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  1. Name: [GR] Ghost Recon Elite Platoon From: Denmark Language: Danish Clan - Homepage: www.ghostrecon.dk Clan frontman: Recruiting Officer [GR] Jobo Voice-com: Teamspeak Games: GRAW2 Servers: [GR] DK Team Server and [GR] DK Coop Server Ghost Recon Elite Platoon [GR] is a Danish Ghost Recon clan founded on December 1, 2001 and has approx. 20 members scattered all over Denmark. Please visit our homepage to see the new layout and press the button "Google Translate Site" for translation into English. [GR] Jobo
  2. Hi TUG.JJUK Thx for your response and link Yes we do play matches. But at the moment we have no Battle Officer, so it might take some time before we join you on teamwarfare. So you still have some time to finish your practice See you around [GR] Jobo
  3. [GR] Ghost Recon Elite Platoon is now Recruiting Danish Players for GRAW2. Clan name: [GR] Ghost Recon Elite Platoon Number of members: 20 – mostly between 25 and 50 years old. Requirements to be in the clan: Speak Danish and minimum 21 years. [GR] is a Danish Ghost Recon Clan founded on December 1st, 2001. We are a bunch of ordinary family people, who like to game and have fun. The social aspect means a lot to all of us. We practice weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays from 20.00 to 22.00 and also on many Fridays. Apply on www.ghostrecon.dk Visit our GRAW2 servers: [GR]DK [GR]DK Coop TS: See you soon. [GR] Jobo Recruiting Officer
  4. I am having the same problems, it is telling me that my password is invaled and must not contain more than 30 characters EVEN WHEN I LEAVE IT BLANK !!
  5. [GR]Bangebuks who played the PC version with [GR]Dark,PO told me, that you can turn off the diamonds - both in SP and MP. That was also my first question. I have just finished the translation of Darks notes into english. Waiting for Dark to login and publish on www.Ghost-recon.dk Ghost Recon Elite Platoon, Denmark.
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