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  1. Im hoping that my X800XT will do more than med settings. Wonder what other game GRAW can compare to to get a idear on how harsh the engine is in this game? My PC runs farcry with ease at 1280 x 1024 with full settings, Run F.E.A.R on most setting highest apart from shadows and a few others. BF2 again most settings highest always at 1280 x 1024.
  2. Just like to thanks everyone putting all these links up great stuff. The more I see of GRAW the more I think my pc wont beable to handle the game. I can see me getting a X1800XT if the game lives upto the hype.
  3. Just been playing GR1 again after a long time and noticed how the weather effects the feel of the game. Is there going to be different weather effects in GRAW such as rain, fog or sand storms e.c.t. not sure what time of year the games based it but the rain season is the actual month the games released, May to September is rainy season in mexico.
  4. I can say that the 3700+ is a good chip and well worth the money I got mine at the max of 3 gig stable but it is water cooled.
  5. Im happy to play it at 1280 x 1024 with highest on most settings but Il never play a game with mouse lag theres no point. Some game engines look nice yet play so smooth. The BF1942 looks fantastic at 1600x 1280 full bots and settings. I have found that ATI can play at low frame rates and dont feel it like the other Nvidia cards at the same frame rate. You know what its like though when you get into the gfx settings you cant help but wack everythink up full just to see.
  6. Logos my PSU is a heavy duty one should be ok. READ HERE
  7. Yeah... You could have JUST upgraded to a 500Mhz Intel with 128MB of RAM and an 8MB video card.... Doesn't mean it's the latest and greatest hardware. I don't mean to be ignorant or anything. But that's how it is with today's hardware. I just got my x1900XTX and it should rock GR:AW I would suggest an x1900XTX or a 7900GTX (not the GT version, it's only 256MB). CPU is fine, and if you could, get 2x1GB sticks of PC3200 RAM. And if you upgrade to an x1900XTX or 7900GTX, you will have to get a new power supply. One with 30A on the +12v rail is required for the x1900XTX. I learned that the hard way, and I'm still waiting for my PSU to come. (It's torture, having this card sit here doing nothing for over a week lol ) ← I hear what your saying guys but I cant afford to keep upgrading ever time a few new game comes out. It seems a gfx cards life expired very fast. As regarding the 500mhz intell exsample when I upgraded which was less than 6 months ago my pc spec was at the high end of the scale. Im not a person mind you that awaits for the release date and gets a new one the very day it comes out. It seems the gfx cards are not far enougth ahead to enable you to get a good 2-3 years out of it. It seems that from DX9 is where this started going silly. On the older generation GFX cards like dx7-8 you could have the card in your pc for a good 2 years and could play all games. I got the Nvidia 5950fx reviews everywhere showing its speed and quality. That cost me £277 lasted me 3 months till I noticed most games can only play at 1024 x 768 no AA ,AF still ahd no choice in keeping it. I got the ATI 9800 XT again was a good jump cost over £300 lasted me 1 year till games pushed it too hard. This card X800XT only about 6 months its truly gutting. How long till the X1900XT is outdated and games are pushing it to its limits? Hell should I just go for a SLI setup and have be done with it? In the UK the prices are way way over the top. Thanks for your honnest replys.
  8. Im looking at memory or GFX card but dont see how I should have to upgrade my gfx card being ive only just upgraded to this.
  9. Ok people I like my eyecandy and want ghost recon AW to look at its best. Naturaly im gona put the settings to max. 1280 x 1024,32bit. Now we all see the required specs but just like F.E.A.R my specs ran realy bad with it. How forgiving do you think the engine will be for GRAW? My pc specs: DFI lan party UT. 120gig barracuda IV sata. Tagan 480w psu 2 X 512 CRUCIAL 3200. 3700+ San diego @2.8gig (WC) ATI x800xt, 256 (WC) SB Audigy plat.
  10. silent_op Totaly agree with that. We will have to see what GR3 brings us. If I have to have a moan it would be PORTS! just dont do them please I beg you! If it dont feel like a fps made for a pc then it isnt a FPS so id rather not spend money on it. Keep PC gaming alive by giving the games to the PC first.
  11. I totaly enjoyed COD2 but its a completely different kind of game. A game where you have control over your men has to have reasonable AI. I think the PS3 will give the pc a good run for its money being it will alow mouse and keyboard and you wont have to keep perchasing new gfx card. There need to be a break through for pc as people will start to see the light that its way over priced just for a gaming machine. I think AI will have to be that breakthrough and the prices of gfx cards should come down alot more to give the average person a chance to own a eye candy gaming machine. Think about it this way the price of a gfx card you could get a ps3 connected to your monitor. READ HERE.
  12. I think its the case of not running before you can walk. If AI is added before its time it will mess up, just look at Hidden and dangerouse the first one. Far cry had much better AI and Swat 4 is not bad either. Aside from AI there is little emotion to games. Running around killing people in a game seems to have little impact and apears to be like shooting down cans. Better verbal communication makes a huge difference in games and can bring out the personality of the characters. Also having a non linier game alows the gamer to make their own decisions. I like to use my brain in a game and skill and feel I want to go back and play more, not get through it as fast as I can to add to a list of games iv completed. I can quote how many people have said to me if they only just made a game like GR with the core of Soldier of fortune wiht good AI it would be getting closer to real life, weather thats a good thing or not is another thing but iv always wondered how they got the go ahead to put such gore in a game and at least you could turn it off.
  13. Colin thanks for that detailed explanation. This looks to be a great game. All I see these days are graphic improovments in games and get bored of bad AI in games feeling like your having to look after your men rather than having them as a real aid. Im a big fan of GR1 and still have it on my pc great classic that game.
  14. Will the AI in this new game be like Rainbow six lockdown?
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