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  1. I got the 360 to play Call of Duty 2, the series being a mild obsession for me....my PC couldn't do it anymore (ME....too little memory). I love the Xbox 360 and thru it discovered GRAW......have had a terrible time with it, stuck on helicopter ride to rooftop oblivian... BUT, just got Blazing Angels by the same people and it's great.
  2. Hey, mate google cheats for graw+xbox+360 , there is one cheat which allows temporary invisibility for a small time during the game, sounds like you need it. The helicopter ride on hard is insane, took me about 15 tries before I got through, all of a sudden, they all seem marksman, hard settings is just what it says hard! Cheers ← Thanks Sniper, I'll look for that cheat because I'm at rope's end. And I'm only playing normal not hard.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a relatively new gamer, have a 360 and Ghost Recon for about a week. Single game player. I can't get beyond the helicopter ride with the shooters on the roof. I've done it a hundred times and I'm always shot before the thing lands. Sometimes I get close to the ground, sometimes i'm quickly shot from the roof people. I've mastered Call of Duty 2 (and its previous versions) but i'm really doing poorly on this game. Help!
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