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  1. I agree, the toggled peeking is simply annoying. And it actually goes against the whole body awareness thing. A real soldier wouldn't have toggled lean or anything like that, it would be much more fluid and intuitive if he was to be shot at while leaning and he needed to get up and back around the corner, but in this game is takes forever because of the toggle set up. At least make it an option!!!
  2. You'd think it would have been easy. Just add another little menu box after you click on attack that gives you the different weapon options and then just add the animation.
  3. Nade Launcher at close range should NOT blow up, that is fine and realistic as is. Anywho 1.Mod Tools 2. More Weapons (I'd say atleast 10 more) 3. More Maps (a lot more) 4. More Server/Game Options in MP 5. More MP Gametypes
  4. This is my first time pre-ordering a game and if I don't get it tomorrow I will surely never do it again.
  5. I believe thats the HUD for the xbox360 version. We don't like Xbox360 things around here. The game looks fine.
  6. Let's hope that along with add-on there will be new maps.
  7. You must be joking!! I would seriously be surprised if even 20% of ppl buying GRAW are buying it for single player only.... unless you are buying it on a console. I've never even met someone that owns a computer and plays FPS's that only plays single player. Yes there are the ppl that only play single player or MP COOP. But the majority of ppl that play FPS games wanna shoot there buddy in the head, laugh, and do it a bunch more times till you send him home crying and frustrated. That's why we play FPS's... ← First off. I don't think it's very well thought of you to proclaim that you know percentages of how many people play these games for SP or MP, those are unknowns except for maybe some developers. Second of all, just because you havn't met people that play SP only doesn't mean they exist. There are tons of people out in the countryside that don't have the luxery of the internet, or are stuck on 56k modems, so they place SP games only. Playing to go out and kill your buddy may be the reason why YOU play, but not everyone.
  8. The thing is some people who had preordered got e-mails about it shipping and all. But I preordered and I did not get one of those e-mails so I'm a little concerned I'm going to get screwed and get the game way after the release date when I could have just gone to the EB games store right by my apartment.
  9. Well if you can peek on that east corner in the plaza where the mg gunner is you have a pretty good chance of picking off the majority of people besides him. He seems to be a problem, but a well placed GL can take care of him. Also he's very easy to take out with a sniper rifle, doesn't even know you are there.
  10. It's too late, the mailbox and I are already dating because we spend so much time together.
  11. I'm in the ptclan's hamachi server but no one seems to be available and the other two options are full!
  12. Def. more weapons. The best thing about RvS was the incredible amounts of weapons in the game. If this one even had half the amount that it had it would add to the replayability greatly.
  13. The Hamachi is constantly full, you guys need to make another or something cause I can't get in.
  14. The gamershell site says the file isn't available yet!
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