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  1. I agree with you. It needs some adjustment, it is easy for some people to get cheap kills, due to the map size there are a lot of people spawning behind or next to active players. It is a bit frustrating. I hope they can do something about it.
  2. That's great news... thanks grin. One question can you comment on the new key bindings? Will we be able to switch weapons withouth having to press f? Thanks in advance... good work
  3. Ok, well I have not been around the forums in a while... but I posted it just in case.
  4. I don't know if this has been discussed before. I searched for it but couldn't find anything. Today I was playing and I was on the mex side, and our team won. The next round I started the same place I was at the end of the round. I could run around without anybody seeing me. I shoot at people but they don't die, but someone was using granades and he could kill people, while he remained as a ghost/invisible. I don't know if anyone noticed this, I hope the developers take notice and fix it in the upcoming patch.
  5. I'm keeping it too. I love the SP campaign so far.
  6. i'm guessing the reason people are complaining about that is because of lag. without good servers it's hard to be sure. ← I killed most people with 1 shot, but due to server lag sometimes you shoot a load of lead at someone and he does not die. I think it's lag because sometimes they just disappear and appear somewhere a bit a far from your position. As ghost said we need dedicated servers to confirm this.
  7. I have not played Domination mode that much. I finally got the game to login to gamespy tonight. IMO it is really cool, the problem is that we need more servers and more people to play. I think 16+ people will make this mode fun. The maps I played are very nice (church and shanty), you have to play very tactically and you have to watch your back, I got shot in the back quite a few times. I also think that the map isn't that fun without respawns, but I am not sure about this because I have to try it with more people on the servers to see if no respawns kills or makes the game. Look at the bright side if you don't like to mode a TDM mode is coming out in the add-on next month.
  8. Yep I've been busy playing and doing things with the girlfriend lol... I am also still trying to make the gamespy login work. I created a new account, but now it says it can't login maybe due to firewall or internet connection.... Still trying... I want to play it online!!!
  9. You are running it on what setting ? Do you think that the full game is smoother or more heavy than the demo ? Thank you. ← Well I tweaked the settings in the xml file... I am running some things on high, like character textures, ground textures, plant and prop textures. The other textures and the effect setting are on medium. I think it plays smoother than the demo.
  10. The first mission is really cool. It helps you get familiar with the game and also get into the action very fast. The graphics are pretty good, but the aliasing is noticable. Also I noticed no reflections on the water (around sewer). But gameplay is awesome, it plays very well on my pc. I love it so far. My rig: Pentium 4 3.0 ghz HT 1 gig of ram 160 gb hd Geforce 6800 256 mb Soundblaster live 24 bit
  11. Same problem over here. I can login into gamespy through my web browser, but when I tried it in GRAW it says that it is unable to login with the user name and password that I provided. Maybe the GRAW servers are not yet up.
  12. Picked it up at dynabyte (Netherlands) this afternoon. Installing at the moment.
  13. Yeah, I heard that too... I am going to pick it up today. I hope my dynabyte has it.
  14. Funny thing........your location says Netherlands. ← That's correct, I was born and raised in Aruba, and now I am living in the Netherlands. I came here to continue my studies. A bit off topic... hehehe
  15. I say ON, I come from the Caribbean and that is how a really sunny day looks like. Without it it looks like a dull european summer day. Maybe allowing some people to adjust it/tone it down in a patch would be greatly appreciated.
  16. You can change the settings in the renderer_settings xml file. I changed the character textures, ground textures and building textures to high... and it still plays smoothly and it looks better now. My rig P4 3.0 ghz HT 1 gb ram geforce 6800 256 mb sound blaster live 24 160 gb hd 17 inch lcd display I also downloaded the latest beta drivers from nvidia, it gives the game a bit of a boost.
  17. Booted up the demo and it looks good. I have a p4 3.0 ghz HT, 1 gb of ram, GeForce 6800 256 mb, Soundblaster live 24 bit, 160 gb hd and it runs fine on medium 800x600 texture on medium, shadows on high, 4x anistropic, dynamic lighting on and effects on high. 1024x768 runs ok, but with a few framerate drops. The A.I. is awesome, definetly no run and gun game. Controls are nice, but it takes time to master every move. Maybe I have to remap the keys. Graphics are nice, even at medium settings 800x600. MP Co-Op only on LAN, I prefer internet, but I may try it later to see if I can find a game through Hamachi. I get some sound problems with EAX on, I don't hear my gun fire after a couple of shots. If you turn it off the sound is sweet. Even though it isn't GR1 it reminds me of it, due to the tough AI. When I first played the original GR I was like running around doom style and I was granted with a bullet in the head by a sniper. This game is the same, you can just run around, find enemy, shoot, run... you have to plan every move carefully. The moves are smooth... great animations. I am sure I will buy this game.
  18. Size: Downloads: - (W: - - D: -) Hosted since: Not Available Yet Traffic: 0Bytes Description: File not Available Yet not quite ready yet... =/ ← Mine is downloading... click on graw pc demo in the latest 5 additions list
  19. It is available at gamershell. Downloading at the moment.
  20. I did some manly chores (vacuum clean my room, wash the dishes, wash some clothes, mop the floor lol), now I am done... less than an hour to go...
  21. Great News.... Finally, after years of waiting we will play a new GR game. Can't wait to play. P.S. I knew they will release it today, I voted for today... yaayyy
  22. Chili you are right, the shipping date on the receipts mean that the order will leave UBI on the 27th, so most people will get it by friday/saturday.
  23. The game went gold a week ago, maybe even before that, so I guess UBI should have enough out of the factory to start shipping. I guess I will have to wait till next week to get it in store, I hope they ship them early. P.S. I will be cool if some of you get it early, we can get a gamers review so we know what to expect from the game.
  24. If you guys get the game this week I am going to..... emm going to.... going to... cry
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