they asked ''now what'' well I said clear the map and make sure it is mean make sure they all spawned.

    I hope it will help you,FSN_pdanoe


  2. Hi Ghosts,

    After many hours of labor testing to reached the limits of the map and to give the best performance and quality products.

    Here is ''KillZone'' a mission made on Mayday!Mayday! map from GRAW1 an awesome map who Bogie did convert to GRAW2.

    This mission is made for 1-4 players for optimum challenge 2 players is the very best.It's a defend-hunting-assault mean that it is better that you be patient and stay near spawn as possible until it calm then you hunt until you found the last AI that will trigg next event.

    Opposition-around 1000 AI +1 havoc+3 patrol tanks.

    Note that in the 'General and his elite squad' objective you have to destroy and clear area including the 2 tanks mean around the 3 entrance as well the green hud obj only represent a zone.

    In the 'extract by foot' obj (3) you will have to be all ghost players at the area to trigg next event.

    Clear area space obj (destroy 3 adat)-I strongly recomend that you go all at the same adat at the time trigging more than one will caused AI behavior(major lag that will paralized the AI)

    A total of 8 obj -to have a better fps it is better that you kill fast cause the timer spawn won't stop don't try to die less cause you will anyway it is defenitly a respawn mission.

    I want to say tks to Bender316,ebk,triplex,Bogie,the Taw members(Zero_g),the Agb members (Viper),Sightreader and others who participate and took there time to test this mission.

    I really enjoy making this one cause I really like the map which inspired me and stimulated me a lot...I really hope you enjoyed it and play it online and have fun with it as much as I do.



    P.S All ofyou that have download beta v8 doesn't have to download this one cause it's the same version.Pic inside the rar file.



  3. At this point I think I have reached the limit of what this map could handle ...I decided that the last version you have ''KillZoneV8'' will be final after tonight test.

    I wll run a dedi server with no gun mods(vanilla) with anti-cheat on and friendly fire on ...server name is ''F.O.A.D dedi beta''

    I want to say thank you to all of you betatesters who participate in this beta...cyu all soon for an epic battle.


  4. RPG,

    We had a great time testing the map with you last night. Loved the placement on the snipers on the transformers. Very ingenious!!! I know that the server crashed last night, but rest assured it was not because of your map. The server went through an IE update and crashed hard. I had to wait for Clanwarz to repair the server. It was fixed a couple of hours later.

    Extremely difficult map which is how we like it. Great job!!!

    One request: Would you be open to naming all the future revision of the maps & filenames similar to coop_killzone_v1, v2, etc. It makes it easier to see what is exactly is loaded on a dedicated server. It also helps the player to see what revision of the map he needs to join the server. If you can it would be great. Thanks!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Ya I have lots of fun with you guys yesterday too bad that it crash on a very fun part...it's ok so I will change the name of the bundle for the next update cause I decide to make one more due to the fact that I saw that some area were poor from AI there for I will make more trigger area and add more snipers on transformers as well a request from my buddy Zero_G...it will defenitly passed the 1000 AI :o= ....

    Just to informed you that I've sent a pm to Whiskey cause I want to do a mission with his 'Market' map from GR1 that should be the next one I do...

    Tks Viper


  5. Since I came back to modding cause I was stimulate by the awesome works from Bogie on Mayday!Mayday! GRAW map that he convert to GRAW2.

    I took almost all stock maps to do mission on...and I don't feel like doing a map with the editor.

    I do know that some modders are doing great works on making customs maps...what I wished the most is a convertion of a city(ex:mission 3) GRAW maps to GRAW2.

    I need to be stimulate again so please post me your suggestions.



  6. Well I forgot to add something important in V7 which is that you will have to be ''all'' the ghostplayers at each(3) extract by foot location to activate the event :whistle: ....this will prevent you to be near AI spawn without needed to use teleport :rolleyes: ...

    At the same time I found 2 great spot to had sniper there ...hehe I let you guess where :o ...

    I also had a few AI to prevent you take the location just a very few because it was noone there making it to easy to pic the area.

    This is the last update I have worked a lot of hours on this one to make it the best as possible...I hope you enjoy it and have fun with it as much as I do...I really whished that the next mission will be that stimulate :o= ....



    Tks to all the betatesters,


  7. But In my next mission it will consider your point as I will not use teleport and I will make it 1 obj at the time to make sure every players is going at the same point (linear).

    What I really was trying to state instead of teleporting, having all of the Ghost players go to that particular defend mission. An example would be to tell everyone that they needed to extract, but when they arrived, a surge of enemy appeared. This would get the players centralized again and allow you to spawn enemy anywhere again without them spanwing in front of the players.

    Every time I pull up GRAW2, I always see you out there testing :D You are going to have to sleep sometime!!

    Take Care,


    That's a great idea Bogie and now almost everybody will be happy :yes: ...

    No more teleport :rolleyes: ...I go to sleep now and hope that you'll test it before I woke hope :)...

  8. Ya I go to bed now :rofl: ...

    You know how it is when you want to accomplished something...now I made another update which I had more enemy spawned at the end now it should be around 980 AI on the map.

    I removed 2 tanks patrol and for sure I have fixed the spawn point where you were falling under the map.Try this one up and tell me what you think.

  9. OK, we had a lot of fun with the map, but definitely had some issues. We were playing on a client server (i.e. not a dedicated server), and this time I was the server.

    The first crash was much like the one that gave us trouble in Bogie's RAT level. When the Havoc showed up (it was still foggy), my friend (the client) tried to switch weapons to the Barrett and got the following crash:

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048
    data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: 
    hold_weapon in type <UE_ScriptExtension>
    Renderer: threaded
    Physics : threaded
    He tried to rejoin, but got the following crash before even the weapons selection screen came up:
    Crash in application version: 30899.3048
    data\lib\units\ai\vehicles\hattacklogics.dsf(-1): cant find member: 
    _name in type <Unit>
    Renderer: threaded
    Physics : threaded
    We know from experience that he simply cannot re-enter the map until the Havoc is dead, so I took a Barrett and destroyed it. As before, that allowed him to rejoin. The next thing that happened was after blowing up the first ADAT, when we were spawning near the tunnel. I spawned deep underground, and found myself shooting up at guys through the floor. I didn't have a frag, so I couldn't kill myself, but fortunately my partner spawned down there too and killed me, then aborted the game and came back. Finally, near the wreck of one of the ADATs, I crashed as well... since I was the server, it brought an end to the battle.
    Crash in application version: 30899.3048
    data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: clear_all_weapon_slots_except in type <void>
    Renderer: threaded
    Physics : threaded

    However, from what we can tell, it's a lot of fun, so we look forward to the next version!

    I tough I have changed the area for spawning under the map and I must have forgot cause I did something at the same time...as for the havoc theres nothing I will do to change it cause I like it and it can randomly can cause crash the players ...did you tried version 5?...Cause I have this issue with version 4 (crash with havoc )and no crash at all tonight with version 5.

    I will make a last update on this map...I will make sure this time to fixed the spawn where you fall under the map and I will also had a trigger area at the end the time you enter the castle...I will make spawn waves and waves of AI that will comes from the castle and behind you from the tents and the lower ground level like this it will be very fun :)

    tks a lot for testing,


  10. RPG,

    Maybe it is best not to show the other objectives. Make it more linear that way people do not go out on there own in different directions to get the objectives. If possible the use of the teleport should not be used as it does not lend to realism. I think I would prefer a linear game play as opposed to teleportation. Put walls or fences to create a throat effect so you have to stay within an area!!!


    Sry Viper to disapoint you and maybe others but at this point the mission is near from is final end I am not gonna change anything except for the end obj 'extract by foot' only if it's not challenging enough.-Bottom line-

    But In my next mission it will consider your point as I will not use teleport and I will make it 1 obj at the time to make sure every players is going at the same point (linear).

    I am still searching for a map to do a mission on any idea?



  11. Ok all,

    This is update no5,

    -The mule has been removed

    -Your gonna be teleported twice right after you solved 'clear airspace obj' for the first defend and then a second time for the one after that to make sure like this that no AI will spawned beside you and you'll are gonna be regroup at the correct place at the correct moment.

  12. We look forward to testing v4.

    Shortly thereafter, we had our first "hold the position" mission where none of us were even close to the area. In fact, Enemy AI kept spawning at the "holding" area and 3 of us were picking them off as they were spawning and 2 of us had died and keeping the AI out of the holding area. Just seemed very odd to have all of these AI keep spawning on or in viewing distance of the players. In addition, there was one sniper in the distance that initially kept killing the players as soon as they spawned into this point.

    You have to stay at the spawn location and take cover behind lower walls that way you wont see AI spawn atb the back of that house...the sniper is because you forgot to shot him probably belongs in another defend section


    Don't know if this is possible, but perhaps find a way or have a mission where all of the players must first make their way into the defend area, then kick off the spawning of the AI and the defend portion. As it played out, we were completely on the other end of the map from the area we needed to defend... due to this, we came up behind all of the spawning enemey AI which were mosly easy pickings.

    Thanks again,


    Then I will teleport you all there at the moment you trigg this event...then I will teleport you as well for the next event...I talkng about the 2 defend ones bottom line

  13. Hello RPGHard,

    Played your Kill Zone v3 this evening which took 5 of us nearly 2 hours utilizing the standard vanilla weapons.

    After restarting, the first area was an absolute blast trying to get out of the castle and the patroling tank!! Fantastic!! Glad you blocked off the roof sections for this particular area or it would have been way too easy.

    I agree

    After clearing the castle, we all headed NW towards the ADAT in B4. On the way, I noticed that a section (where I initially had the spawn point) that a section of the wall opens up. Did not know if you wanted to put up a wall there or not.

    Probably cause I have to removed something for the vehicle graph

    When we all tackled the ADAT, we noticed a few Enemy AI starting to not fire back in and around A3, B4, etc.

    This will happen if you trigg more than 1 adat area cause when you apprach them AI spawned to attack you on that position it is better to clear the most you can before trigging one

    We then went South to clear the other ADATs. The last ADAT that we hit just South of the caves, we had two of us in Section E5 and AI just kept spawning right between the two positions (ours and the ADATs where you see the blue diamonds)

    I have change the spawn location because of some players that was fallin under map but the AI are still close but as close as they were

    Shortly thereafter, we had our first "hold the position" mission where none of us were even close to the area. In fact, Enemy AI kept spawning at the "holding" area and 3 of us were picking them off as they were spawning and 2 of us had died and keeping the AI out of the holding area. Just seemed very odd to have all of these AI keep spawning on or in viewing distance of the players. In addition, there was one sniper in the distance that initially kept killing the players as soon as they spawned into this point.

    You have to stay at the spawn location and take cover behind lower walls that way you wont see AI spawn atb the back of that house...the sniper is because you forgot to shot him probably belongs in another defend section

    The second "defend the position" was a little cooler as there was really no protection. We had enough team members so that 2 or 3 could hold the position and the other 2 folks could scout the areas, get behind the AI and kill them as they spawned in.

    I agree this is a tuff one ...I suggest you lay down when you spawn an get back near rock that way you'll have 2 way to cover up

    We had the same issues as the others with the General and we finally ended the mission after 25 minutes of searching the map. We really liked the patroling tank in that area.

    The problem was caused by a tank that have'nt spawned cause I have duplicated them in the world.xml and it create a confict cause they were spawning at the same area ....I hope I have fix it in KillZoneV4 in this objective you have to kill the general and his elite squad which include 2 tanks patrol+90% of AI in this area or around

    With the exception of the Mule Fatal Error, we did not have any other issues outside of the normal GRAW2 bugs. Tanks were awesome, initial gameplay was awesome, fps was great (for me was around 50+ the entire game)... perhaps a little better flow of the triggers\objectives to reduce all of the hot spawning\enemy spawning on top of or near the players.

    mule will be removed in the next V5 version

    Thanks again for allowing us to beta test this on the Barking Spider!!



    Bogie did such a great job in describing all that we experienced last night!!!

    The only thing I can add is the actual server crash message from the Mule event.

    mule will be removed in the next V5 version

    As Bogie described, this happen the minute he activated the MULE option. It is unfortunate because the MULE is such a nice option to have.

    Thanks again!!!

    Now try the KillZoneV4 and let me know if the 5 tanks patrol do there path...let me know also you you still fall under map....and also comments about the end of mission if its ok...

    Thanks a lot for your precious time,


  14. I played this map tonight with 4 others. Two of our group had the issue of falling through the map when they respawned near one of the adats. They were able to walk around and kill AIs from under the map. Also, a lot of AIs were just respawning several times in the same place. I just could sit there and shoot them over and over. Not sure if it was planned but it seemed like a lot of AIs would be wandering around in areas way away in the middle of nowhere. THe last issue was that we were unable to fnd the General. We spent 30-45 mins just looking for him with no AIs left on the map.


    Yeah I have the same issues as you with version 3...falling undermap near adat ...and as for the general problem was caused by a tank that does not spawned...cause in the obj you have to kill the general and the elite squad that includes 2 tanks and all the Ai in this area or around...

    I have just updated to V4 which I have change the location of the spawn that was close from ADAT near tunnel...the more you are on this map and the easier it becomes as make a flow of AI spawned nearby spawn the gold is to wait for them until it calm then you hunt until another bunch spawned...it is made for 2 players for a very good challenge with a good fps...it is not a run n'gun type of mission and bombing at will stuff..it is more a defend mission and you have 2 obj that are assault...the general squad and the extract one.

    Now I hope that the 5 tanks patrol will spawned and I also hope that you'll not fall under map again...let me know if the end is challenging enough.



  15. I made a small update to fix minor things like=

    1. Falling under the map near adat that is close from tunnel in the park.-let me know if you still falling.

    2.I also replaced 2 spawn point to make it closer to the objectives.

    3.Blocked acces to the roof of castle.-Tks to Zero_G :lol:

    4.Removed a tree that was blocking tank5.

    5.Removed a couple of sandbag to give more space to AI

    6.Updated the AI graph cause I saw that some AI were not moving like they should.

    7.Fix the minimap that was not showing

    P.S.If this version is ok and not causing any issues then it will be final and ready for public release.

  16. Hi all I got finaly to the end of this tks to the cheat :).... :rofl: ...cause this mission is nuts mean very hard .

    The AI are leathal angry psycho who will woop your ....very fast and sweet :whistle: ...

    There is around 840 AI on this map + 1 havoc +5 patrol tanks...a nice mix of defend and hunting for last survivor.

    I trully suggest that you wait for them as the AI spawn near you, most of the time you'll be surround with no chance to survive expect to die a lot :devil: ...I doubt you'll like this one tough that some of you will cried for there mom lol...

    I have test it over n over with no major issues but I have never test it with someone....I want to know how it goes with few (2-4 players)and a lot (12 players) on dedi and client server...this time theres no teleport but you'll do spawn near adats ...don't forget to clear area cause probably have to do a lot of haunting if you don't.


  17. I also liked the idea of having a tank instead of a heli, but I removed it thinking that it was the only reason why these bots are patrified in the middle of the map.

    Now I'm thinking of removing this havoc and I also need to do some work on the trigger locations.



    You see in my last mission there's no trigger ....cause it is better to not use them in a small map cause some players like to run on triggers and that will cause major lag.So if you use them in a small map then put less and make spawn around 20-40AI with a 2-5 sec delay betwin each group.Use more small group of 1-2 AI cause 3+patrol cause more lag...also don't use the AG guys...

    I don't think that your tank was the problems but you have to verify the amount of AI active at the same time I think 20AI+ tank should be ok with this map...also verify your AI graph don't put nodes to close from houses and make sure that nodes dont cross vehicle location....cause if an AI walk to a wall/vehicle or if he doesn't find the nodes it will cause lag also...

    When you're gonna do youre public release then remove your main AI graph from the world.xml.Only the vehicle graph is needed in the world.xml .

    I hope this will help,


  18. Replacing those giant trees is a good idea cause there were surround by an invisible half inch wall.

    But replacing the tank by an Havoc is not a good idea cause it was well position on the map and you've put an mg on a wall to protect it.

    I think you should make spawn the AI when you need them in a close range cause the longer they stay on the map they become ''hopeless creatures'' as you called them...

    You should not make sniper spawned behind players near spawn that's a thing I hate very much...

    The first RPG obj is in our sight he is to easy to kill...put a heavy sniper or 2 side by side to help him out a bit.

    When I killed the secon Rpg the obj stay there like it was'nt done.

    P.S.Those observation has been made with the map you p.m me

  19. Welcome back, RPGHard!

    My buddy is finally back and we finally got a chance to evaluate this one properly. Sorry we weren't able to help before Beta testing closed!

    We did run into a lot of bush snipers, hotspawners, and the fog seemed to affect us rather than the enemy, but still the action was plenty brisk. The server could not pick up any weapons I dropped for some reason. There were a couple of times when we suddenly teleported several feet or so - perhaps when the spawn updated or we achieved some sort of objective - one time just as we were planting explosives on an ADAT!

    One thing I really liked was the great locations of the .50 cals - on rooftops, and through windows... it was awesome!

    Thanks so much for making the map! It's nice to see the Defend style again. The other designers discarded this idea because, if you fail, you only play a few minutes then you end up waiting forever as the server reloads the map. This would be especially frustrating in the case where the team lost because several clients crashed and thus, through no fault of their own, they couldn't reinforce the server and hold the objective.

    On the other hand, I think it would be awesome to make Defend the final objective - once everyone has already "gotten their money's worth" by completing all other objectives first - then I think it would be a great way to end a level!

    Some real cool ideas in here, and we can really feel the effects of a new personality - distinct and unique from Bogie and TC02 - adding a fresh new GRAW2 experience!

    The crash you have are random crash that you can have or not as I have tried the map many times without any crashes and the only crash I get sometimes was the 'Z' crash and the frst one you got but at a different time cause it's random and it can happen on any maps ,and you are teleport 8 sec after being close to an ADAT; the reason is to give a chance at the AI to spawn around you and to for team to rejoin as I saw many players run on this small map.Mean that in this map you don't have to run against them cause they will come at you only take cover the best as you can when you spawn and if you have no time to plant c4 you will have time after teleport cause you are close to it.

    As for your weapons that you can't pickup...I have never experienced that and I have no idea why....

    So for me this map is perfect as it is...beta was good and it's close now no need to post any random crash ever even on future beta and next beta will be soon with 'Coop_Killzone' don't miss this one cause it will be huge ....

  20. Hi all,

    We finaly got it working specialy the C4 issues tks to Bogie who brings lights on this :yes: ...I want to say a special thanks to Bender316 who help me test it over and over again with Vanilla and Bretzies mod on my server FOAD.Also Thanks to Viper,ZeroG,Demonace and all the other betatesters that participate in the beta.Tks also to GR.net who make it possible :thumbsup:

    1.Hold the House(1)-If AI get in game over

    2.Destroy Heli

    3.Destroys 3 adats

    4.Infiltrate castle-+ clear area if needed and kill all mgs inside castle( snipers and Rpg)5 total that you need to kill

    5.Defend house (2)-Prevent AI to get in by the 2 entrance or it will failed the mission if they get in at a certain point.

    6.The best player name will be displayed if you win the mission

    P.S This is not a lonewolf mission 2-4 players map around 500 A.I and 3 tanks + 1 chopper.The pic is inside the zip.Remake of ''Castle Day'' map by BIRO.


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