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  1. It is the first time since GRAW that I didn't buy the game and I don't think I will either. The main reason is that the game is third person shooter which I don't like this game play.

    Ubi sent me many beta keys for Ghost Recon online which I tried a few time but didn't like at all .

    You can see that this game is a console game and if they did a PC version of it is because they didn't want to relive the GR2 moments .

    But if you do like this game play then you should give a chance to the devs to fix it .It's well known that all fps game that cames out need to be fixed more than once .I just hope for you PC players that this time the devs will do there jobs till the end.

  2. If you want to witness cheaters try playing battlefield 2 bad company I have been surprised by the amount of games I have played when I have been killed in a suspicious way only for the purpitrator to get kicked for using an aimbot or hack etc the depressing part is that there seems to be no end to the amount of players doing it. :angry:

    I am part of a clan in BFBC2 and we're on TS and we cought a lot of cheaters that PB could not detect.Problems with cheaters is that they bought undetected multihacks. The ones that codes hack are always ahead of punkbuster cause everytime PB change there security codes they've open it up to see what PB modified and fixed there hack and there ready to go again.

    I really hope someday they'll find a concrete solution to counter cheating, but for now on PB is useless.

    In GRAW if you let the mods get in the game you'll have some unexpected bugs that will come with it. Falling through a map half body is not a cheat but a map bug. When the anti-cheat is on I don't remember seeing cheaters I mean on the coop side never played much multi in GRAW. Check that also when a map comes out you have always a bunch that will search for "glitch" in it and exploit it at your expense then. Also if you have very high ping or the other players had then you'll probably have a hard time to kill him or get killed by. In GRAW there's is not a lot of servers so you have not a lot of choice.So I guess there's must be high pinger that are lagging the server...just one is enough 300+ ping.

  3. In BFBC2 they've used Frosbite engine and they upgrade it for BF3 to Frosbite2 and it will use directx 11 as well.Imagine this quality in a full 64 players multiplayer with vehicles,tanks,apc,Jets,transport heli and Choppers.This game will be very hungry no doubt.I just hope they make it run smooth and they fixe high ping which they were unable to do with BFBC2 yet.

  4. This will be a good one to played this winter :) as long as they keep the spot system on....BTW I don't like hardcore because it's the home of hackers it is very hard to see the enemy but it has always a cheater that see you and broke your fun....and if you don't have a good pc then don't play this game cause you'll be unable to killed someone...don't check the min required but the recomended spec Interface :

    Windows Vista ou Windows 7

    Processeur : Intel Core 2 Quad ou supérieure

    Mémoire : 2Go...I will say 4Go

    Graphismes : 512 Mo Carte vidéo (GeForce GTX 260/ ATI Radeon 4870) mmmm...1go min will be more appropiate

    Support contrôleur : Support pour Logitech G15 et G19 clavier LCDs en multijoueur

  5. Is this gameplay?It looks like real characters fits in a video game...Well if gameplay looks like this,I can't wait to tried this one out...for me the more a game looks real the better I have the feel that I am not in a game.

    The closer they will get to reality,that's what I expect from a game...to be tactical,emersive and a great story.

    I have no problems at all with the path that this game is taking mean all the future gadgets and I don't care if most peoples doesn't agree with me :)...

    Before saying more....I'll wait for a real time gaming video...but this looks promissing!


  6. This is a total revolution of the gaming experience a quality never before seen.Since I have played this game,I don't want to play any other game.

    BF2 will lost a lot of players and COD'S gamers will come to BFBC2 also...this game is a mixed of BF2,CODMW and counter strike...

    I have always as a lot of respect for DICE I always knew that they were one step ahead everybody.I think that they will pave the way and I expect a big succes in the near future.

    I have played all the beta then I was lucky to played the game this tuesday,we have no school this week and I played almost 40 hours :yes: ....nuts.

    I have almost unlocked all the kits and gadget reached level 22...my favorites game type is RUSH cause it concentrate the action at a same point.With this gametype and 32 players I feel more action than they are in BF2 conquest with 64 players.

    If you want to add me as a friend my nick is:RIPhard

    Have fun and see you soon on the battlefield! :o=

  7. Now lets make sure we find some decent servers to game on.

    I suggest you to go on a clan server where punkbuster is on.If punkbuster is off then it's at your own risk (zoo) mean that any cheater can enter at will and make the law on your head :(...I know that there's is already a hack available :wall: so watch out specialy in hardcore servers.This is just a friendly warning :yes: ...have fun! :o=


  8. For my opinion this game will be a blast

    I can't wait the final released in march 2nd.

    I was always and still a big fan of Battlefield 2 but this game brings a hole new dimensions and experience to the gaming communauty.

    I have unlock all characters to their limits because I think they put 100000000 points to reached next unlock is a bit to much and it is not realistic...they will certainly change that amount when the game will be released.I think they made that just because they don't want the beta guys to have all kits unlock before the games is released.

    No place to hide anymore,tanks are more realistic if you campare them to BF2 which they can be destroyed very easily by a chopper...well and 1 tank +1apc for the attackers at 4 levels and 1 AA at second and third part of the map for the defenders.

    You can called mortar strke at will if you unlock the sniper lens this is fun but it took a few seconds to load.You have also the laser gun that you can unlock for all characters which is very useful to marked vehicles but it is quite difficult to hit a chopper whit.

    The game as some graphics bugs with all that shine is like waters,windows and when you aim with certain guns especially the PKM...its flashing all the time.

    I have only ezperience lag once on a server very near me which the ping was like 5 but with pings of 50-120 no lag at all 50-85 fps all max except shadows at low and AA at 1.

    Steam did the things wright this time cause I don't have any issues with it and I use windows 7.

  9. I bought the Ghost Recon series on steam which include(Gr,GRAW and GRAW2).

    I was able to play the games a few month till last week when I tried to open GRAW2 the games log but hangs on a black screen I tough it was only GRAW2 then I tried to launched GRAW and same thing happen it hang on a black screen so I had to stoped the process by ctrl+alt+del.

    I have uninstall both game with no result I have sent a message to ubi support with 'dxdiag' files and I received the stoopid answer you couldn't imagine...they told me that I don't have the min spec to run the game Imao...I have a Quad 9550 2.83 ghz with a EAH4870x2 2g....this guy should be fired on the spot.

    This 2 games works great on my old PC and not anymore cause it use to works on my new PC....then I have uninstal steam and the many games that I have bought on it cause of trouble and games that are not that good to play for a long time.

    My girl friend bought BF2 collection on steam and everytime she was entering a server she was kicked...[content removed] and she can play BF2 now without beeing kicked cause of steam.

    STEAM: :banned:

    MODERATOR EDIT: Discussion of warez and [Thing that should not be spoken of here] are not permitted.

  10. Well this game is not what I espect it gonna be... :( ...first the graphics doesn't look good at all they use a green filter for day mission and a blue one for night mission...

    When I play this game a couple hours my eyes hurt badly cause the enemies are very hard to see.When you shoot at the AI they don't die easily and sometimes bullets had no effects on them...but they do kill you easily.

    Well the AI moved naturaly and thats the only thing I like....those dev codemasters made the game 'Damnation' which is no good either....and the editor...no comments....no need to do a mission for a game that I am not gonna play anymore....I was refunded for Arma2 but its to late for this one ....now I am sure to not buying a game from those devs anymore...you see no peep on servers,simple this game is a flop!

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