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  1. Yeah, co-op with my friends and campaign is what I'm actually looking forward to right now. Unless they give us major customization in multiplayer, I probably won't be playing that too often!
  2. What would make this game more tolerable for me would be to 1. turn off regenerative health 2. one hit one kill. 3. tone down intel. 4. offer last man standing. 5. even out the firepower. JUST GIVE US OPTIONS ON HOW WE WANT TO PLAY THE GAME.
  3. Shepherdo you bring up some great points. We kind of all knew this was coming. Ubisoft wants to please the gamers but wants to please the shareholders even more. And how do you do that? By making a game that is a cross between Gears, COD, and Battlefield.: 3 of the most successful franchises in the industry. I'm kind of torn, I do like some elements of GRFS but I hate others. I am however looking forward to co-op and campaign or just playing with my core friends and relaxing. And to me that's worth every penny!
  4. GR was always known for their customizable game modes! like Removing drones, limiting certain weaponry, change number of respawns or elimimnate respawns all together, etc! Will we have these options? And SINGLE SHOT: will we have the option to change certain weaponry to single shot?
  5. http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/122/1222773p1.html Three Reasons to Love Future Soldier's Multiplayer Changing the pace of online stop-and-pop. US, April 12, 2012 by Mitch Dyer With the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta starting on April 19, it's as good a time as any to learn what Ubisoft's long-time-coming shooter brings to the table. IGN spent a few hours digging into Future Soldier's adversarial multiplayer. The impressive suite of features and atypical approach to third-person pew-pew gives it an edge over many me-too action games. Its maps are designed to make players work for their kills, which makes them feel like they've truly earned each one. Great though many of its competitors may be, few shooters think about combat as intelligently as Ghost Recon. Stealth, Tactics, and Communication Matter Future Soldier distinguishes itself with its pace. Soldiers here are efficient and fast. They bring a speed to stealth that contributes to the competitive online modes in a major way. Scouts with invisibility camouflage can slip behind enemy lines, cut through their ranks, and get out without ever having been spotted. Hiding (not just behind cover but in trees, around corners, and out of the way) is the most efficient way of eliminating the opposition. Storming at the other team using light machine-guns certainly gets the job done, but a tactical team will undoubtedly come out on top. Hasty players leave themselves open to slower players precise methods. Those brash, thoughtless types will find themselves not only dead, but contributing to their team's failure. Running-and-gunning means you're not considering potential threats like stun mines, which the opposition uses for more than just incapacitating guys. If you stun someone, you can "data hack" their kit before killing them. This exposes the exact location of everybody on the other team. Oops. In theory, players could go rogue, abandon their team, and clean up all the kills as a lone wolf. This is a terrible plan. Bullets kill people, and in Ghost Recon they kill people quite quickly. If a team doesn't know where someone is, they can't revive a downed ally, protect their flank, or support them in combat. Playing as anything but a talkative, coordinated team is a risky proposition that will, in all likelihood, result in a loss. Objective-Based Adversarial Multiplayer Every mode in Future Soldier, even the standard deathmatch, hinges on some sort of objective. This is multiplayer with a purpose. Players dedicate as much time to completing tasks as they do drilling holes in others' faces. Conflict, the standard red vs. blue competitive mode, tasks players with capturing a series of control points. Having an Engineer cover your back with a deployable turret, or dropping a camera that sees through cover, goes a long way to making sure you secure a spot. Decoy plays similar, although it's a little more goal-oriented. The attacking team needs to figure out which of three potential command posts is the one they're looking for. When they've exhausted or avoided the decoys, they make the final push to another control point. Kills don't mean anything to the attacking team's score. If you don't capture, you don't win, even if your K/D ration is killing it on the leaderboard. Saboteur places a neutral bomb in the middle of a lengthy map. Teams play a violent version of tug-of-war as they kill for control. The first team to lug the heavy briefcase to the enemy HQ and detonate it takes the win. Bomb-carriers slow down and, short of briefcase-based stealth kills, can only use their secondary weapon to defend themselves. Again, teams have to watch out for each other. The guys and girls who stay together keep control. You flat-out won't win on your own here, and coordinating ambushes can give your team a huge time advantage. Siege Mode Few games outside Counter-Strike and SOCOM have the stones to keep dead players down, never mind making them appreciate their limited life. Siege, a callback to a classic Ghost Recon multiplayer mode, gives each player just one chance to take out the other team. When a Rifleman fills your chest with lead, or a Scout cuts your throat, you're done. No respawn. In a game already so heavily reliant on careful play, Siege really makes that one life feel valuable. Taking someone down with you might help, but it never feels like enough.
  6. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/E7j_aDwwMrY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Right now if it weren't for Madden 12. My Xbox would be collecting dust! So it's a yes for me. I have been a fan since the old GR days and am looking forward to May 22nd! Plus I'm tired of the Call of Duty assembly line approach! I'm sorry. It should say GR:FS. Moderators if you can change that please do!
  8. So far i'm not completely disappointed! Right now, I just wanna play a good quality shooter.
  9. Add Rainbow Six to this conversation. I know a lot of you guys are Old GR fans. I played some but not much of the old GR. I also never played any of the PC versions. I actually started playing steadily with ghost recon 2 on the xbox and have played every iteration since. It's the tactical aspect of this game that just draws me in. And I hope they stick to that tactical format that brought them so much success. I think this game is going to be a huge hit. Aside from your teenage kids, a lot of people are tired of the run and gun aspect of cod series. Now BF3 could be interesting, but we'll have to wait and see on that one. I think Ubisoft is smart not to compete with BF3, MW3, GOW3. A lot of 3's in there So far everything is looking fairly good with FS. I'm sure it will deliver come March!
  10. Wow! Calm down Apex. Just said it's a nice feature. Not a must! It's actually kind of intriguing seeing the weapon statistics close to the weapon itself!
  11. I actually think they're not too bad. I have a plasma TV so having the HUD on the gun with constant movement is a plus for me. One less static image to worry about!
  12. So far it looks like graw with maybe some amped graphics here and there. Movement does look fluid, although the running animation to me looks kind of awkward . I do like the cover system. Every shooter's multiplayer mode should have some sort of cover system. Can't say I'm disappointed though. I hope they keep large customization options of online play like they did in the past. Because I would like to disable the cloak feature. So far I didn't see cloaking in this video which looks promising.
  13. Funny, this is what many people wanted splintercell conviction to be(minus the cloak). I'm with Paladin on this. They definitely made some progress, but I'm not completely sold. The launch in 2012 will help alleviate the competition with BF3, MW3, and Gears. But how much? Because right now BF3 is creating a huge buzz around the gaming community. I'm tired of the assembly line approach that infinity ward and Treyarch take to MW series, so I could care less about MW3 . Regardless, I plan on purchasing GR:FS because I enjoy shooters and been a fan of the franchise. If nothing else, the CO-OP should keep me entertained!
  14. I'm a fan of both titles so that works out great for me! And yes I know there is a lot of negative buzz surrounding Conviction. But it's been over 3 yrs since the last iteration of Splinter Cell so I'm kind of anxious to check out the final product.
  15. We have enough on nightly for 2 full rooms at the least. hey beonder13. i would appreciate it if u would add me to ur friends list. i want to get back into playing some more graw. anyone for that matter. add ITI SERPICO IVI. just as is with spaces & all caps.
  16. when i 1st played the demo i wasn't to keen on it. probably because i started with inferior weaponry and everyone else was a level 16 so you do the math. but as i worked my way up it was evident that this could be the sleeper game of the year and, hate to say it, but put the proverbial knife in the graw series. i'll be on come nov 5th, hopefully you guys will too. as far as this community goes, i'll still post on here and continue to play graw2 because this a great community and graw still to me is a good game.
  17. halo 3 weeded out all the immature kids. so you'll probably see a much more mature crowd on graw2. hopefully!
  18. congrats serellan. i'm still new to the forums but i've viewed many of your posts and i admire the fact that you take the time to reply to the common gamer. this should be the way all software companies conduct their business. EA, i hope you're reading this!!!!!! wish you well in your future endeavors.
  19. not to sound like an idiot. but exactly does this title update entail?
  20. i ran into the same predicament. i was a rank 6 and didn't play for awhile and dropped to zero. but that's not a true zero. all you have to do is play about one ranked match(if you can get into a room). and your rank should go back to where you left off. i'm not too fond of ranked matches because you usually end up playing with a bunch of jerks who care only about ranking up and not about the integrity of the game. i do think, however, that the ranking system needs a patch so that the search allows you to join rooms similar to your rank. but that my 2 cents.
  21. yeah that's pretty nuts. i remember in graw1 on the nowhere map billboards of axe shower gel with some hot chick on the cover. in r6 vegas you notice all the parked vehicles are dodges. especially the dodge caliber which came out around the same time vegas did. and if i remember correctly, the dodge magnum was on various billboards in the sp campaign of graw1. i don't have any problems with adverts from actual companies in video games. it incorporates some sort of realism. but like meth said, lets us see some benefits from by either lowering the price of games or giving us free dlc.
  22. i would enjoy seeing the aformentioned maps. as for the GR series in general. i still love playing it for r&r especially SP. it does seem to have wore out it's welcome with many people though. atleast from what i've been hearing and seeing. what direction they may take the series from here is beyond me. maybe incorporate vehicles, i don't know. i hate to admit it but halo 3 is around the corner and even i'm gonna be somewhat anxious to play it. so changes may be necessary to keep the series alive. i'm an avid tom clancy/ubisoft fan. rainbow, GR, & splinter cell are my all-time favorite titles and probably always will be. if they want to keep the core fans, then just stick to the roots.
  23. a lot of my clan buddies are doing their own thing. exploring different games enjoying the weather,etc. i'm wouldn't mind playing with you guys from 2old2kwit if you don't mind playing with a 35 yr old scrub lol. if you want add me to your fl. gamertag=ITI SERPICO IVI
  24. desert gulch,fishing village,bonfires(gr2),mountain base(gr2:ss),mountain falls(gr2),jungle mines, & peninsula(gr2). FINALLY A SNOW MAP.
  25. i've never had anyone complain about bullet lag. but i know that doesn't mean that there isn't any. for the most part it runs smooth. keep in mind the farther the person lives from you the more lag he/she will experience. luckily most of my friends live fairly close.
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