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  1. Its on there, only on one of their servers atm. Their probably propagating it to the other fileplanet servers before they change the front page + get key page. http://www.fileplanet.com/176069/download/...ighter-2-Client
  2. Things i'm seeing in 1.16 + Widescreen FOV change mid game - very anonying + Mass disconnects, usually 4-5 people at once. + Randomlly indistructable people, this is new, did not see it in any previous patch. + long time on a black screen on map change, seen this since release, length of time depends on number of players on the server. At least put a progress bar or something on the clients + People stuck in run animation, like lost packets have caused animation state not to change. + Rifle grenades sometimes not going off - there some sort of arming period?
  3. I've not looked at it as i just assumed the anticheat stuff will stop this kinda of mod from working, as people connecting would need the same mods to the gui that the server has.
  4. This is the ex Gizmondo CEO, nothing to do with GRIN Bo.
  5. Ok updated for new patch, same link.
  6. It may help if you open up more/all of the correct ports. However, the more open ports you have the more vulnerable you are to being hacked. It's a vicious cycle. You may experience difficulty connecting to Gamespy if a firewall or anti-virus blocks the following ports: Local Ports UDP 15250 UDP 13139 UDP 15250 Remote Ports UDP 15250 TCP 80 TCP 6667 UDP 13139 UDP 27900 UDP 27901 TCP 28910 TCP 29900 TCP 29901 UDP 29910 TCP 29920 This isn't just affecting me as everyone starts at the same time (i.e. the "match starts in 5 seconds" message starts as soon as i see the score/lobby screen), no one is in the map playing. Its very likely some sort of server issue, that its loaded the map, but its just not ready to start the game for whatever reason. Maybe it validates every players connection before starting or something, and its getting stuck sometimes. As i said before it this tends to be worst on near full 32 player servers, 16 player servers are normally pretty quick, and this is only on MAP change, not on initial connection, that is instant.
  7. This is not so much a bug, more of an annoyance, every map change on domination mp you get a black screen for a long period of time. As far as i can tell it is linked to the number of players on the server, it would be nice if there was some progress indication on whatever the server is doing. At its worst, it can be up to a minute waiting...
  8. No i suspect all that stuff is in the scripts, which are all compiled. At least now you can have some app that restarts the server automatically when it crashes, which was the main reason for doing this little mod.
  9. I posted this in the mod forum, but i suspect few people know that exists yet. Its a simple little mod to allow servers to startup without having to manually navigate through the menus + removes background globe in menus. Details here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34359
  10. Just put together a simple little mod that might be useful for server operators, at least until the dedicated server comes out. The mods will setup GRAW to automatically start the server, without manually navigating through the menus. It also removes the intro movies and background globe on the menus, allowing for better remote access via VNC. Download is here (530k) http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~davdun/server_auto_start.zip I've only done a quick test, it seems to work ok. Theres a couple of things you will need to do before you can use this. They are: 1. Make sure you gamespy login is set to autologin. 2. Setup the server settings before installing this mod and save them (use the window on the right of the server settings screen to create a new server profile). Installation ------------ Just unzip this zip into the GR:AW directory. You will then need to modify the "context.xml" file in the root directory of GR:AW, change the line that says: <gui file="\data\gui" optimized="true"/> to <gui file="\data\gui2" optimized="true"/> and thats it. When you now start up GR:AW it will jump through the menus and automatically start the server. You can switch it back to "\gui" instead of "\gui2" to change the server settings if needed. Thanks to Nemon for releasing the bundle extraction that allowed access to the gui xml files.
  11. Like the new colour scheme, could do with being a bit lighter. Well the teal colour could at least. The light blue is ok.
  12. I've had the join button problem, just keep spam clicking it until you join. With the CPU max out, i assume your using the latest nvidia beta drivers. I've had loads of issues with EAX sound maxing out my PC, try disabling EAX.
  13. hmm yeah i can imagine that spinny globe thing really messing up VNC. Might explain why more people have not setup remote servers.
  14. Gamespy have these special gamespy areana servers that you get access to when you subscribe to gamespy arcade. You have to login to the website before you run up the game and they appear in the browser. Colin posted a link to www.gamespyservers.com in the gamespy thread, indicating they were now available, they quickly disappeared off the website later though.
  15. I just had this one, it was on a pretty full server (24 players i'd guess) and the previous two rounds resulted in lots of bodys. Its kinda like it overflowed the corpse count, as not all of them were standing up.
  16. Is any of this info true Colin? I noticed you started a thread about this earlier... Do we have to subscribe to gamespy arcade to play on a proper dedicated server at least until the "June" patch ? If gamespy have something other than what we have, even if it is something as simple as starting a server from the command line instead of trawling through menus, i cannot understand why they have not made it available to other GSPs. I'm a bit perplexed about all this, as far as i was aware gamespy were just doing the master server/account login stuff.
  17. The mp game is fun, its just the lack of decent servers that is annonying me currently. Theres currently two full servers, both with 900ping to me...
  18. omg i wondered why i sometimes just exploded for no apparent reason. i bet they were laughing their asses off
  19. Its my suspicion there all related to when the server dosn't have enough bandwidth and packets are getting dropped. If you play on a server setup with the right number of players for its connection, i suspect this issues will not be apparent.
  20. Someone posted on the ubi forums they were peaking around 2.5 megabits for a 32player server. How many players did you get on 800kbits, 14 players or so? I'm guessing the bandwidth/player ratio is non linear, due to the fact the less players on a server, the less information regarding all there position etc needs to be sent to each client. I've noticed what tends to happen when a server is swamped is that pings typically spike to the 300-400 ping mark, and hit reg goes to hell. Fortunately most server ops are settings player counts to around the 14-20 player mark now.
  21. Not seen any other threads like this, and thought it might be a useful thread for GRIN for the upcoming June patch. I've only played a few hours however i've seen a few bugs: + Grenades that have been thrown when theres a lag spike, and can see flying through the air and land somewhere, explode at your feet. + Occsionally on begining of a new round i spawn where i was last round, except no one can see me, and i can't capture zones. + Random disconnects for no apparent reason, i then reconnect and its good for hours until i disconnect. + Deaths sometimes not being reset on new round, if server is death limited then your out for that round to. Can anyone else confirm seeing these?
  22. Ok just played for a few hours. The game mode is fun, although i can see a lot of people who played GR not liking it, its slightly more arcadey than GR. Not as bad as BF2, but still i can see some people waiting for tdm, i like it however.. Kills are mostly one shot, if you switch your gun to one shot mode it always kills as far as i can tell, auto tends to be a 3 shot burst to make sure of the kill. This is using the XM8. The SCAR's are no doubt more deadly. The maps are very big, if you get in a good spot with a sniper you can really kill a lot of people without them seeing you, theres generally a lot of cover however, but you usually have to leave it to get between zones. Server stability seems poor from what i've seen, servers tend to last a couple of map changes before they don't register any captures or hits, and generally crash. This is the real bad news as far i'm concerned, basically to run a server it seems you have to babysit it I was talking to one of the server admins, and they are currently running the server on a 4400X2 with 1 meg upload, and they can just get 16players on it before it lags, and tbh pings were spiking pretty bad with 12 players on so i dunno. That being said you don't feel the lag in movement, you only notice it when you get shot by someone who is still running at you... The bandwidth requirements don't really correlate with the 512kbs upload for a full server that has been mentioned before. Although i always thought it odd they were saying you needed 128kps download to play, 128kbs * 32 <> 512kbs. For pubs 1 meg up for 16 is prob ok, i don't know what team size ladders will use, but i wouldn't go more than 10 players on 1meg for a clan game. I'm still hopeful that GRIN can sort out these problems soon, and it needs to be soon (i.e. within a couples of weeks imho) if they want the game to have any moderate long term success. Still with all that negative stuff being said, i'm wanting to play more as i type this, and thats always a good sign.
  23. Little confused by this, are they reffering to the master server for listing servers, or are gamespy actually going to offer hosting?
  24. 1. Ability to start server from the command line instead of going through menus 2. Remove dependancy on high end video card for server 3. Allow adding of server ip into favourites. 4. Allow map restarts/player kicks to be done via some sort of remote control. 5. Seperate release of dedicated server. Item 1 is a 5 minute job imho, so even if the dedicated server is months away, there is no reason that can't be implemented in any imminent patch.
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