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  1. Evening Everybody [GR]Dark and I were playing a pre-release of GRAW this afternoon. In short: The game is as you know the old Ghost Recon. Gameplay is very atractive, and the graphics is neat. The hardware was not quite up to date, and all of you with souch PCs can spend the money on other things. You will still be able to enjoy the game. Those of you that have spend alot of money on hardware....get ready for this one rocks You will have full value for the money. Most important is that the gameplay is as good as ever. We did only play one map (or a part of it), and still after four years of waiting we were impressed. Obviusly we didnt have the oppotunity of testing Co-op or multiplayer part, but we were told that it is better than the previous version. Release date is in May 2006 See You all soon on a server. [GR]Bangebuks
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